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Getting closer to Allah

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Ahh moments, Ramadan 2010


The month of Ramadan serves as a training ground in getting closer to Allah subhana wa tala, and subhana’Allah one of the best ways in getting closer to Allah is knowing about His oneness, i.e of His names and His attributes, and how to properly worship Him alone i.e tawheed. Alhamdulilah, this Ramadan Allah azza wa jala granted me the ability to pick up my kitabu tawheed lecture! I’ve already benefitted greatly from it…a bit of those notes below. I ask Allah Ar-Rafiq, Ar Rahman, Al Wadood, to bestow His compassion, Mercy, and Love upon us in this blessed month of Ramadan. I ask Allah jala jallaho to answer to my duas and make of those He loves and enter me into paradise.

~Saeed ibn Jubayr was one of the main students of ibn abbas, was one of the most knowledgeable of the tabeen.
70 thousand people entering paradise. Bukhari and muslim
No ruqyah
No belief in Oman
No branding
Only trust except with Allah. 3ukasha said make me of one of them ya Rasoloolah
Chapter 2: Believing in taweed-removing of sins.
Chapters: 3 perfecting tawheed: If you perfect your tawheed, you will enter paradise without any accountability. so much so that they wouldn’t ask anyone for anything.

Chapter 4: fear of shirk
You understand light when you understand darkness. Apposite of tahweed=shirk.

When you understand the dangers of shirk, you’ll also understand the importance of tawheed.

Verse: Allah will never forgive any sin of shirk, but can forgive anything less than that.
Prophet ibrahim said/prayed to Allah : “and save me and my progeny from shirk..” He himself was scared and asking Allah to save him from this. Ibrahim ataymeeh said “ if ibrahim was fear ful of shirk, how could we not”

Shirk : major/ minor shirk
Major shirk : type that Allah will not forgive, and Allah will not forgive, all his good deeds will be in vain. Will go into the hell fire.
Minor shirk: Allah can forgive it, not all of his good deeds will be in vain, and he can enter jannah.
The prophet sal allahu sallam: “what I fear most for you is minor shirk” is trail, no disease, then this concept..its serious! Minor shirk: riya- when a person does something in order to show off to people.

1.)Sin of shirk is unforgivable.
2.) Whoever commits shirk, all of his other deeds will be in vain. It doesn’t matter what he did, his good deeds, it will be in waste. (walaqaood oheeya ilayka min rasoolika lain ashrakata la yahbatano 3amalk wala takonan min al qhasireen) (doesn’t mean in this life, out of His mercy (Allah) will reward them, but in the hereafter they will be in vain.
3.) Whoever commits shirk, Allah has made haram for him jannah. (anaho ushrik billah faqad haramallah jannah)
4.) He will be eternally in the hell-fire.



Ramadan prep!

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Ahh moments, Ramadan 2010

Its that time again, alhamdulilah after having just taken ‘beautiful patience class- tafseer of surah yusuf, and just listened to this lecture (below), I am sooo happy and excited for Ramadan! I ask Allah to accept our dua, salat, qiyaam, and forgiveness for our sins.

Notes, needs editting but alhamdulilah they are awesome and beneficial!


Ramadan- 70 , month of siyam, month of qiyam, month of rahma. The blessings that sent down are overwhelming, the sins wiped out, the duas are answered. Allah looks at those who compete in good deeds, Allah mentions your name- those who are ‘ wayubaho malik” Allah praises you to this angels…look at my servant!

Beloved guest, you need to prepare.

Baqarah 183
the smart/successful- in those fixed days- ayamon (Are you Ramadian or Rabanyian? early bird.

24 hrs (you have to be productive, this could be the last one you live)
Fajr-start, the brother- have to find you in the masjid
quran at fajr (kana mashhood) witnessed by the angels.
Thikr- side a desi lol joke

one 3umr/one hajj- stay in masjid and doing thikr. two rakats.
salatul duha, prayer of the righteous (2-4 rakats) , around 10

even if your at home, 4 before dhur, 4 after duhr- haramallah 3ala nar- nar- protections from fire. 2 and 2 works too.
The dua of the fasting person is mustajab.

you go to bed with the intention;
rush to the iftaar and delay the suhoor.

70 advice.
1.) You have to renew the intion , “ikqlaas niyah”. That you want the best ramadan, that you want to make an effort.
2.) Repent, you want to meet Allah with repentence. The repentence is embeded in the religion of Islam. “yahoo allatheena amanoo toboo illah” Repentence isn’t just for the sinner, the prophet sal allahu sallam use to use ask Allah for forgivness more than 70 times a day. Allah loves to forgive, thats one of His names, He is the one who initiated repentence so that you can repent, so that He can accept your repentence. (lol joke, amina abdi, someone with the name abdi automatically somali..hehe)
3.) Be happy
4.) Send greetings- to your family, people about ramadan.
5.) sighting of the moon
6.) have niyah of fasting
Riad:allahumma ahhilhu alayna bil yumni wal amaan was _Salam wal Islam rabbi warabbuka allah. One niyah is sufficient for whole of ramadan, some say every day etc.

7.) invite ppl in the beginning of ramadan (have dates in your pocket). So that they
8.) you will be among the sideqeen and the shuhada- if you fast
9.) Have patience and perseverance- with your husband/with your kids/ its the month of training.
10.) Ponder on Allah’s blessings, the food that you break your fast with,
11.) increase your obediance this Ramadan
12.) Watch your eyes- what your self
13.) thikr is sustence of the soul. your soul needs food too while you are fasting, subhana’Allah, alhamdulilah, build trees in jannah, busy yourself withe the rememberance. One good deed could be to 700 hasanat in ramadan, everything is huge!
14.) Give charity in Ramadan.
15.) Pick your friends in Ramadan, pick those who will help you to do good! Who will remind you! people who will say ‘aqhee lets do this, do that’ You don’t want to waste your time
16.) Let your physical faculties fast i.e don’t obstain from halal meat and then eat haram meet..i.e the ppl.
17.) enjoin good and forbid bad with hikmah ” Al amro bil ma3roof wa nihee 3anal munkar”
18.)Hold on to your tongue, guard it, your tongue is a lion, it will devour you
19.) honor your parents- tie your kinship
20.) Make someone happy in Ramadan
21.) Be productive in Ramadan, split your 24 hrs wisely
22.) Talk to your neighbor about Ramadan. Its a good time to break the ice.
23.) Reduce too much laughter, do not argue in Ramadan. “Allahuma ma inee sa im/saimah” Give everyone their rights etc.
24.) Dedicate a time for the quran- (one juz a day) a plan, and some sincerity ***** and you’ll be fine
25.) Reduce food consumation
26.) At least one qatmah- finishing the quran, you can do it.
27.) Have a thikr plan, when morning, evening, getting it down.
28.) Don’t miss taraweeh in the masjid, pray the taraweeh, in the masjid with the people
29.) Plan for the night prayer.
30.) Do lots of nawaafal
31.) Seek the best time supplication is accepted. last third night, in jum3a- before asr and maghrib.
32.) istighfaar before fajr.
33.) Umrah in ramadan- is like hajj with the prophet sal allahu sallam
34.) diversify your ibadah, you don’t want to be bored, do different things. go visit, do some khayr here and there
35.) Don’t curse in ramadan
35.) manage your anger in ramadan
36.) don’t intermingle in ramadan
37.) increase your worship, especially in the last ten days of ramadan
38.) Ask Allah to give you the chance to make you witness layaltul qadr/be able to see layaltul Qadr.
39.) don’t waste food in ramadan
40.) sleep less in ramadan/eat less in ramadan
41.) try to have a nap in ramadan
42) encourage your children to fast
43.) be generous in ramadan
44.) be aweare of the shaytaanul ins- people who are wack.
45.) Don’t disobey Allah, your parents, etc in ramadan
46.) be aware of smoking -smoking is haram.
47.) be aware of backbiting, eating someones flesh
48.) sisters= don’t spend too much time in the kitchen
49.) ask Allah to enter you to enter from the gate of rayaan.
50.) go to bed after taraweeh
51.) read ayatul kursi before you go to bed
52.) make this ramadan and make it as though you are going to die.