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Posted: October 19, 2008 in Ahh moments, Quran, Seerah Class, Torch Bearers


Alhamdulilah, I meant to write on here a couple times in the past couple days but have been swamped with school/halaqahs/family etc.

Speaking of somethings clicking in your head when your ready for it…I was listening to the lecture a friend gave me a lecture on the Prophet sal allahu sallam and the lecturer talked about the dua Ibrahim a.s made for hajrah a.s when he came to the land of Mecca and left her there-(1.establish salah-Allah’s remembrance)–kinda of reminded me of the dua a friend made of wanting to be in a place where you have good company! And then of Hajrah’s journey and if her walks between safa and marwa-running in search of water for Ismael a.s-the pain and sadness she felt but of how through all her tests she never imagined what would come as a result of her actions-i.e millions of people falling her footsteps in completion of their Hajj. Subhana’Alllah, I heard this all in Seerah but interestingly enough this really hit me today of how Allah has so much planned for us and we don’t really see beyond what we’re going through, but if we’re truly sincere and work in His way, we’ll taste the fruits of our labor and be granted what we may never have imagined. (This reflection was triggered by a comment a sister made yesterday)

Alhamdulilah, a bit ago, N and I spent much time studying for Torch Bearer exam. Subhana’Allah, such an iman-rush experience I must say. As I sat there studying, a thought masha’Allah, I absolutely loved this class and the wonderful stories, lessons-derived from wonderful scholars. BithniAllah tala, I have to sit down and really write some reflections on some of these scholars. More so, I want to teach and spread the knowledge that I have learned. May Allah make it a means for me to earn reward from Him!

Al-Hasan Al-Basree used to cry when he related the Hadeeth, narrated by Anas ibn Maalik, which spoke of the tree trunk the Prophet s.a.w. used to stand on when delivering his sermons. When they made the Prophet s.a.w a minbar, the tree trunk was heard crying . The Prophet s.a.w got down and hugged the three trunk until it had stopped crying. Al-Hasan used to say: “Oh, slaves of Allah! A tree trunk longs for the Prophet s.a.w, so you should feel more longing to be with him”

Subhana’Allah, I’ve been listening to the life and times of the Prophet s.a.w more each day, and when I was studying today for Torch, I was thinking how much love the scholars had for him s.a.w. An imagine that, Hasan Al-Basree crying whilst narrating a hadeeth…and of the Prophet s.a.w sitting down and hugging a tree trunk till it stopped crying…subhana’Allah. May Allah make us of those who love the Prophet s.a.w more than anyone!

In recent activity…hmm, Quran, a bit of review but needs to find a balance in keeping up with memorization. I love Al-Ahzab, and finally actually learned the sabib or story behind surah sabah. Masha’Allah, in Imam Anwar-Al Awlaqi’s lecture of the Prophet s.a.w he speaks of the people of saba- who were given the first dam in the world, and of how they asked for hardship to be placed on them so they could travel etc. Soon, Allah placed hardship on them and their dam broke, causing all the tribes-like Jurhum-Aws-Qasraj to be spread out in the land from Yemen. Wow!!!! Its great when connecting the dots from Seerah class to Quran memorization. Awesome blossom. Till next time, tootloo


Seerah Class

Posted: June 14, 2008 in Seerah Class


Alhamdulilah, it was the second day of seerah class and I loved it. Some reminders I wrote as gems are:

(Due to his knowledge of the Qur’an, Abdullah Ibn Masoud r.a was raised to a high status.The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “You laugh at ibn Masoud’s legs! They are in the sight of Allah heavier in the Scale than the mountain of Uhud!” A guardian of the Qur’an he learned 70 Surahs from the Prophet s.a.w mouth.)

I was thinking about ibn masood r.a and his knowledge of the Qur’an. Subhana’Allah, Allah raised him in ranks due to his love of the Qur’an and his knowledge for it. Imagine that! Oh Allah make this Qur’an firm in my heart and the light of it. Alhamdulilah, I’ve been memorizing with F, and I absolutely love the progress I am making. I can’t wait for Ramadan to come by and to really feel the effects of the Qur’an on me. Oh Allah make it easy for me.

(What kept the Believers Patient:

1.) Unshakable belief in Allah.

Allah is just, stay firm in your belief and Allah will reward you according to your suffering in your akhirah, and the believer is always at peace and accepts all that is given to him.)

Subhana’Allah, I was touched by this statement. I don’t have much patience, not at all. I justify my behavior as having gone through crap this year, but I realized all the things people did…all of it, it doesn’t matter as Allah knows what has occurred and will be just!

Till next time, May Allah make things easy for me.