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Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah who has blessed us with time.

Bullet format is the way I’ll go for this post, too many things to capture all at once.

* Time is so precious, so important, Allah subhana wa tala swears by it! Must use it wisely

* Quran memorization picked up again and going really well alhamdulilah. Surah Rum eases my heart! loves it, alhamdulilah.

* Learning to speak up more and speak my mind without thinking it will hurt others. Expressing how something makes me feel and expressing a simple “no” when something is just not my ‘cup of tea’. Being assertive without being mean and expressing what I feel is the healthy way for me.

* Teaching again..loves it! Both secular studies and Islamic studies (weekends). This is the stuff that made undergrad the best, the constant whirl wind of activities all tying back with to Allah’s remembrance makes me happy. I can’t imagine doing anything else in life beyond imparting what I know to little minds (bit minds more like it, as they teach me in the process!) . Its a joy to be around them, subhana’Allah!

*Distractions, sounds, all of it. This is one of the reasons why I left facebook. I am one of those people who are somewhat hermits, too much noise, too much of stuff just isn’t for me. Spiritually wise its also deadens me a bit in ways I can’t put to words …like there isn’t a lot of room for contemplations, to think, to ponder over the blessings Allah has provided for me, to the wonders all around me, I feel that I miss out on this just a bit when the aforementioned occurs.

*Finishing up a bunch of stuff I started up…
1.) Yaseen Lecture by AbdulNasir Jangda
2.) Alhuda lectures, listen, take notes
3.) Kitabu Tawheed lecture by shaykh Yasir Qadhi
4.) Story of the Ifk by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi
….a lot more stuff to add to list, but needs to look through blog.

* Loving the book search so far…I’ve got a couple in mind so far ” The alchemist” , “A child called it” etc. Just got done with Saturday school and soon to hit Barnes and noble for the Alchemist! Hurry

* Shawaal! Must getr done! Alhamdulilah, Oh Allah grant me the ability to benefit from this month, to continue the race and finish up strong! Allahuma Ameen!

* Dua: I recently read a wonderful post on MM about continuing in the deeds of Ramadan. The dua part is something that I think that I tend to slow down on for some odd reason and for many people too. Its like we rush to it with full force in Ramadan, and then right after its like ‘OK, I’ve done what I could’ and i think for me after Ramadan because of what I like to call ‘my Ramadan lull’ weird, odd, but still there. Dua especially, maybe its human nature but we think…I’ve asked, and now it should come asap, but thats not how dua works, thats now how Allah operates. We as servants are but servants, we do the asking, we wait and remain patient and have the yaqeen (certainity), that Allah azza wa jala will answer our dua according to His decree. So we shall not give up in our dua making, we will continue in this blessed journey.

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Till next, may Allah bless our lives with meaningful activities.


Strengthening Ones memory

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Progress, Quran, Ramadan 2009


The lecture below came at a really really crucial time!


Strengthening ones memory:

Be sincere-your doing it for the sake of Allah.

Make dua-your parents make dua for you as well. You make dua for quran memorization to be made easy for you or understanding of the religions.

The Prophet sal allahu sallam said drinking the water of zam zam, its for whatever you drink it for. The scholars in the past wanted/intended for something when they drink it. Imam Ibn Hajar drank it and he asked Allah for the power of memorization of imam ibn thahabi.

Very popular and effective technique is to stay away from sins. Lots of poetry was even made of this, and scholars use to warn their students to stay away from sins. It was mentioned that Imam Shafi3 complained to waki3 ibn jaraah, another scholar, and he complained to him about his poor memory. (of course this is to his standards-shafi3i r.a.) Waki3 r.a. told him to stay away from sins because this knowledge of the deen is a light, and Allah doesn’t give the light of Islam to a sinner.

Putting in some kind of effort. In this time in age we expect things to come to us easily and have no patience etc.

* The ten who were given the glad tidings
The Messenger, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam, clearly stated that ten of his Companions would be in Paradise. Ahmad reports from Sa`id ibn Zayd, and Tirmidhi reports from `Abdul-Rahman ibn `Awf, that the Prophet, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam, said:

“Abu Bakr will be in Paradise, `Umar will be in Paradise, `Uthman will be in Paradise, `Ali will be in Paradise, Talhah will be in Paradise, Al-Zubayr will be in Paradise, `Abdul-Rahman ibn `Awf will be in Paradise, Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas will be in Paradise, Sa`id ibn Zayd will be in Paradise and Abu `Ubaydah ibn al-Jarrah will be in Paradise.” Its isnad is sahih. [Sahih al-Jami` as-Saghir, 1/70, no. 50]

Abu bakr r.a.
Omar r.a
Uthman r.a.
Ali r.a.
Al Zubayr r.a.
Talha r.a.
Abdurahman ibn Awuf
Said ibn zayd
Sad ibn abi waqqas
Abu ubaydah ibn jarah

Don’t stop-meaning when you start memorizing, don’t stop because you’ll lose momentum. The prophet sal allahu sallam described a person who would forget or loose the quran-like a camel and not a horse, why? A camel by nature is a unruly animal- he doesn’t mind leaving his master etc.

When you memorize you repeat or review it. Imam Az-zuhri would review his hadeeth once he learned, he would actually come home and repeat it to the little servant girl at home. She would want to play or do some work, and he would tell her this, and she would say, “whats the point of telling me this?” and he would reply “I needed someone to hear me out while I review”

Very important- you also act upon it. I.e you memorize dua, you don’t want to lose, so must make use of it and say it.

Some more things that help with strengthening memory.

* Quran- you memorize it but also strengthens your memory.
*Teach knowledge to others and it will stay in your mind. It also increases your knowledge, if your teaching the material it makes you think and contemplate on what is being said.
*Ali r.a use to compare money and knowledge. He use to say knowledge is better than money because knowledge guards you and you have to guard money instead.
*The Prophet sal allahu sallam said hijamah-cupping improves ones memory.
*Honey also improves ones memory.


Alhamdulilah, recently listened to the ilminar below, and it was truly awesome! It just goes to show how to find our way when one loses their way. Imam Ahmed rahmullahi stated “Allahuma ma sallim sallim”, Oh Allah keep us safe. May Allah keep our hearts firm on His deen and make us strong in the journey of life.


Muhammed Alshareef 2.0

We tested them with the good things –were they thankful?

Difficult times-who will understand-the comfortable times-those, are test from Allah.

The terminal illness- he understands he is being tested.

Tawbah-is not one who makes Tawbah until one of them reaches death, now I have repented. No Tawbah for this! Signs of day of judgement-huge signs.

What the day of the signs of nafsa-their eman won’t benefit them at that time. It’s essentially all these things are count down to bigger calamity, minor judgment-death, and the day of Judgment.

Your whole life is about this!

How to get to a higher ground. A calamity is coming; you go to Allah to higher ground! Seeking protection with Allah.

Naseeha: how to get to Allah’s higher ground:

You have to care about this opportunity now, and not later. You are going to remember what I had told you..thats what the Prophets would say to their people.

Why care about the topic of Juz Amma:

Even if you’re in the company of Muslims, doesn’t you have to work on yourself.

Wadurhi lahu babhu bab fi hee rahma: The walls will go up..mercy /on the other side.  Abu Bakr r.a use to cry when he heard this verse –when that wall goes up I don’t know what side I’ll be up.

Distraction: person procrastinating-that’s why important to care about how to get to higher ground to Allah.

Hal yantharuhum anta tayat-Are they waiting for the day of Judgement? If someone has ..why wait for that moment. Faqad asharatuhu..the signs of the day of Judgment have already come to you! How many times do you hear the signs of the day of judgment are apparent. Why don’t we work for them, why we are alive or wait for a sudden calamity? Work!

Deer-gets confused staring at the lights till the death comes to it. They need to activate their intelligence. They need to activiate their intelligence. They have hearts, they don’t understand, they have eyes they don’t see=description ppl in the Quran.

Worldwide Tawbah- solution to global warming.

Depression and Sadness from Allah Azza Wa jala, you can have wealth, but the person can be tested from the inside! 15% of the population-effected their family or themselves- a tested, it paralyzes the people.

Distractions-the deception- ma gara briabu karim-what has deceived from the remembrance of Allah!

Darwins/ parents etc-every child is on the fitr- Darwinism/parents sometimes distractions and deception.

Media- also distracts away from Allah.

People giving speechs- there are some types of speech that is like magic.

Friends-bad-deceiving us from Allah.

Survival kit:

1.) Truthful people-you tell the truth and be with (Yahuallah alltheen amanu ataqaullah wa quno ma3a sabireen) Have the consciousness of Allah –and you be with the truthful people.  “Only save the day-love” wrong “ Iqlaas =truth saves the day-fear!

2.) Activate the love of the Prophet sal allahu sallam and his companions. If someone loses a love one, they should remember the death of the Prophet sal allahu sallam-they loved him. Do the salaah/salaam of the Prophet sal allahu sallam- pray for them-when your said or anything make dua for him sal allahu sallam. “ Al maro man ahab” you will be with whom you love!

3.) When the calamity whatever happens or you do now, when the time comes and your told to say laillahu illah-that is what matters. Whoevers last words are lailah illah taqallah jannah. Your last words is what matters! We all desire it! Day and night-

4.) Story of Nuha alayhi sallam. His son wanted to go higher ground- You want to come to Allah’s higher ground. Allahum ma sallim sallim –Imam Ahmed use to always say “ Oh Allah give us safety”. It is by the mercy of Allah that we are safe. Allahuma ma sallim sallim-keep it in your tongue

5.) Tara3afa illah faraqah ya3arifa fi. Shida! Get to know Allah, and protect Allah..during the comfortable times, start reading quran, start doing good deeds, when that Calamity Allah remember you in the time!

Question? How do you know if your on Allah’s higher ground.

Answer: Only Allah knows if you’re on the higher ground, and that lies in certainty.

There are signs: if you look at Allah’s pillars-if you’re on it. Keep working it because it’s only a sign.

Worship Allah until certainty comes to you-that certainty is death.

Ibrahim, and the rest they were tested with more calamities/trails and they are better than us.

Depression-a chemical imbalance-it’s a test.

With every hardship there is ease –the ease comes with it, not after it. They walk together. Two ease with one hardship.

Finale action it: in order to get to Allah’s higher ground what should I do? –Follow in the book of Allah azza wa jala and the sunnah of the Prophet sal allahu sallam. Knowledge of the quran/Sunnah is the path to Allah’s higher ground.

This Ramadan: Let’s go back to the Quran and lets see how to go to higher ground before that calamity hits.

How do you get to higher ground again, or of get yourself to want it again. People aren’t listening is because they don’t care-be with people who care.

How do differentiate a calamity-mercy of Allah or actual punishment- typical question-answer: calamity happens-does it mean they are being tested? Allah knows best, there is no way of knowing. It depends how you react to the calamity. A boy passes away, the family becomes better afterwards. It’s a mercy from Allah. What happened afterwards is what you focus on. Did you become stronger for it, or did you become worse?

Sometimes we don’t see ease suffering-sadness/calamities: how can someone see the ease: as easy as comparing yourself to someone else. No more how difficult your calamity is, there is someone else worse than of you –During time of ease be thankful –thankfulness is a muscle or little people > write out 10 things your thankful for Allah for.

The Prophet sal allahu sallam, if you know at the end of the day and you know the judgment is coming –and you have the opportunity to plant a tree, then do it.  –Its about optimism.


Eman Highs

Posted: December 6, 2008 in Ahh moments, Progress, Quran


Alhamdulilah, its been wonderful in the last couple of days. Quran memorization has been awesome, and much needed progress has been made. I recently came upon my ole Qari JaM group, and how I love thee…amazing memories and more discoveries to be made for sure. I came upon this old recitation…and subhana’Allah,when I heard it, it was as though I was listening to it for the first time. I absolutely love the part where Allah speaks of those who forsake their beds in the night as fear of their Lord has chased their sleep (fa taja fajoonhum 3anal madaji3ee qawfoon…). Alhamdulilah, I was also recently listening to a lecture by Muhammed Alshareef titled “Have you tasted Jannah?”and in it, he speaks of how Allah will reward us, due to our times in the dunya waking up for fajr, staying away from haram, doing acts of khayr! Subhana’Allah, may Allah increase us in Taqwa and piety and grant us to increase our deeds.


Posted: November 19, 2008 in Progress


Alhamduililah, another halaqah day. A very cold day of 29 degrees it was. So many awesome reflections, moments, and good laughs. What did the Prophet s.a.w do when he received happy news? sad? exhilarating? He rushed in submission to his lord via salaah. Alhamdulilah for everything Allah has bestowed upon me, sharihee wa kharihi. A cold winter day, ending of a new quarter, registration of new one, departing of loved ones, a new juz. Alhamdulilah, what a wonderful time. I ask Allah to bless us in our affairs and join us in Al-Firdous where we may recline facing one another.

On a side note; GPU all the way…awesome place to be. Tradition to watch some of the clips, can’t forget Dawud Warnesby narration of the old woman’s sayings of the Prophet s.a.w, but always, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi’s lecture rock. Below is this years lecture, awesome blossom. Subhana’Allah, the beauty of the hijaab of the muslim woman and the sanctuary she finds in it, who dare put a ban to it?. One can claim democracy and not place into practice. Educating the masses one person at a time, may we be a beacon of light to those who’s eyes and hearts are in darkness.

Till next time, peace.



Alhamdulilah. The other day I was listening to the lecture on Imam Shafaee r.a and in the lecture it was mentioned how challenges in our lives make us stronger. It is when we’re faced with adversity and things come about that we truly become people of strength, and more importantly it is when surround ourselves with people who push us to excel in every facet of our lives. Subhana’Allah. Imam Shafee r.a was a student of Imam Malik, and they learned from one another and at a young age Imam Shafee r.a was already challenging the ways of Imam Malik r.a An example is that of the time a man came to Imam Malik r.a and said that “i stated that if my wife isn’t more beautiful then the moon than she is divorced”, and so he asked Imam Malik r.a if his wife was divorced. Imam Malik r.a replied “yes, its considered one talaq-for there was nothing more beautiful then the moon”. Soon, Imam Shafee r.a was asked about this and he stated otherwise that the man was not in wrong but rather that his wife was more beautiful then the moon. The man asked if Imam Shafee r.a had seen his wife, and Imam Shafee r.a replied “No” but used the evidence from the ayah in the Quran where Allah speaks of the creation and says that “He has made the human being in perfect condition/best form” Subhan’Allah, and that was the state Imam Shafee r.a was at during his early years…

Alhamdulilah, I am at the end of Saba, and thus the need to write this post. I absolutely enjoyed memorizing Saba, what a beautiful Surah. I was thinking while studying Torch today of how the scholars we’re so focused and determined to know the book of Allah by heart. Truely amazing. While memorizing I looked at my english translation, which she is something I use to do often and an act that makes the memorization process meaningful and beautiful at the same time. Some ayahs stood at time, and made me reflect on them.

The two ayahs below are back to back-(two key points: dailogue between Istakbaroo (arrogant) and istut3ifoo (weak) ) and the word choice-Allah uses in the way they speak to each other. I am amazed by these two ayahs, First the arrogant are mentioned in the ayah, then in the next ayah the weak speak and Allah starts with them. Of the arrogant they ask the weak ones (despised ones) “why did you go astray and follow us”, the weak ones say something along the lines of “calling to them day and night and go astray and forgetting the remembrance of Allah”. Subhana’Allah, this characteristic is amazing…imagine that of the arrogant once calling for the disobedience of Allah day and night to the weak ones…almost like an attack. Sound familiar…this is the characteristics of somethings found in the dunya..i.e tv., internet, and sometimes even in the shape of people. All basically calling to the disobedience and negligence of Allah/His deen.

Qala allatheena istakbaroo lillatheena istudAAifoo anahnu sadadnakum AAani alhuda baAAda ith jaakum bal kuntum mujrimeena

34:32 The arrogant ones will say to those who had been despised: “Was it we who kept you back from Guidance after it reached you? Nay, rather, it was ye who transgressed.

Waqala allatheena istudAAifoo lillatheena istakbaroo bal makru allayli waalnnahari ith tamuroonana an nakfura biAllahi wanajAAala lahu andadan waasarroo alnnadamata lamma raawoo alAAathaba wajaAAalna alaghlala fee aAAnaqi allatheena kafaroo hal yujzawna illa ma kanoo yaAAmaloona

34:33 Those who had been despised will say to the arrogant ones: “Nay! it was a plot (of yours) by day and by night: Behold! Ye (constantly) ordered us to be ungrateful to Allah and to attribute equals to Him!” They will declare (their) repentance when they see the Penalty: We shall put yokes on the necks of the Unbelievers: It would only be a requital for their (ill) Deeds.

And of those who are warned: Some their weakness lies in their families (children) and wealth. These kept them away from the rememberance of Allah in that they considered themselves not needing anything else.

Waqaloo nahnu aktharu amwalan waawladan wama nahnu bimuAAaththabeena

34:35 They said: “We have more in wealth and in sons, and we cannot be punished.”

Lastly, I was moved by the ayah where Allah says “….Whatsoever you spend of anything (in Allah’s cause), He will replace it. And He is the Best of providers.” Its super amazing this statement, and one we don’t usually think about, that anything we do in the way of Allah, i.e giving money, time, etc. Allah will give it all back to us in this dunya or even better in the hereafter. Imagine that!

Qul inna rabbee yabsutu alrrizqa liman yashao min AAibadihi wayaqdiru lahu wama anfaqtum min shayin fahuwa yukhlifuhu wahuwa khayru alrraziqeena

34:39 Say: “Verily my Lord enlarges and restricts the Sustenance to such of his servants as He pleases: and nothing do ye spend in the least (in His cause) but He replaces it: for He is the Best of those who grant Sustenance.

Peace out ya’All. What a day, Alhamdulilah.


Alhamdulilah, so Ramadan is over. Not much of a whoppeee, but I think for many like me we’ve gone through the motions, meaning we’re back to our old/mundane routine of school, work, etc. and guess what?! Its just not the same without that old friend; i.e Ramadan. However, for all of you out there, know that you are not alone in feeling such withdrawals. Its ok really! How to have an awesome day, week, or year as though it was Ramadan? Fret no more my dear friend!

a.) keep up with your ibadah, i.e your salah, increase in your nawaful Prayers.

b.) Get really connected with the book of Allah. Sign up for a ta3limul Quran class i.e (Al-Huda institue has one coming up in Oct. (Tue/Thurs) , find someone at masjid to aid you in memorization-make it a habit to really sit down and memorize the book of Allah, and listen to it daily.

c.) Throw in a lecture, get in at least one lecture. These daily reminders and Eman boosters help. Pick something you like and stick with. Get creative and take notes..and follow the sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w. as he said to the companions “Trap knowledge, write it down”

d.) Sadaqah-in time/and money. In the lecture about the tongue this act act shields you from the anger of Ar-Rahman. A protection really!

e.) Connect with family. Make the ties of kinship stronger, i.e parents- this act is one of the most difficult things as with anything that Allah ties himself to in terms ibadah it will be hard. Reconcile with any member of family and make sure that they know you love them, and more importantly be with them and call each other to acts of khayr.

f.) Friends. Make sure you are in the company of those who remind you of Allah. Let not a gathering or a meeting pass without either of you benefiting of from one another i.e by way of a shared ayah or a hadeeth. Avoid idle talk. And more importantly make sure that the company you keep fear Allah and race with you in increasing in knowledge of the deen.

g.) Be steadfast in worldly things. Whether it be school/work, etc. Straighten your prioritize out. Set time blocks, study, work, etc.

f.) Give back to community: Start a halaqah, doesn’t have to be elaborative, it could be teaching at sunday school, if married it could be just you and your husband, or if single it could be you and your sisters & those of Islam. Its could be as simple as listening to a lecture and discussing it. Simply put, impart knowledge if its that of one ayah (paraphrased hadeeth of the Prophet s.a.w).

The list above are random things that I felt aided me personally throughout the years and more importantly this Ramadan. The first three points, a-c are a reflection of the self and building it in gaining the love of Allah. Maintaining the first three points are a great importance in being successful in the points that follow. Lastly, all these points are a blue-print for me, and I ask Allah to bless me in my efforts, and lastly I pray that they are a benefit for all of you!