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Gardens of Paradise

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Ahh moments, Riyadul Jannah


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah who by His mercy all things are possible. I ask Allah azza wa jala to bless us in our lives and grant us goodness for all time.

I’ve been MIA for a while at this blog, but alhamdulilah Allah has blessed me with many blessings.
I’ve been spending time with the words of Allah, reflecting, reminiscing over Luqman alayhi sallams advice to his son, memorizing and juggling work and school. On top of that Allah has blessed me with the chance to start up another halaqah with one of my best friends. Riyadul Jannah it is! How we are most in need to get pieces and parts of paradise as indeed circles of remembrance of gardens of paradise. I reflect over on the past 4 years of halaqah at osu and teaching the malaysian munchkins and I am so grateful to Allah for having chosen me to deliver words of remembrance. I ask Allah to grant me many more years of service and to make the next 4 years to be just as blessed!

*Bits of reminder, reminders to have good manners/ aqhlaqh with the people. I was reminded in my Ilm book today of this wonderful saying I wrote years ago ” Your character is related to your hereafter” how are you/me in our character?!

* Protect yourself from the trails and tribulations of the grave, learn the duas related to it! Recite surah tabarak/sajdah before going to bed!

*Be a companion of the quran always! Recite, act, and teach it!

Till next time, may we meet in the best of places, high and lofty homes of paradise! Ameen.