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Alhamdulilah, alhamdulilah! My Lord is so good to us, He gives, He gives, and blesses us in so many ways its unbelievable!

I’ve been swamped- a good type of swamp, wherein I truly believe its Allah subhana wa tala answering my dua list from Ramadan. I’m attached to my dua list in Ramadan and throughout out the year and all of these things that Allah blessed me with is a result of Him choosing to bestow His mercy upon me! Ujeeboo dawati itha daan! Truly Allah did say, “call upon me and I will answer”. So thats the best part of the last couple months, busy, good type of busy, but not enough time to blog. So here are things that have been on my mind!

* If you leave the Quran, the Quran leaves you! Yes, it does. This is something really scary. I’m really big on memorization, beyond tafsir, tajweed, memorization gives me my Quran-eman fix. I don’t know how to describe, but truly combining all three is wonderful works for me! My heart rejoices. So a reminder to all of you out there, don’t let a day go by without reciting, reflecting, and looking in the book of Allah for directions, its a must. Because as time goes by your brain sort begins to rust, almost like cob-webs begins to set in, and in place of a reflective mind, and an eman filled heart, therein begins a deadness that is scary. This reminds me of the saying of the scholars “as the one who doesn’t have quran in their life, is like a ruined house”; how sad that is!

* I was a camp councelor for MYNA again, I love it! Its amazing, and life changing. Camp isn’t really different from what I do with the youth in my community (at least my role), but the activities/lectures I take part in are a bit different. The best way to be better Muslim is to really help others be better Muslims. I have a hadeeth on my wall that I try to live by everyday. “khayro naas man yanfa3o naas” “The best people are those who are of benefit to others” Not to say I’m the perfect Muslim, but helping out the youth, helping them reflect on the deen, and helping them to remember Allah in one way or another really makes my day.

* Teaching in the morning and working at the library really helps me reflect on all sorts of stuff! I’m currently reading “The Help” by Kathyryn Stockett, and I’ve had two things come to mind (Power of the prayer, shunning/mean girls). I was really moved by Aibileen (a black maid in 1962) desire to be close to God and her need/turning to God for everything in the book. Aibileen, though a christian reminded me of my connection with prayer/dua in Islam! This woman writes her own prayers, and this is something I totally relate to. I listened to a lecture once where the shaykh mentioned how we should make our duas personal/specific to Allah, so that we show Allah how weak we are, and of how much we are in need of Him, and our desire to have what we are asking for. I know its odd to think about this, but think about all the duas we’ve been making through out the years, (good health, good deen, etc.), do we ever change it up? Are we better people because of these duas? Have we changed because of them? I say be precise, get to the nity gritty details of what/and how we want something from Allah! This is something I found that worked for me! One of my favourite lines from the book that Aibleen says is ” Cause that’s the way prayer do. It’s like electricity, it keeps things going” Subhana’Allah, how true that is! Second part of this reflection is that of mean girls! Has anyone seen the movie ‘mean girls?” I have never but the gist of it is a bunch of mean girls causing havoc, and subhana’Allah one of the things my camp adviser said was how at times girls can beeeeee soooo viscous/so mean to each other, meaner than boys. Sometimes I see bits and peices of that in my first graders! Subhana’Allah! But anyway, in the story, Skeeter one of the main characters gets shunned by her ‘friends’ when she decides to try to change things up, and stand up for what is right; i.e equality/rights for humanity! Its a sad case though when Hilly, the head ‘mean girl’ shakes things up and turns everyone else against her. Its sad, and the author describes this when Skeeter is told by Aibileen of her being shunned ” I don’t care about any of that ole stuff, anyway. She kind a laugh and it hurts my heart. Cause everybody care. Black, white down we all do.” Its sad stuff, and personally I’ve been at the end of such situations before while I was young as well as an adult (Yeah, if your outspoken at times like me, you are bound to face some difficulty in this area), but subhana’Allah it really takes a strong will, a determination to stay firm in what you fully believe in, and a lot of dua! Its a road of self discovery as well and it really shows you what you are capable of as a person. I try to teach my first grade girls that things like this shouldn’t happen, and that they should be better people and shouldn’t treat each other this way! I really enjoyed this book overall! It reminds me of the Civil rights era, I always enjoyed learning about that era. I feel like its a part of my history as an immigrant to this country. It reminds me back in 6/7th grade when I read “The Watson go to Birmingham…” one of my favourite books, or the “To kill a mockingbird”… man these are really good books to teach in the classroom, I can’t wait to work with my middle Schoolers!

* When my Ipod battery dies in my car and I can’t listen to my Quran, I’m left to NPR lol. I like NPR, but I don’t like listening too much news, because it makes me sad. I listen to it to the point of just being ‘aware’, and cut it off when it passing towards the point of ‘too sad’. So this past week, while driving home from work, there were some recurring news… 4 nights in a row at least. Syrian issues, Pope having a meeting from members of the church from all of over the world for victims of paedophiles in the church… thats a mouth full, and It really made me sad. This is a case of religion/folks practising that religion gone really really wrong! I respect people of faith, but at times its really hard to listen to stuff like that and have an objective mind. Politics/ the run for office/Romney. All sorts of other stuff, Politics is interesting but I’m always sceptical of things that goes down in Politics.

Alhamdulilah, really busy days, but insha’Allah insha’Allah it is all things that Allah is pleased with. I pray that Allah alleviates our difficulties, and may these difficulties be a cause for us to grow closer to our Lord, the Mighty and Majestic!

Till next time, may we meet in the highest abode! Al Firdous Ala!



Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah who Has has given us the ability to think and ponder!

Its early morning now and I’m heading out soon to attend to one of my halaqah’s of the day and insha’Allah another one later in the day. Today’s talk will be on manners in Islam! How important this topic and so embedded with talks of Aqeedah and Iman that one cannot live without it!

In preparing and thinking about things for my halaqah I’m reminded of a post one sister made on her a blog last weekend…found here:

In response to that I wrote:

Assalama ‘alaykum,

Awesome and much needed post. My friend and I were just having this same talk the other day. The Ummah is really in need of using hikmah and showing more mercy to its fellow muslims/non-muslims. People are so stuck with what they consider to be ‘right/wrong’ that they forget the bigger picture and overlook such things as mercy and kindness to their fellow human being. They are so stuck with ‘harm/halal’ ‘I think this, and you think that’ that the brother/sisterhood of Islam isn’t there. Subhana’Allah if people looked on the Prophet sal allahu sallam dealt with things they would understand that their thinking and ways of acting is what the prophet sal allahu sallam warned us against. I’m reminded of a saying…”Verily we are more in need of a little bit of good manners then we are a lot of knowledge” Knowledge is great, but I feel like people learn a few things in Islam or hold a certain view and they make go around passing judgement on people and making them all uncomfortable. Most people who do this feel like they have all the knowledge in the world and they are more knowledgeable then anyone and are free to pass judgement…when do we get to that level, the scholars of the past spent decades studying and they still considered themselves not fully learned, and look at us today, a person learns a ruling and they run with it without a backward thought of “could there be a difference of opinion on this” nope, its my way or the high for some. May Allah make us of those who ponder and think over our actions towards others, cause us to think, and use our hearts in dealing with people.

Till next time, may we meet in circle’s of remembrance!


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah has blessed in so many ways!


I recently started two youth halaqahs. I love teaching about Allah, and anything that I hope is pleasing to Allah. I look at my young students and in my heart I want the best for them and pray that Allah showers His mercy upon them and keeps them on the straight path. In the life we live there are so many opportunities for children to get lost and to forget the remembrance of Allah, but its up to all of us to aid anyone we can, young or old into remembering Allah, into keeping steadfast in the straight path, into striving to do greater things for the sake of this deen. The Prophet sal allahu sallam said the ummah is like one body, when one part is ailing we should all feel responsible and help them. The youth of today are the future, the kids I teach today are going to be adults in a less than a decade, they are going to be the movers and shakers of their community, they are going to be the ones calling to goodness and forbidding the bad. We are all connected to one another and all of us have to ask ourselves how are we giving back to our community, what are we doing for our ummah, how are we contributing to the ummah of the Prophet sal allah sallam. As I told a mother of one of my students, that every time I do I talk I’m helping myself, this is good for me! I ask Allah to accept it of me and to grant me the blessings of being able to see His face in Paradise. I ask Allah to bless all of us in whatever capacity we are in helping our ummah…whether its raising righteous children at home, fulfilling the rights of our families, or taking a bit of our precious time in helping young ones in our communities.

A wonderful Quran khutbah given by the Prophet sal allahu sallam that recorded in the books of hadeeth.

Till next time, may we be joined together in gatherings of remembrance and be remembered in a better gathering in Alfirdous ala!


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah who has blessed us with time.

Bullet format is the way I’ll go for this post, too many things to capture all at once.

* Time is so precious, so important, Allah subhana wa tala swears by it! Must use it wisely

* Quran memorization picked up again and going really well alhamdulilah. Surah Rum eases my heart! loves it, alhamdulilah.

* Learning to speak up more and speak my mind without thinking it will hurt others. Expressing how something makes me feel and expressing a simple “no” when something is just not my ‘cup of tea’. Being assertive without being mean and expressing what I feel is the healthy way for me.

* Teaching again..loves it! Both secular studies and Islamic studies (weekends). This is the stuff that made undergrad the best, the constant whirl wind of activities all tying back with to Allah’s remembrance makes me happy. I can’t imagine doing anything else in life beyond imparting what I know to little minds (bit minds more like it, as they teach me in the process!) . Its a joy to be around them, subhana’Allah!

*Distractions, sounds, all of it. This is one of the reasons why I left facebook. I am one of those people who are somewhat hermits, too much noise, too much of stuff just isn’t for me. Spiritually wise its also deadens me a bit in ways I can’t put to words …like there isn’t a lot of room for contemplations, to think, to ponder over the blessings Allah has provided for me, to the wonders all around me, I feel that I miss out on this just a bit when the aforementioned occurs.

*Finishing up a bunch of stuff I started up…
1.) Yaseen Lecture by AbdulNasir Jangda
2.) Alhuda lectures, listen, take notes
3.) Kitabu Tawheed lecture by shaykh Yasir Qadhi
4.) Story of the Ifk by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi
….a lot more stuff to add to list, but needs to look through blog.

* Loving the book search so far…I’ve got a couple in mind so far ” The alchemist” , “A child called it” etc. Just got done with Saturday school and soon to hit Barnes and noble for the Alchemist! Hurry

* Shawaal! Must getr done! Alhamdulilah, Oh Allah grant me the ability to benefit from this month, to continue the race and finish up strong! Allahuma Ameen!

* Dua: I recently read a wonderful post on MM about continuing in the deeds of Ramadan. The dua part is something that I think that I tend to slow down on for some odd reason and for many people too. Its like we rush to it with full force in Ramadan, and then right after its like ‘OK, I’ve done what I could’ and i think for me after Ramadan because of what I like to call ‘my Ramadan lull’ weird, odd, but still there. Dua especially, maybe its human nature but we think…I’ve asked, and now it should come asap, but thats not how dua works, thats now how Allah operates. We as servants are but servants, we do the asking, we wait and remain patient and have the yaqeen (certainity), that Allah azza wa jala will answer our dua according to His decree. So we shall not give up in our dua making, we will continue in this blessed journey.

(Post: )

Till next, may Allah bless our lives with meaningful activities.


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah azza wa jala, who by His will all things are possible.

Alhamdulilah, graduation was on Sunday…yes, I am finally done with Undergrad, and indeed Allah has blessed me with ni3ma. Indeed, there was a time when I first entered University that I wanted to leave it in my quest to solely study Islamic knowledge, and alhamdulilah I am glad that I hadn’t, for indeed much of knowledge of what it means to be a muslimah came by way of attending University. It is through this path that I was able to juggle my life in terms of school, dawah, quran, and more more in giving to my community as a whole, because my time was limited between these Allah allowed me this ardent desire to do more and more.

I’ve learned a great deal in my undergrad.

Children, teaching them, being around them. My Malaysian munchkins can attest that teaching them in those four years helped me grow as a person and the process helped my eman more than anyone can know.

Halaqat on campus and everywhere, indeed this was the highlight of my undergrad. I learned that the purpose of Islam, is to fulfill Allah’s obligation upon you, and then help others to do so. A couple of my great friends that I keep in touch with will sometimes email me, call me, and say how much ‘I changed through life via what I told them in those early years while I myself was sophmore’, and indeed it is only by the will of Allah, that this was possible. Indeed we are only slaves of Allah, and I am grateful that one tiny advice I imparted allowed them to return to Allah subhana wa tala.

I learned about kindness, generosity, and gentleness. Though I don’t always possess these qualities, I am grateful to have experienced it through the people I have met in one shape or form. Academia opens so many doors, not just the job kind, but understanding about the world and human behaviour which I have enjoyed tremendously.

I probably won’t remember all the material I memorized, crammed for exams throughout my college career, but I do remember the friendships, the dawah, and the khayr that we all sought out to do.

One journey of my life has ended, I am grateful for the righteous friends I’ve had throughout my undergrad for indeed these were one of the best times of my life. I am grateful to my mother for all her encouragement, love, and understanding throughout my undergrad. To my siblings, especially Laddy who’s generosity and love knows no end, and last but not least my father, who drove me to places, the best of places (dugsi, where I first developed my love of Quran), and I pray that we are united in the best abodes, Al Firdous Ala.

So whats next now? I just keep thinking about the verse directed at the Prophet sal allahu sallam (and a reminder for us), “Faitha Farqata fansab”…when you are done working, do some more… (paraphrase). A new chapter in my life begins, but I am grateful for the lessons, the memories, and happy that Allah allowed me to learn more and in the process strenghth my iman.

In between Job hunting, Alhuda, and book hunting…I’ve come upon a gem of a book; “Tuesdays with Morrie” I almost bawled my eyes out at Barnes and Noble today, its amazing and moving subhana’Allah.

Two of my favorite quotes!

“So many people walk around with meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important. This is because they’re chasing the wrong things. They way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”

Living with deaths shadows..
“Accept what you are able to do and what you are not able to do”; Accept the past as past, without denying it or discarding it”, “learn to forgive yourself and to forgive others”, Don’t assume that its too late to get involved”


Me to A: Spell this word…

A: I can do it

AD to A: Be quiet

Me: AD, that is not nice, when you speak nicely to people you can go to that nice place…jannah. Don’t you want to go there?

AD: No thank you. My mom won’t let me go, I have to ask first.

Subhana’Allah, children are truly amazing. Their language and ways of expressing themselves are just out of this world. AD, the love of my life is one of those children who make my day, everyday! Once, while telling all of them about Jannah and all the blessings found there, his eyes got so big and he grinned through the whole session..all 20 so or minutes.

Alhamdulilah, All praise is due to Allah who has blessed me in my affairs. I’ve had a 100 and somethings to do in the last couple weeks and every so, I have to catch my breath and say..Alhamdulilah. Of the hundred or so things that have come up of late, I am forever grateful for them all. Happiness engulfed me when I came upon the following statements in the “tight sauce quotes” (hilarious phrase) yesterday.

Ibn Al-Qayyim said:
“Every gulp of air that goes out in a cause other than the cause of Allah (SWT) will turn to sorrow and regret on the Day of Judgment.” He also said, “A sign that Allah (SWT) despises you is when you find yourself wasting your time with trivial matters; in this way you miss your chance of going to heaven. And a sign that Allah (SWT) likes you is when you find yourself fulfilling more duties than you have time for.”

Bithniallah, If I am granted the blessings of that blessed abode, I doubt I’ll bust out with “no, thank you” like AD, but rather accept such a gift from Ar-Rahman. Of today’s load of things to do…which were great, I felt such content in doing some of things and found myself like a crazy individual grinning ear to ear by myself. Today’s whirl wind of activities included: Studying: Midterm/Patience lecture by Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya/ Assessments with A! The lecture on the Prophets/ Seerah in Somali with mum at the Masjid.

Gems: Midterm…phewwwww, History is super awesome. American in its through of industrial revolution always gets the mind thinking.

Patience lecture: Subhana’Allah, I absolutely love listening to the same lectures again and again and again. Everytime I pick up something new and have ahaaa moments left and right. This particular lecture, when I listened to it again, I literally grinned ear to ear and was met with new found understanding. There are three types of patience as I once wrote about:

1.) Patience in the Obedience of Allah-i.e being steadfast in acts of worship, however big or small they are. 2.) Patience in keeping away from that which is marked by disobediance to Ar-Rahman. 3.) Patience in calamity and trials that Allah bestowed upon His slaves.

Subhana’Allah, I kept thinking of these categories of where I fell short and of the difficulties many face in keeping up with these categories. There are those who remember Allah and are steadfast in doing the commandments most of the time-and thus they are rewarded, but then on the other hand their nafs gets the best of them and they cannot obstain from the haram and thus they disobey Allah, and by the same token their good deeds are eaten up! Someone doing left and right ajir-sadaq jarah, but then cannot control the tongue and is left with nothing because they backbite. And of the person who restrains from the haram and fulfills the commandments of Ar-Rahman but falls short when lo and behold Allah bestows upon them such a calamity and they go a little hay-wire. All these are reflections for myself first and foremost and of reminders for myself. Always easy to check and re-check right now in the moment rather then in the akhirah when its too late. Which reminds me of  Umar radiallah anhu’s statement: “Bring yourself to account before you are brought to account”.

Gems: Two gems I found as well as the session with mum deals with the Prophets. There is truly a tie and kinship between the Prophets. Their relations and dealings with one another is apparent all over the sunnah of the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam.  One of the statements that truly stood out to me was that of the relationship with Adam as and dawood a.s. It is narrated that once Adam Alayhi sallam was created, Allah brought forth all his descendants, and of them was Dawood alahi sallam. Once Adam alahi salaam saw him he asked who he was and he loved him right there and then…and because of this he adam alahi salaam gave him 40 years of his life time to be added to Dawood alahyi sallam. Though Adam alahi salaam forgot about this later on, his intent to grant him the years were there. Also, in the Somali lecture with mum, we spoke about Isra Wal Mi3raj, and of this the same points with the Prophets were brought forth. In dealing with Musa alayhi sallam and the salaat situation, Musa alayhi kept advicing Muhammed sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam to keep going back and ask Allah to lower the salaah numbers, because he stated that your people wouldn’t be able to handle it. Allah willed, and indeed we see Ibrahim alahy sallams concern for Muhammed sallahu alayhi wa sallam and his ummah. In the same manner, of Musa alahi sallam and him crying on the realization that a young man..who came after him would supersede him in the obedience of his ummah. Subhana’Allah, I love the Prophets of Allah, and indeed their love for one another is apparent in their dealings with each other. I ask Allah to make us of those who reflect, ponder, and remember those who Allah has made carriers of His religion.

Till next time, may we be granted the ability to enter Al-Firdous Ala without accountability.



Subhana’Allah. You know, i tend to get all worked up about life and vent my frustration but somtimes, I think there isn’t anything in life that gets me more frustrated then seeing young Muslims leaving the commandments of Allah in their daily life. Yeah, its those little ones that I see every Saturday morning. Every Saturday I have the same topic with them; hijab. Now, more than ever i see that its just me who tells them the same thing. Today, I was pretty frank and didn’t place anyone on the side and talk to them, but rather I addressed the situation in class. I got to the point of telling them that I wasn’t even asking them to place a scarf on their heads, but rather to do away with all the tight, showy, short-skirts, and knee-high caprice. I pray that I was not too harsh, but I had to do it today. It saddens me when I see two young Muslim’s who come to Islamic school dressed as they were today. And what gets to me the most is that, it gets worst every weekend, the clothes and their polite arguments as to why they wear what they wear– are the same and they are ever more comfortable with it.

In talking to them, I realize its not just about the clothes, but its about the company they keep and even the events they go to. I am trying wallahi, and in all honesty I don’t know what to do aside from what I am already doing. I realize its not an option for me to remain quiet about this while they are under my care, and I am constantly reminded of the ayahs in the Qur’an that speak of calling to good and forbidding the evil. I wonder if other Islamic school teachers have the same issues or problem as I do. I think to myself and I actually told them today, in order for this knowledge to sink in your heart, you must have actions (good ones) with it. You cannot dress outwardly as a non-Muslim and want the nur of Allah in your heart as a Muslimah. Maybe one day they’ll remember me when they are my age, and remember all I told them in that 1 hour a week session.

A bit ago, one sister left a comment on one of the my other blogs that I wrote; it is while I was reading my old blog that I came upon the video below. I was reminded again by the situation with the young ones this morning. Subhana’Allah. May Allah protect the youth of this Ummah and the women of this Ummah in general.

Ashir, Yaseen, second page. Alhamdulilah. My Malaysian auntie asked me some tips on Qur’an memorization for her kids, I’ll be writing up that up soon. In sha’Allah, i’ll be reminiscing on my days as a dugsi gal and in my long path to gaining that hima (strength, motivation) in keeping up with Allah’s blessed book.

Till then, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon all of us.