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Books, Books, Books!

Posted: April 8, 2009 in Gems and Jewels


I haven’t posted for a long time now…wow, truly been a whirl wind of activities…left and right. Too many to list and talk about…anyhow. I’ve had the pleasure of reading several books in the last love of reading clubs and reading in general does not end! I got the chance to read Naima Robert’s ‘from sister’s lips, and recently a very awesome book I borrowed from a dear from of mind titled ” Gems and Jewels” (Wise Sayings, Interesting Events & Moral Lessons from the Islamic History).

There are many stories that I’ve found in the book to be of great reminders, one of them is a story I heard a long time ago, and found it again. Insha’Allah, I’ll continue to post from this book until I have to return it.

Titled: “If you see it befitting, free Her prisoner…”

When the Prophet sal allahu alayhi wa sallam migrated to Al Madinah, he couldn’t take his daughter Zainab r.a with him. She remained behind with her husband, Abdu Aas, who at that time was not a Muslim. After the Prophet’s migration, during the Battle of Badr against the Quraish, Abdul-Aas bin Rabi’ah bin Abd Shams became a prisoner of the Muslims in Al-Madinah with the Messenger sal allahu alahi wa sallam. The People of Makkah began to send wealth to ransom the relatives that were taken for prisoners. Zainab, too, sent wealth along with a necklace that her mother Khadijah r.a had given her upon her marriage to Abdul-Aas. When the Prophet sal allahu alahi wa sallam saw the necklace he became very emotional and told the Companions, “if you see it befitting, free her prisoner and return to her the wealth she has sent”. They agreed to do so and this resulted in Abdul-Aas’ acceptance of Islam.