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Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah who has blessed us in so many ways! Oh Allah continue to bestow your favours on us.

Alhuda Gems for the week:

* Time passes, we will get busy, things will come up, but we have to ponder on how we spend our time.

* Whenever we hear verses about disbelievers (such as 6-7 of Baqarah) we might have a tendency to tune them out. 1/3rd of the Quran addresses them, we our selves should take a lesson. Subhana’Allah just now I’m thinking how that in itself (that Allah addresses the believers in 1/3rd Quran) as being a mercy for them and us. This is Allah’s mercy, He doesn’t give up on us, it is mostly us he renounce all hope and give up easily. The doors of Allah’s mercy, guidance, and love for us is open…we just have to try harder! For these verses, we need to reflect on them, really in take because nothing/is ever guaranteed for us. In the same way Allah talks about the disbelievers so much, because indeed we are not guaranteed to die as believers. Disbelief in Allah is the greatest removal of Allah’s mercy on us and it leads to our destruction, Allah is constantly reminding us “Oh my slave, don’t die in this state!”

* Goes with the upper points: A young devout man hastened to do the adaan everyday, he came early so he could get this reward. One day he sees a woman, its love at first sight for him. He goes to her house, asks for her hand, she turns him down because he is muslim and she is Christian. He becomes a Christian to marry her, and as soon as he gets married he falls off a roof and dies, he dies as a Christian. Here is a man believing in Allah, the one God, and he converts for someone and even at that what he sought didn’t happen for him. The reality is that this can be anyone practising, they can be easily taken away from the path…this is indeed a reminder for us!

* We need to keep up, guard our iman, protect our imaan, because this is the only thing that will avail us on the Day of Judgement! Not our children, nothing, nada, just our imaan! Our world life will keep us teacher mentioned how out of all that she owns, the most important thing is her faith. It is what would save her!

*The Quran is what keeps our faith alive. We need it, we need to get closer to the Quran. This is what the mutaqee does, the God conscious one seeks this books, uses this book!

* Quran! Read it, learn it, study it, keep up with it. This gives life to the heart!

* Death: people die every day. Some are famous and some not famous. My teacher pointed how regardless of what someone had or did in the dunya, i.e their status in the dunya, it doesn’t matter in terms of the hole they will be placed in. A hole is a hole, what matters is our faith and our closeness to Allah subhana wa tala. Speaking death, Imaam Siraj Wahhaj has this amazing lecture on preparing for death…its really moving, subhana’Allah.

Till next time, may Allah make us of the people of the Quran and those who take reminders to heart and implement in their lives!



Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah who gives support to whom He wills!

I couldn’t post last week due to finals. But alhamdulilah, I had the chance to back to my review, and just now posting two verses that touched my heart from Surah fatiha! Subhana’Allah, these verses really go hand in hand with what was recently covered in Surah Ar-Rahman, bayyinah’s new class in columbus this past weekend.

Ayah 1: (Alhamdulilah) Lilllahi : the lam in lillahi- iqtisaas: specifification. Only He deserves it. Istixqaaq- worthiness.

Rubb: Lord, My rub! Meaning of Rubb: to nurture something. To look after something. To make something grow until it reaches its stage of perfection and completion. With A lot of love, with a lot of concern, with a lot of care.
Creator, owner, and planner!


5.)Iyyaka: only you
naAAbudu we worship; from 3ibaada. 3aa baa daa: 3ibadaa- salaah comes to mind when you think of this, someone who is a servant of Allah, dua, thikr, fasting. What is exactly worship: to show humility and love. It’s the apposite of arrogance. To show weakness, insignifance. Out of intense love. 3abd- a slave. A slave does everything that the master commands, and sometimes what the master wants the slave to do he may not understand. If you don’t love someone you may not obey them. Express obedience, humility, love. 3ibada- every action that Allah loves and He is pleased with. The rituals- salaah, zakah, statements that Allah loves- thikr, speaking the truth. Includes statements and actions. Could be hidden and apparent. When you give zakah, salaah, apparent. Hidden: good thoughts of Allah, happiness because of His mercy. When we worship Allah does it become difficult? Yes, it is. Giving your zakah-your jewelery, is sometimes difficult. And that’s why we ask Allah for Help! We can’t do ibadah without the help of Allah, thus why we ask for Allah
Waiyyaka: and only you
nastaAAeenu : we seek help, 3aan waaw noon: 3awn- help! 3awn is general help.

These are just my quick notes from reviewing, but overall the message and the reminder is that ibadaah-worshiping Allah subhana’Allah is not always easy, doing the rituals, the salaah, the fasting, and everything that Allah loves is not easy, and thus we need to seek the help from Allah. This is especially truly in our busy schedules, of school, work etc. Even at that when we have so much free time (break from school), getting ourselves in the motions of doing khayr- more salaah, more quran, etc doesn’t come easy, due to laziness sometimes (yes, i speak for me), and due to other things! Overall, a reminder that no one has it easy, but we must must know that Allah’s mercy descends upon all of us, and the rewards are there for the taking, we just need to make lots of dua for Allah’s help and start racking up on good deeds, acts!

Till next time, may Allah make us the people of Jannah!


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah who has made everything possible. Subhana’Allah while studying and looking over my word analysis for Taleem Quran class it suddenly dawned on me…it hit me fast and hard…with such great happiness I realized I’ve been memorizing surah Al-Baqarah. Now, I know from verse 1-7 in meaning, context, and have a sense understanding that I never had before. Subhana’Allah…I feel it. One of the sister’s during the paltalk session said of how her khushoo in salaah and all aspects of her life are a bit better since taking these courses, all of this in general is a blessing from Allah.

Now when I recite…”Allatheena Yomeenon Bi Unzila Ilaka Wa ma unzila min qabilka wa bil aqiratihum Yoqeenon” They believe in what has been sent down to you (Oh Muhammed sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) and what was sent before you, and in the hereafter with certainty”  And then I also remember of “Ulaka 3ala hudan min rabhim wa ulaki humul muflihoon” These  people (who believe in the book, the gaib, hereafter) they are upon guidance and these people are successful”  Subhana’allah…one sister in her journey of describing her journey in finishing Al-huda’s course stated of the institutes mission, i.e for others to feel the quran…this part really stood out to me. Literally, every week  we are dissecting the kallam of Allah and trying to get more and more from it. Subhana’Allah, its truly a journey to dissect the book of Allah so that it is placed and formed right into the hearts of those taking the path. Sharh!

Till next time, may we be elevated and granted Al Firdous or the highest abode because of our journey with this noble book. Allahuma Ameen.



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In Taleemul Quran class we learned that Rizq is of two kinds.

1.) Tangible: That which you can see and feel-food, family, physical things.

2.) Intangible: Eman/time- that which you cannot see.

Subhana’Allah, in today’s session I was reflecting upon rizq and I thought subhana’Allah. I remember the analogy that was given of the wealthy-well off people we see who are non-muslims. Their stories are out there-the rich to do person who you think has everything-wealth, family, wealth upon wealth and the bam one day they are found dead by their own hands. How? I remember it was said that these are living unnaturally, they are living for the dunya and constantly immersed in it and that Subhanaallah—is not how Allah has created us. He has created us for something better something more full-filling-His religion and for the hereafter.

On to today’s phone call from a dear friend. She exclaimed, “R, you must see the practimate website for a lecture” I being the oblivious person about this say…”what, matchmaking woman move aside” After persisting that it was not remotely all related to this specific topic and went on there. And tada I discovered the lecture on Rizq! Subhana’Allah, sometimes in the most unlikely places and in the most unlikely times we receive wisdom and understanding.This lecture is by far for all people-young/old/married/single/moneyless/rich/iman-low/iman-high. All aboard I tell ya.

Some of the ahhha moments and awesome stuff below: Means of securing your Rizq-means of income.

1.)Halal-making sure income is halal

2.) Taqwa/Righteousness: Anyone who fears Allah truly, shall be provided for a means they never imagined. A righteous person who works in the way of Allah, shall never be betrayed when it comes to provisions.

3.) Istigfaar: Seeking forgiveness from Allah. Nuh a.s invited his people to make istigfaar. He proclaimed is forgiving and He will send abundance/provision from the sky-rain and He will aid/grant you children and more. Allah has promised them all these things if they are constantly making Istigfaar. Through-verbally and action. Action-by making wudu & praying two rakahs and asking for forgiveness from a sin and repenting to Allah–a source of income

4.) As-Shukr–being grateful to Allah and being thankful. Are you grateful to Allah? Even if you are going through a difficult time, are you grateful? You were in a better place before, now Allah is trying/testing you. It is not going to last. Allah says “Lain shakartum Lain Azzedanakum” Be thankful and Allah will increase you only in goodness. Be thankful and Allah will provide for you. As well as through your actions-by your actions-your grateful so you’ll obey Allah.

5.) Charity–your giving away and its a source of income–this is a means of securing your rizq. Whatever you give in charity Allah will give and return it to you. Don’t expect it immediately-Allah make provide for you in a different way. Allah will increase and return you in your charity in the dunya and the akhirah.

6.) Al-Qana’ah-to be completely content. You have faith and Tawakul filling your heart & you are happy with whatever Allah subhana wa tala has given you. Being rich is not about owning so much but true richness is in your heart. If your happy with what you have–you are content with what you have. There is nothing wrong with trying and seeking to be financially rich though.

7.) Dua-Supplication-invoking Allah-asking for the things, when you raise your hands-you fold it up and you are expecting for goodness to fall to you. You are showing Allah your in poverty–material poverty, spiritual poverty, and are in need of Him.

Remember to learn and seek out etiquettes of making dua. Remember that your family, spouse, are part of your rizq. Raise your hand and ask away.

Till next time, may He the most High, grant us Al-Firdous where everlasting Rizq is found.



Alhamdulilah! Subhana’Allah, I cannot express the awesomenesssssss of Al-huda’s Ta3limul Quran Class. During today’s session, the hadeeth of the companions stating they would not move on from one ayah till they understood completely then implement truly came to mind of the way Al-Huda’s teaches its students. This course which will continue for the next 3 years of my life is truly a gem and a blessing from Allah! We went through first five verses of Baqarah in words analysis-tafseer-translation-subhana’Allah. This book of Allah and this class is truly THE STUFF OF LIFE. My blog is going to take a 360 and basically Al-huda is going to take over up on here. Most notes may appear jibberish but all are for me, and I ask that those who are able to read for it to be a means of benefit. Below, is my notes for today, which was one my favorite sessions of all time. Insha’Allah I’ll type gems usually from the class, but for today as it was such an awesome, amazing, blossom-close to my heart session that I felt I must post it.  Till next, I ask Allah to join all of us in Al-Firdous Al


Alhuda-day 3

(Heart/tongue -preventing factor will not occur. Depends the type of dua and the condition of the one making the dua. it’s the weapon-Ibnul Qayam rahmullahi. If you don’t ask it for sincerely. You should sincerely ask for it from your heart. Be strong, and cannot be heedless…focus on its meaning, on heart, mind, etc. when making this dua

Preventive factor: distraction, might not understand what you are saying, dua-for attaining knowledge

Be specific when you make dua.
Be sincere
What is your need?
The path or way to be made easy

Of the dua of Musa, we ask Allah to open our chest; in the chest is in the heart. For the heart to be opened, understood, with pleasure and understanding. Willingly, etc. The task becomes easier, the quran reveled to the hearts…knowledge, to be made easy, to be inclined, Taqwa in the hearts..etc.

Shar: To dissect, to open

Wa Yasirlee Amaree: and you make my task easy…

If you understand completely from the heart, then you’ll be able to convey it from the heart to the people.)
The Quran was brought down for the hearts. When Gabrial a.s. brought down the wahy-to the heart of the Prophet sal allahu sallam-was not written down by him sal allahu alahi wa sallam. In memory wise-the Quran is going from one person to another.

Baqarah: verses 1-5 (Lesson 2) 286 ayah- 25,500-words {Word Analysis}

We have provided for them
Those who attain success or successful (Mufliheen-they try and put effort and keep praying to Allah to make it easy for them)

Al-Baqarah, the cow, 67-73-named after the story of the cow
Alif-Lam-Meem (Huruf Muqada3ata)- (29 Surahs in the Quran begin with these letters)the disjointed letters, you read them separately.
Linguistically, these don’t have meaning. They have a purpose and wisdom in them to be there.
Scholars stated: 1.)To prove the miraculous nature of the Quran.
These huroofs are followed by words that exalt the quran
2.)To alert the listener (Alif Lam Meem)-your drawn to it -a maad there-proper recitation emphasized.

When you recite these letters; you are given a reward for read.
Thalika-used to point towards something. (This and that) This-you use it when its near. That-for something far away. Points to something high in status. We give it respect and honor. We need to give this to the Quran, right in the beginning we learn this.

Thalikul Kitaab- That book (literally point to something near or far-or something in front of you to be exalted). In order to exalt it. It may be referring to that book (above with Allah), or the one

Kaaf Taa Baa (Kataaba)
Kitaab-that which is written down.

Katb (to gather, to join together, to collect) a book talks about various topics and placed together. Al-Kitaab-Al in front-makes the noun proper-specifies–this quran, this specific one! Al-Kitaab-referring to the entire Quran. Al-all book ( the whole entire Quran) or The book.

La Raybaa feehee–There is no doubt in this entire book. Laa-Negation. Raa Yaa Baa- Doubt.
Rayb-doubt, not at peace-mental unrest-that’s doubt.
Fee- In (hee) it -it refers to the book (this Quran), no doubt concerning it, nothing doubtful about it. Its sent from Allah, definitely from Allah subhana wa tala.
Doubt; could also be any statement mentioned it-everything mentioned there is true-it’s a fact.

Hudan: A guidance Root: Haa Dal Yaa (Hidya, Ihideenaa) Hidaya: to guide someone with affection and care; Hidaya: to direct and show them the way and making sure they have reached their destination. If you follow the Quran, it will make you reach all the way to the end and make sure you reach there. Provided you take this guidance, it will make sure you get to the end.

Lil Mutaqeeen: Lil (For) Al-(The)- those who have Taqwa (Mutaqee) Mutaqeen (Plural)- those who have taqwaa or consciousness Root: Wa Qaaf Yaa–Waqiya-to take a shield from something, to be on ones guard. A fighter needs a shield. Purpose of shield is to protect. Taqwa, it’s the consciousness that saves a person from sinning, and disobeying Allah. When you consciously disobey Allah, your inviting the punishment of Allah subhana wa tala. Taqwa: 1.) Out of fear of Allah, you avoid the sins 2.) Fear of the Punishment of Allah. The person is alert! Very conscious and you protect yourself. You don’t relax…this much good=you go for it, this much bad= you stay away from it. The whole goal, you protect yourself from the punishment of Allah!

Characteristics of these people: Who fear Allah.

Next ayah: Allatheena (those who) Yumoonoon (they believe)  root: hamza meem noon)
Muminoon, Iman, -believe. They have Iman, they believe, Iman-What is believe? What is Iman? it’s a feeling in your heart and a result worship follows

Iman ( is of 3 things)
1.) Tasteeq: you affirm in the heart-in your heart, you know it and you believe it to be true.

2.) Say it with the tongue: Someone who becomes a muslim-they must state it, they believe. Pronounced

3.) Worship-actions, Iman is proven by the actions.

Bil Gayabee Bee Alif Gaya bee ( With the unseen) Gayn Yaa Baa –geeba (backbiting) When a person is not there and absent and spoken bad about, Geeba-which is unseen, which is hidden. All that is beyond and hidden from the human senses -can’t hear, can’t see-

Gaib is of two types:

1.) General: What is happening in the cafeteria
2.) Specific: The angels -can’t hear and can’t see them -Day of Judgment

Allah says : In the Al-Gaib-Allah is specific–(that which we haven’t seen, but we are required to believe in it)

Wa -and Yaqeemoona (They perfectly establish) qaaf waa meem) Iqaama- to make something stand straight. Qiyaam -to stand straight! To make something stand straight. To establish something properly as it should be. They performed properly-the salaat-

What kind of prayer?
Salaah-refers to the five daily prayers-the ritual-specific way-Eid salaah-nawaful prayer. it’s a prayer that is performed in a specific way. When it should be done, how it should be done, etc. properly.

Wa meem maa ( Meem=from) meem maa Razaq–provided- na-we , hum=them Root: Raa Zaa Qaaf ; Rizq=provision, means every beneficial thing that is needed.

Rizq: two types

1.) Its tangible: Feel and touch. Example; food, clothing, family etc. Physical
2.) Intangible: Its there but cannot be touched; Iman, humans need this; time-this is also rizq, what you didn’t have time?

Yunfeeqoon: They spend from what they have been provided (above) Noon Faa Qaaf: To spend ,
Nafaq: a hole, tunnel -if there is a whole in something, its going to come out.
Yunfeeqoon: they don’t just hold all their wealth with them, they spend it for their families, people of need-they are not greedy people. Sometimes we hoard and keep things, and we end up throwing it away.

Wallatheen (Wa -and latheen-these people) Yumonoon-they believe, Bi maa ( with what) Unzoola Noon Zaa Laam…. Nazala (to come down from above, to descend) It was send down. Illaka (you) refers to the Prophet sal allahu alayhi sallam Ill Kaa – Ill-to Kaa -you

Wa maa (they also believe) Mimaa Qabilkaa (before you) Qabli Kaa (Qaf Lam Waa)-Qibla-in front of us, face us when we pray-has to be in front of us. Qabila-in front, used in form before in time or place. (They believe in Torah, zaboor, etc. and other books they have no recollection of)

Wa Bil Aqiraat Wa-and Bil-Aqirah (Hamza Qaf Raa) Aqrah: That which comes later, and will come later. When life ends-Aqirah includes from moment of death to later-angels in the grave, punishment of grave, the angels..the resurrections, the accountability, jannah or nar, all of eternity.

Hum-these people-yooqeenoon-they are certain-they are certain its going to happen.
Yoqeenen Yaa Qaaf Noon -Yaqeen. To know something for sure, a firm belief. Belief/knowledge that is free of any doubt.

Ulukaa (plural of thalika) ulukaa (these) these people who believe in book, certainty, aqirah, etc. Ulukaa (these people) Allah is stating, that these people to honor them-

Alaa – upon Hudda-guidance -they are definitely on guidance. This huda min rabihim (from their Lord) Rabb


General: Rabb-from their lord
Rabb: Special in Rabb-in lord in a special way

They (Wa Ulukaa) again, they and only they, its repeated to exalt them. More emphasis

Muflihooon: Successful:

Muflihioon: root: Faa haa laa (Flaah) success, Flaah-someone who is successful. Flaah- Falaah-used for a farmer. Does he have a easy life? Works everyday, works hard, can’t be late or leave early from work. He plants a seed and goes through the whole process. Flaah-is effort-success that one has achieved after having struggled, after having suffered and then you achieved it. They are doing, doing, doing, and they achieve their goal. They achieve what they sought . They have to wait to get their reward!

Salaa-prayer: burn, someone who comes to sallah burns off his sins.

Saad Laam Yaa : To burn

Tafseer: Baqarah v. 1-2

Knowledge is like a game, you hunt it, capture it. Write it down! Qalm, was the first creation of Allah. Allah takes an oath with it. Its so important.

Alif Lam Meem: Hurufoo Muqadi3aat..written together, but read separately.

This book is a guidance for the mutaqeen:
What are their qualities: Allatheen Yomonnen Bil Gaib-they believe in the unseen. Iman Bil Gaib: Unseen refers to all those that we are required to believe in.

Hadeeth: Amantu Billah Wa Rusoolihee, Wa kotobeehee etc. This is eman.

Gaib: in dictionary, unseen. It doesn’t mean we should believe in everything unseen-I.e someone in the other room etc. Difference between Gaib and Al-Gaib=specifically those things Allah has asked to believe in. Allah says specifically-the Al Gaib.

Important in believing the unseen: If we are told to believe in the seen, its easy, its not hard. But for the Al-Gaib-it’s a test. If Allah says said this, sama3naa wa ada3anaa-we hear and we obey. When Al-Gaib comes to mind, we should think about Allah-He, the most high, is from the world of the unseen.

The Prophet sal allahu alayhi sallam-important to learn- surah baqarah-bring greatness/reward and bring sorrow if neglected.
Baqarah/Imran-shade the people on the day of Judgment-they are a light. They would either come a cloud, or two umbrella’s shade, or two birds covering them.
The Prophet sal allahu salam, do not turn your homes into graves-shaytaan flees away from a home where surah baqarah is recited.

A madanee surah-after the migration of the Prophet sal allahu sallam to medina.

Opinion of Ibn Taymiyah: Quran is made up the words of the Arabic language, not imitable in prose or way.
Allah’s secret in this book: Hurfoo Muqadeeat-Quran made up of it, but cannot bring anything like it.

Thalika Kitaab-this book-its in front of it.

1.) Originally in the Lawh Muhfood-in 7th heaven-original copy-above. Boorooj ayah 21-22. Bal Huwal Quran Majeed, Fee Lawhul Mafood

2.) Abasa 16-etc. Fama Shaa thakara -recorded in honor sheets-in the hands of the noble angels.

3.) Third: in our hands. (Third place, highest place with the angels-and then with us, should we not feel comforted) When you read it, read it with contentment. Will give you peace of heart.

Rayb-doubt-restless. This book, it will not make you restless-you’ll be content. If you have someone your comfortable with-your at ease and happy. The Quran will make you happy. Any question or doubt you ever had, it will clear it. It will bring you peace.

Bil Haq-with the truth-from beginning to end-its reveal with only truth. Is their any book that claims that there is no doubt? Your about to begin to read this book, take this journey, shaytaan will come and try to whisper to you…but you remember do not have any doubt.

The Mutaqeen: The keep away from sins from fear of Allah-they stay away from whatever leads to sins. One who safe guards himself, and does what Allah asks him to do.

The more guidance the person had, the more taqwa he has…this person wants guidance-more and more..etc. Allah who have guidance, Allah grants them more guidance, more guidance-equals more Taqwa.
Surah Kahf:  Allah says we increase them in Taqwa.

GPS analogy: Some people follow it for directions/guidance. Some people look and just get information, they are not seeking guidance. It depends on the person reading the quran-what they are seeking, and what they want out of this book.


Taleem Al-Quran

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Indeed, I’ve begun a new journey in my life. I’ve thought of taking this journey for the last 5 or 6 months. Alhamdulilah, after hearing all the reviews/buzz of Al-Huda institute through aunti J, and recently S, I’ve decided to take part in the Taleem Al-Quran program for the upcoming year. Alhamdulilah, I am super excited about it, as I know it will be an added bonus to my memorization. It fills me with joy just thinking about the idea, two days a week-back to back-  a chance to learn tajweed, translation, tafseer, and grammar. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to study with an institute in addition to AlMaghrib along side my own personal studies i.e teaching, memorizing, as well as my own interest in academia. I’ve now find Al-Huda which bithniAllah will further enhance my study of the book of Allah- an in depth understanding of the juzs I’ve memorized so far, and further motivation in memorizing and understanding newer juzs. Here is the link and details about the part time course:

TALEEM AL QURAN (Certificate Course) Evening

Feb, 2009

170 weeks

Tues &Wed

5:30 pm-9:30 pm**

US $25.00 per month

Quran (Tajweed, Translation, Tafseer),