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Alhamdulilah! all praise is due to Allah, who has bestowed upon us such goodness, alhamdulilah.

Another great dua sessions, alhamdulilah these are truly fortresses for the muslimeen!

Two things this week, I’ve been memorizing the last 10 verses of Al-Imran for Alhuda, as the prophet sal allahu sallam use to recite them in tahjjud, and subhana’Allah its so beautiful. My favorite part is when the believers say ” Our Lord, you have not created any of this in vain…” subhana’Allah there is a purpose for everything and anything that happens. See below.

Also, the dua of light! This is also alhuda dua, and subhana’Allah its wonderous…the people of the quran are truly a people of light, in that they themselves are filled with like and they only give off light/goodness to others. The dua below (can’t find in Arabic right now) is one that the Prophet sal allahu sallam use to recite after fajr salaah-while lying down on his right side, and subhana’Allah the prophet sal allahu sallam who was given glad tidings of jannah is reciting and asking for light…and what of us? Subhana’Allah.

“Oh Allah, put light in my heart, light in my hearing and
light in my sight; to my right and light to my left; light above me and light
beneath me; and light before me and light behind me…..there is more to this dua!

I’ll post it in Arabic if I can find it, but till next time, may we might be granted the ultimate/greatest light of our hearts/delights i.e jannah!



Alhamduililah, todays awesome dua is from my alhuda packet, and its call for benefit in what we learn, and for Allah to give us beneficial knowledge. A lot of times, we learn things and it just sits there and takes up space in our brain and doesn’t lead to action, but we should always seek and make lots and lots of dua for Allah to reward us for it. Subhana’Allah, I was thinking of just the power of dua and just constantly sitting there and reading these duas morning and evening, they have really really changed my life and the way I see and do things! Subhana’Allah, just a small and simple thing, but truly an amazing aspect of life.

اللَّهُمَّ انْفَعْنِي بِمَا عَلَّمْتَنِي وَ عَلِّمْنِي مَا يَنْفَعُنِي وَ زِدْنِي عِلْمًا

Allahumma-infa’nī bimā ‘alamtanī wa ‘allimnī mā yanfa’unī wa zidnī ‘ilmā

O Allah, benefit me from that which You taught me, and teach me that which will benefit me, and increase me in knowledge.

Till next time, we may be joined in the highest abode, where tranquility descends on the heart and mind.


Alhamduilah, all praise is due to Allah who has given us bounties and favors upon favors..subhana’Allah, how my Lord is giving to His servants. Dhul Hijjah was an awesome situation all over, as Allah granted me to do so much more, and I ask Allah to accept it of me and all of you.

Dua memorization, this week I haven’t picked one to memorize, but alhamdulilah I’ve been trying to get into the habit of just reading my morning/evening duas and subhana’Allah, they have done wonders for me and have helped in so many ways, alhamdulilah. After starting fasting and ending fast, I usually come down with crazy eating/stomach issues, and its not easy but subhana’Allah these athkaars have helped a whole lot, eman wise and other ways as well. Try it out all of you! open your husnul muslim every morning and read all the duas for morning..just sit there and contemplate and make extra dua, then towards the end of the night, do the same and recite them. These subhana’Allah are super duper encompassing, I mean we’re talking about protection from every direction, harm from ourselves, shaytaan, and others, and we’re talking about favors/bounties from Allah, jannah..etc. subhana’Allah, my Lord is great!

Check out the link here:

Thats for today, life has been super duper busy, and have missed my blog time last sunday, but Alhamdulilah focusing on dhul hijjah and other things. I ask Allah, the mighty and majestic to grant me and all of you nothing, short of Alfirdous ala! Till next time, see you in the highest abode insha’Allah.