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Fiqh of Salaah

Posted: April 20, 2009 in Ahh moments, Fiqh of Salaah


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah, who has shaped ways and paths for His slaves.

The Most Difficult of Deeds:

Ali r.a said, “Among deeds, there are four that are most difficult to adorn oneself with 1) Forgiveness when angry; 2) Generosity in hard times; 3) Chastity when alone; and 4) Speaking the truth to the one that fears it” {Part from Gems and Jewels book} Beautiful Gem.

Every time a new AlMaghrib class comes to town, Its a milestone of some sort for me. Its a time of reflection, pondering deeply, thinking and rethinking and rethinking and questioning myself as to where I am, and where am I going.Alhamdulilah, in my X years of life I got the chance to experience the most amazing situations and great times of my life. Through my experience I’ve been given precious lessons and strength that I cannot fathom till this day..surely all of it is from Allah Azza Wa Jalla. I was truly comforted by the fiqh of Salaah class this past weekend…in a different type of way. A tranquility and such happiness descened upon my heart. Again, I was given the chance to reflect and ponder as to where I am headed in life. I haven’t gotten the chance to blog really blog in a long time..because indeed time does not permit, so many things to do, teach others and to be taught is my motto everyday. In addition, to the usual halaqahs, teachings, school, and work, I’ve been hacked down and been thinking about M.ed. What a journey! And Ilmsummit..the apple of my heart! …Allahuma Ameen.

Soon, will be posting gems of Fiqh of Salaah class and some re-teweeking of goals, dua lists adjustment, and more goals.

* Quran: beautiful for the last couple weeks, awesome improvement and will continue.

*Lectures:  kitaabu at-Tawheed for my halaqah

Lastly, been trying to figure out the path and mid way of balancing out teaching to others and finding time for oneself…come to think of it these are linked/coupled/are like two peas in a pod! Its such a joyous occasion to be able to teach others and re-learn, re-emphasize on past lesson for oneself. Allah Akbar

Till next time, may we be brought together in khayr in this dunya and more importantly joined in Al-Firdous.