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Strengthening Ones memory

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Progress, Quran, Ramadan 2009


The lecture below came at a really really crucial time!


Strengthening ones memory:

Be sincere-your doing it for the sake of Allah.

Make dua-your parents make dua for you as well. You make dua for quran memorization to be made easy for you or understanding of the religions.

The Prophet sal allahu sallam said drinking the water of zam zam, its for whatever you drink it for. The scholars in the past wanted/intended for something when they drink it. Imam Ibn Hajar drank it and he asked Allah for the power of memorization of imam ibn thahabi.

Very popular and effective technique is to stay away from sins. Lots of poetry was even made of this, and scholars use to warn their students to stay away from sins. It was mentioned that Imam Shafi3 complained to waki3 ibn jaraah, another scholar, and he complained to him about his poor memory. (of course this is to his standards-shafi3i r.a.) Waki3 r.a. told him to stay away from sins because this knowledge of the deen is a light, and Allah doesn’t give the light of Islam to a sinner.

Putting in some kind of effort. In this time in age we expect things to come to us easily and have no patience etc.

* The ten who were given the glad tidings
The Messenger, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam, clearly stated that ten of his Companions would be in Paradise. Ahmad reports from Sa`id ibn Zayd, and Tirmidhi reports from `Abdul-Rahman ibn `Awf, that the Prophet, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam, said:

“Abu Bakr will be in Paradise, `Umar will be in Paradise, `Uthman will be in Paradise, `Ali will be in Paradise, Talhah will be in Paradise, Al-Zubayr will be in Paradise, `Abdul-Rahman ibn `Awf will be in Paradise, Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas will be in Paradise, Sa`id ibn Zayd will be in Paradise and Abu `Ubaydah ibn al-Jarrah will be in Paradise.” Its isnad is sahih. [Sahih al-Jami` as-Saghir, 1/70, no. 50]

Abu bakr r.a.
Omar r.a
Uthman r.a.
Ali r.a.
Al Zubayr r.a.
Talha r.a.
Abdurahman ibn Awuf
Said ibn zayd
Sad ibn abi waqqas
Abu ubaydah ibn jarah

Don’t stop-meaning when you start memorizing, don’t stop because you’ll lose momentum. The prophet sal allahu sallam described a person who would forget or loose the quran-like a camel and not a horse, why? A camel by nature is a unruly animal- he doesn’t mind leaving his master etc.

When you memorize you repeat or review it. Imam Az-zuhri would review his hadeeth once he learned, he would actually come home and repeat it to the little servant girl at home. She would want to play or do some work, and he would tell her this, and she would say, “whats the point of telling me this?” and he would reply “I needed someone to hear me out while I review”

Very important- you also act upon it. I.e you memorize dua, you don’t want to lose, so must make use of it and say it.

Some more things that help with strengthening memory.

* Quran- you memorize it but also strengthens your memory.
*Teach knowledge to others and it will stay in your mind. It also increases your knowledge, if your teaching the material it makes you think and contemplate on what is being said.
*Ali r.a use to compare money and knowledge. He use to say knowledge is better than money because knowledge guards you and you have to guard money instead.
*The Prophet sal allahu sallam said hijamah-cupping improves ones memory.
*Honey also improves ones memory.



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This blessed Ramadan has just been truly amazing! I ask Allah azza wa jala for all of us to be granted more Ramadans to come. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to some awesome lectures, very cool stuff, and reflecting upon the greatness of our Lord. In addition, truly reflecting upon my duas from last Ramadan..subhana’Allah, how merciful is the Lord of the worlds to me and this Ummah. Alhamdulilah.

Everyday in Ramadan this year- my two top duas have been Al-Firdous, and after that is to be of those whose heart contains this blessed book (hafidh). My journey with this blessed book has been wonderful, but indeed with Taleemul Quran, Bayyinahs Divine Speech class, I am super eager and have this earnest desire to complete this blessed book. I ask Allah azza wa jala to make us of those who are companions (sahibs) of this book and not just hafidh.

On a different note, so many cool lectures and sites discovered this Ramadan. Of the sites is this online tv channels all dealing with Islam : Of the awesome lectures is ‘Chain Reaction’. This lectures is really good, and it just goes to show the importance of mothers and the effects they have on their children in making them of the greatest Muslims ever! I listened to this lecture last week or a bit ago in Ramadan, but today it came to me when the the ayah in Surah Hadid of the ranks of people was mentioned in Alhuda Ramadan course. Tarajat- the ranking and the raising of people in status is brought about due to their understanding and implementation of the religion of Allah, and who is more higher in status then a righteous mother who raises her child in the way of Allah azza wa jala? subhana’Allah. Lastly, this ayah made me reflect on Abu Yusuf rahmimullah the student of Abu Hanifa rahimullah, an incident mentioned in the ‘Chain reaction’ lecture.

Abu Yusuf became a great scholar. There came a time when Haroon Arashid, the khalifa at the time, would feed him the ‘falujah’- a really sweet desert, would actually place it in his mouth. Abu Yusuf rahimullah remembers a time when as a young boy his mother would take him to the carpenter and tell him to learn from him so he could earn wealth one day. Abu Yusuf would then run to the halaqah of Abu Hanifa rahimullah, and his mother would come and find him there. She would try to chase Abu Yusuf, and would yell at him, and Abu Hanifa rahimullah would say “leave him for i will teach him the knowledge with which the kings will feed him the falujah in his mouth” and it happened so many years later. When he was offered the sweets, he remembered what the imam told him, and he would smile because of it.

The mother of Abu Yusuf rahmimullah had a different idea of what tarjaat or what success meant, but eventually her son saw there was a different path. If we reflect on the position and status mothers have been given and of the amazing mothers of our scholars i.e Imam Malik rahmiullah and many other scholars, then indeed it gives as a whole new perspective on this role, and may Allah azza wa jala make us of those who raise the best of children, Ameen Ya Rubb.

Till next time, may we be granted to join together in that blessed abode.

Random Reminders

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Ahh moments, Ramadan 2009


While working on my Alhuda Ramadan assignments, I came upon the verse below, and it made me think of all the Muslims that are oppressed in the world, from those caged in Guantanamo, to every thing else. Subhana’Allah, indeed though I constantly see a theme in this blessed book of Allah..again and again, the ayahs of patient and being Allah conscious occur all over as in this ayah. May Allah preserve us and grant this Ummah security this blessed Ramadan and bestow upon us patience and to be steadfast in His remembrance. Ameen ya Rubb.

[Al-Imran : ayah 186 ]You will surely be tested in your possessions and in yourselves. And you will surely hear from those who were given the Scripture before you and from those who associate others with Allah much abuse. But if you are patient and fear Allah – indeed, that is of the matters [worthy] of determination.

On another note, I also found the statements below in my inbox. The statements are so powerful and I truly saw the truth of the words in society. May Allah keep us strong and grant us always to look in the past to better ourselves of the great nations who Allah bestowed His favors upon. Ameen ya Rubb.

Ibn Al Juwziee said:

Whoever does not read the stories of the Salaf and the path that they tread, he can never tread that path. It is befitting for a person to know and understand that the nature of an individual (character) is a thief. If a person leaves his nature with the people of his time, his nature will steal from theirs and he will become similar to them. But if he reads into the lives of the Salaf his nature will join theirs and he will learn from their character… .(Telblees Iblees)

Ilminar Notes

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Guidance points.

1) Allah made you to worship Him.

2) Allah gave you another chance to fast/ Ibnul Qayyim, buy now, when your market is open. If you don’t, you will die..take advantage of it now, get in the race now.

3) Thikr: remembrance of Allah. Everything that Allah azza wa jala put forth, its –we should remember Allah when you forget Him. Aisha r.a said, thamaa thikr-he was always remembering Allah Azza wa ajala

4) Quran: this month is the month of Quran : “afaalaa yathaabaroonal Quran” –you know how much someone has memorized- Quran has become inflated. Clean fresh/full-brown. His grandmothers mushaaf “ the mushaaf was puffed up”

5/ 2 /4 ratio : 5 lines in the masjid: 1st day-5 lines in the masjid. Lines go to 4 lines. What if you missed laylatul Qadr every night. Famanuhum min ….these slaves 3 paths. Famanhum thalimun linafsihi (does thul (injustice) to their self-they don’t recite quran/nor implement) 2.) waminhum maqtasid (economical-muqdasid—they just do what they have to do, and that’s it, they don’t do anything else—they read the quran, but don’t convey it. They don’t do the nawful-

3.) Waminhum min qarin sabiq min al qaraat-the read the Quran, they convey it, they do the fard-nawful and sunnah. They are always trying to figure out ways to do the khayr. (This lecture is nawful-) your listening to it, then insha’Allah it is hoped you’ll be

*“Mind the gap” on the tube analogy: Pay attention, a tip is coming…everything that we love to do its ok, if we do something…exciting, then there is a dip. Everything we love, after a while, there is a dip. This Ramadan situation is a human condition, and Ramadan is not an exception. If you can solve this dip in Ramadan-the Ramadan dip, you’ll have a template of how you did what you did, in everything in your life.

Sumoo tasihir: fast and you will become health- the prophet sal allahu sallam. All throughout the years, we ingest poison into our lives. When you get headache, pimple, etc. all this stuff, your body is trying to cleanse itself. The oils/and other stuff/ its all better.

Have suhoor because there is barakah: (person goes into 2) because they are eating too much. Last 10 nights, He intensified his ibadah.

Ab (cleanse)- hasten. “Wallilah mathalul a3la” Ramadan is a training ground: if you didn’t pray- someone will be there, “you can break your fast some time during fast, no one will know “Every action the son of Adam is for him, except for fasting”

The dip: 2 things (where dip is gonna happen)

Fasting is emphasis: it trains for taqwa : rayan: door of rayan: Ray: have your thirst quenched, a person who keeps from drinking… –Allah made a door for them. Everyone fasts in some many countries, even people who usually don’t pray. A sign the shaytaan is tied up.

Taraweeh/Quran is where the dips go wrong. Qiyam-tarawee and Quran- Taraweeh-trains someone to have khushoo. Many don’t understand what the imam reciting…they are training to learn khushoo and they don’t understand

Ibnul Qayyam says Slave is praying in the dunya,-1st time they are in front of Allah, 2nd time and stand in the hereafter. 1st standing-in dunya, the 2nd standing would be made much easier.

Hafsa r.a. –marriage issue. Gabrial alayhi sallam came, to forgive hafsa-. Hafsa r.a. that she frequently fasts- and frequently standing in –and was saved because of that.

Zaynab ibn jahash r.a. holding the rope and continuing to pray to Allah..

Contemplate the Quran/ Live by the Quran.

Wananuzul minal Quran, mawhuwa shifa.—mercy for the believers- guidance of the Quran. The stress in our minds- the issues in our lives-the Quran-internal dectosification.

**Imam Malik r.a. –he would close the hadeeth books when Ramadan came, and open the Quran-make it his focus,. Az-zuhur did the same.

Sadaq-Ramadan is month of charity: whoever feeds a fasting person- gets the reward of the fasting of person. You don’t have to have the feeding happen at your house. Feeding the people at the Masjid, have your iftaar party at the masjid.

Tip of Tarawheeh:

Read the translation of what the Imam reciters.

Even if your struggling of the recitation- so be it, then do it!

Rubkan bil layl, -monks in the night –warriors in the morning (cobbler-spy, talking about the muslims)..continued, if the son of the son of king –they will cut off his hand, if he commits zinna…etc. –if they have that type of ‘justice’, then they will conquer

Those who cut off that person..they didn’t –they haven’t been saying salaams for a long time, this is a major sin, Mondays and Thursdays- someone is forgiven during this days, except this person like this. 3 days, the effects of the poison goes into your heart.

Whats holding you from the Quran, from loving Allah? Is it a grudge…

Analogy: you go to plug your ipod—come out unplug—you want to be careful, and ask yourself if you are pretty plugged

How to charge yourself

Are you plugged into Ramadan, regards to time?

With regards to your health?

Plugged into Ramadan regards to your Iman?

Ramadan:- one successful way: Use your mom! Mom’s are super motivated all the time! Tell your mom, that you’ll become her Ramadan buddy!

Prepare your suhoor before Taraweeh. A bowl of fruit/ glass of water/ granola bar.

Plan your meal plans way before Ramadan. /do your shopping/ Eid stuff now!

Book time for ikhtaaf;

When people start out strong, they go into the dip, they think they can’t make it out. Divide Ramadan blocks in 5 things at once, tell urself ur gonna do something 4 days, celebrate something, then do something else. 4 days taraweeh, 5 th day go for iftaar. 6 parts of Ramadan. When the beginning of Ramadan you’ll be alright.

Healthy/ energy of this:

A retired person teach you about Ramadan? Etc. Circadian rhythm: in 24 cycle, body cycle becomes used to having energy.

One of munkir: wasting food, and stuffing yourself.

Regards to Iman:

Dua setting: a lot of times, our duas are the same, every year. Stand up, think about . Raabaana ataan fi dunya hasanat wa fil akirat hasnaa wa qinaa 3ahtaabun naar: dunya: husnul qulqu-whatever (you couple it with dua in the hereafter). Add these duas- every day at Ramadan, make your dua.

Woman : menstrual cycle:

1.) Dua; no one is stopping her, make your dua-stay up at night, and do this. Do thikr.

2.) Volunteer-take care of the kids at the Masjid

3.) Dawah: all the non-Muslim wants to see what the Ramadan people are doing.

4.) Make Ramadan baskets…

5.) Read Iman books, listen to lectures online—recite Quran? It is permissible.

6.) Regards to people..don’t want to go to dip, .

Marthon starts with huge crowd, big crowd at end, but the in the middle are the participants.

The middle yours, what will you do?

Al-Huda! Must recommended!


Free Ramadan Course

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Al-Huda is offering a free online Ramadan course ! You get certification too! I am so in. Who else?



Dear All,


Ramadan is on its way. Let us spend it in a different way then the rest of our year. During this blessed month, besides our regular Ibaadah, we also need to dedicate some time to understand and learn the Qura’n. and Hadith to strengthen our Taqwa and love for Prophet s.a.w. For this reason, we are offering short yet comprehensive “Ramadan Programs during Aug-Sept, 2009”. Any one of these programs will inshaAllah make your Ramadan a more fruitful one.

Please click the link below for details on different programs being offered during this blessed month.

This one in particular:

Our Hearts…

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I was browsing the forums a bit ago, when I came upon this statement; “ If a person comes into Ramadan with a sick heart they cannot maximize the true benefit of Ramadan” And I thought, subhana’Allah look at this…already were being told its not enough to want to cleanse your heart during Ramadan, but to think of the state of the heart prior to entering into Ramadan. This statement actually reminds me of what one shaykh said about khushoo, as you can’t expect to gain khushoo all of sudden in your salaah, you have to prepare yourself mentally before hand..i.e sitting down, reciting quran, adhkhaar, and then eventually starting your salaah. What an awesome reminder in thinking things beforehand.

3 ways to gain a clean heart prior to Ramadan below:

i. Getting rid of any hatred and animosity – if anyone has wronged you, forgive them. Seek forgiveness and pardon from those whom you have wronged.

ii. Abstaining from sins in general – stay away from all sins. Seek forgiveness for all of those sins which you have not sought forgiveness for.

iii. Guarding our tongues – we need to watch would we allow our tongues to utter. We need to abstain from loose talk, cursing and backbiting, because it is these sins which accumulate without us even noticing.

That’s it for today on Ramadan and all things good. I ask Allah to make us of those who attain qalbun saleem-a pure heart, as the abode of the hereafter is for the taking of these people!

Awesome recitation by Uthman Khan-a hafiz, and a tajweed instructor that was at Ilmsummit.

Ramadan Prep

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Alhamdulilah, its that time again! I am so excited about this blessed month…I came upon the awesome video below, I love the nasheed too.