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Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah, who brings forth and aids us all in many ways. Subhana’Allah, a bit ago, while on the phone with my group head in Al-Huda we spoke about the concept of how Allah is both our wali (guardian) and Naseer (our helper). While going over this section, we talked how someone can protect you, but in the real sense they might not be able to help you at all times-in times of oppression, injustice, etc. but subhana’Allah, it is Allah who changes things and protects the individual in times of hardship! Somethings, just click at times…even though we know it all, we’ve heard it a thousand times, but subhana’Allah the al-huda course has done wonders for many of us. For me, its changed the way I looked at the book of a lot of ways the ayahs that I hear in my car or playing feel different…literally, understanding-with in context, root words, and the whole package does wonders to the heart. I told a dear friend of mine, “I am so ready for round two of Al-Huda”, meaning I would take this course again…lol..even though its not yet complete, because that’s how good it is and how powerful it is…every time, each ayah, all and everything examined from the book of Allah is different. Each week with the dissecting of each ayah we get a sweet, powerful, and unforgettable meaning from it! Alhamdulilah. In the midst of the crazy work/school week a dose of Al-Huda does wonders to the heart. The topics that keep coming up in the book of Allah, serve as a reminder…the hearts awakened a mind shaking experience!

An ayah from yesterdays (Baqarah 113-121 session)Aaan about ashabi aljaheemi inmates of the hell-fire-sahib-shahib is someone one spends a very long time with -inmates. Jaheem-one of the names of the hell-fire jeem haa meem: jahm-to light, to ignite and stir up fire. To make it rise. The hell-fire has been burning a long time, its color has been changing so long. Other words that come from the same root word above and that have similiar meanings as Jaheem: 1.) Jahama: the stare of a lion.Inna Jahanama kanaa mirsaada” Jahanam is lying in ambush, waiting for its people. 2.) Jahaam_someone with red eyes-scary like. Jahanam is very scary to look it. Jaheem-fire -with blazing fire. Each name gives a different feeling, gives a different angle-detail of hell-fire, reasons are to warn us so that we can all protect ourselves from a fire whose fuel is of men and stones.

Till next time, may Allah have mercy upon us and our parents, and grant us all to abode in that blessed abode! Allahuma Ameen!