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Alhamdulilah, in yesterdays review session for Heavenly Hues, we spoke in depth concerning the guided as well as the misguided ones. We spoke about their characteristics and of their ending point. For both these groups of people, Allah speaks of how whatever ending they have it is a result of what their own hands of brought forth. Whatever good they did, they were doing it themselves and doing it for themselves and in the same for those who did bad.

Alhamdulilah, I came upon Salaah Bukhatir’s recitation of Surah Isra, and in it there is a verse that describes such a scenario as described above. ” In Ahsantum Wa In ahsantum…” Another point that is closely related that was mentioned in Al-huda, was the idea that the most successful of people think and have the end goal in mind. That is when they start out they percieve and think about how they would like to end up. Masha’Allah, truly something to reflect upon.



Alhamdulilah, All praise is due to Allah who has taught man what He did not know. All Praise is due to Allah who has shaped and molded man into the best of forms, and furthermore taught to it the best of speech-Kallamullah. Subhana’Allah, I am forever amazed at the techniques-i.e tajweed-of the the Quran. So far I’ve been blessed with attending three sessions of the beyyinah course-one in which one of the blessings of Ar-rahman (sleep) took away a good a hour or so. Indeed, yesterdays session was amazing, and of today’s-which was somewhat murky to me as I cried out “Ya Rabbi, mommy you didn’t wake me up”, nevertheless this was followed by thoughts of the ayah in the Quran where Allah states part of His signs is that you sleep in that night..(manamukum bil layl), indeed if only tis was the night that I had slept through. Qadrallah Ma shafa3al. [insert ayah later]

As for reflections. Gems-priceless goods that have come with this amazing class. The lessons, rules, and structure of things blows me away, but as for me-it’s the  topics dealing with the specific verses of the Quran that come up in class that really have my brain cells moving. I heart it. These parts deal with tafseer, indeed it is why I have a soft spot for the mufasireens of the Quran such as Ibn Kather-and the beloved companion with the skinny legs whom the Prophet s.a.w. said these alone will weigh more than the mountain of Uhud in Yawmul Qiyam i.e our dear Abdullah Ibn Mas3ood r.a. Indeed, there is something about one who learns this blessed book, and then talks in depth of what varous companions said of the context in its revelation, and to know that for one to make conclusions such as these that he has to know this blessed book inside out.

Some of the recurring topics-new ones discussed in class.

A few days back we talked about the techniques shaytaan uses against people. For woman its specifically tied to anxiety and depression. Shaytaan builds and uses these emotions to make them ineffective in their worship of Allah. One may feel a sense of overwhelming feeling in not being able to do or accomplish things (anxiety). Soon, one will then feel as though they can never do this and that and feel trapped and helpless in their situation (depression). These two concepts may not be limited to just female, but may be a common characteristic in anyone as in the same that shaytaan uses being ungrateful to destroy individuals. In surah Al-Araf and in which I’ve spoke about in one previous post, was that Allah mentions that Shaytaan states to Allah “And you’ll find most of them ungrateful” ; (Walla Tajidoo Akatharuhom Shakiroon). [insert ayah later]

Another: Rationalization/Excuses. Shaytaan himself does these same things in many places in the Quran-in dealing with the situatin between Adam a.s. and shaytaan in that Allah asking shaytaan to prostrate to Adam. When shaytaan refuses to, he states that he would not do it because (he was made out of fire, and that Adam a.s. was of clay) and thus it made sense to shaytaan to be of higher status and not sink below what he felt was his rightful place. Subhana’Allah, I remember this clearly in Surah Sad of how this particular technique ruined shayataan, and I ask Allah to protect us from ever having to feel such despair as a result of making excuses or rationalization to keep from worshiping and following the commandments of the Ar-Rahman.

There are plenty of reflections and gems, but for now these are some of things I remembered from top of my head, and bithniAllah I am going to stick with these so I can properly focus on my Quran memorization and implementing proper tajweed.

Woot! A real ahhhh, in your face moment came about when a dear sister asked about learning from specific qari’s due to their amazing tajweed, and lo and behold, of the names he mentioned was of my shaykh hafizullah Salih Buqhatir whom I’ve had the chance to listen and memorize from! Ya Rabbi, bless this shaykh and make me the likes of him in preserving the quran in the depth of his heart and mind. Ameen, Thumma Ameen.