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Me to A: Spell this word…

A: I can do it

AD to A: Be quiet

Me: AD, that is not nice, when you speak nicely to people you can go to that nice place…jannah. Don’t you want to go there?

AD: No thank you. My mom won’t let me go, I have to ask first.

Subhana’Allah, children are truly amazing. Their language and ways of expressing themselves are just out of this world. AD, the love of my life is one of those children who make my day, everyday! Once, while telling all of them about Jannah and all the blessings found there, his eyes got so big and he grinned through the whole session..all 20 so or minutes.

Alhamdulilah, All praise is due to Allah who has blessed me in my affairs. I’ve had a 100 and somethings to do in the last couple weeks and every so, I have to catch my breath and say..Alhamdulilah. Of the hundred or so things that have come up of late, I am forever grateful for them all. Happiness engulfed me when I came upon the following statements in the “tight sauce quotes” (hilarious phrase) yesterday.

Ibn Al-Qayyim said:
“Every gulp of air that goes out in a cause other than the cause of Allah (SWT) will turn to sorrow and regret on the Day of Judgment.” He also said, “A sign that Allah (SWT) despises you is when you find yourself wasting your time with trivial matters; in this way you miss your chance of going to heaven. And a sign that Allah (SWT) likes you is when you find yourself fulfilling more duties than you have time for.”

Bithniallah, If I am granted the blessings of that blessed abode, I doubt I’ll bust out with “no, thank you” like AD, but rather accept such a gift from Ar-Rahman. Of today’s load of things to do…which were great, I felt such content in doing some of things and found myself like a crazy individual grinning ear to ear by myself. Today’s whirl wind of activities included: Studying: Midterm/Patience lecture by Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya/ Assessments with A! The lecture on the Prophets/ Seerah in Somali with mum at the Masjid.

Gems: Midterm…phewwwww, History is super awesome. American in its through of industrial revolution always gets the mind thinking.

Patience lecture: Subhana’Allah, I absolutely love listening to the same lectures again and again and again. Everytime I pick up something new and have ahaaa moments left and right. This particular lecture, when I listened to it again, I literally grinned ear to ear and was met with new found understanding. There are three types of patience as I once wrote about:

1.) Patience in the Obedience of Allah-i.e being steadfast in acts of worship, however big or small they are. 2.) Patience in keeping away from that which is marked by disobediance to Ar-Rahman. 3.) Patience in calamity and trials that Allah bestowed upon His slaves.

Subhana’Allah, I kept thinking of these categories of where I fell short and of the difficulties many face in keeping up with these categories. There are those who remember Allah and are steadfast in doing the commandments most of the time-and thus they are rewarded, but then on the other hand their nafs gets the best of them and they cannot obstain from the haram and thus they disobey Allah, and by the same token their good deeds are eaten up! Someone doing left and right ajir-sadaq jarah, but then cannot control the tongue and is left with nothing because they backbite. And of the person who restrains from the haram and fulfills the commandments of Ar-Rahman but falls short when lo and behold Allah bestows upon them such a calamity and they go a little hay-wire. All these are reflections for myself first and foremost and of reminders for myself. Always easy to check and re-check right now in the moment rather then in the akhirah when its too late. Which reminds me of  Umar radiallah anhu’s statement: “Bring yourself to account before you are brought to account”.

Gems: Two gems I found as well as the session with mum deals with the Prophets. There is truly a tie and kinship between the Prophets. Their relations and dealings with one another is apparent all over the sunnah of the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam.  One of the statements that truly stood out to me was that of the relationship with Adam as and dawood a.s. It is narrated that once Adam Alayhi sallam was created, Allah brought forth all his descendants, and of them was Dawood alahi sallam. Once Adam alahi salaam saw him he asked who he was and he loved him right there and then…and because of this he adam alahi salaam gave him 40 years of his life time to be added to Dawood alahyi sallam. Though Adam alahi salaam forgot about this later on, his intent to grant him the years were there. Also, in the Somali lecture with mum, we spoke about Isra Wal Mi3raj, and of this the same points with the Prophets were brought forth. In dealing with Musa alayhi sallam and the salaat situation, Musa alayhi kept advicing Muhammed sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam to keep going back and ask Allah to lower the salaah numbers, because he stated that your people wouldn’t be able to handle it. Allah willed, and indeed we see Ibrahim alahy sallams concern for Muhammed sallahu alayhi wa sallam and his ummah. In the same manner, of Musa alahi sallam and him crying on the realization that a young man..who came after him would supersede him in the obedience of his ummah. Subhana’Allah, I love the Prophets of Allah, and indeed their love for one another is apparent in their dealings with each other. I ask Allah to make us of those who reflect, ponder, and remember those who Allah has made carriers of His religion.

Till next time, may we be granted the ability to enter Al-Firdous Ala without accountability.