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Alhamdulilah, its first day of school, and indeed the highlight of my day, which surely brought such happiness to my heart has been labeling the books of Ibn katheer and delving through pages! One dear sister once said to me, I can’t finish Islamic books quickly, because I need to sit and really take my time and understanding what I read. Indeed, these statements really held true for me as I savored the explanations, statements of the Salaaf, and ayahs found in Tafseer Ibn Katheer.

One ayah that truly stood out to me, as I begin my journey through this amazing set is as follows:

Min sharri alwaswasi alkhannasi

114:4 From the mischief of the Whisperer (of Evil), who withdraws (after his whisper),-

* (The whisperer (Al-Waswas) who withdraws) “The devil who is squatting (perched) upon the heart of the Son of Adam. So when he becomes absentminded and heedless he whispers. Then, when he remembers Allah he withdraws.” Mujahid and Qatadah ans said this.

~ From these statements, I now have vivid image (sort of the red-like image of shaytaan found on those videos on youtube), but nevertheless is this image that something so gruesome and so close to you, wanting to harm and take away what is precious to you…very scary. May Allah protect us from the evil of ourselves and the evil of shaytaan.

* Al-Mu’tamir bin Sulayman reported that his father said, “It has been mentioned to me that Shaytan is Al-Waswas. He blows into the heart of the Son of Adam when he is sad and when he is happy. But when he (man) remembers Allah, Shaytan withdraws.”Al-Awfi reported from Ibn Abbas.

~ In this statement, I recall the techniques of shaytaan learned in Bayyinah of the tricks of Shaytaan. Subhana’Allah, before we mentioned of how shaytaan uses sadness, despair, and depression against people, but how the apposite feeling of happiness may also evoke shaytaan to take advantage of someone. But indeed, it is only …when he (man) remembers Allah, Shaytan withdraws.” So in anything that we involve ourselves in, our day to day goings, if it is not marked by faith and remembrance of Allah, then indeed shaytaan will work to undo the good of that person. May Allah protect us! Lesson: check the source as to where  the sadness and happiness coming from, be moderate and check to make sure shaytaan doesn’t take advantage of you.

Lastly, indeed these ayahs and many more I’ve read before-I know that we all know them, but subhana’Allah when I think about the closeness of shaytaan (i.e he sits on the hearts, in the blood and veins, he blows), these acts mentioned in the Quran and hadeeth clearly indicate the closeness and almost guerrilla war tactics shaytaan uses. We all have read this before, but this book was surely brought down to be pondered over, and for me I post this as a reminder as reminders benefit the believers and we are all sure to forget, as bani Adam is prone to do!

Till next time, may the blessings of Alalh surround us, and me He the most high, make us strong in the face of such an enemy!