Flipping out…

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Ahh moments, Islamic Studies:My Kids, Manners


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah who Has has given us the ability to think and ponder!

Its early morning now and I’m heading out soon to attend to one of my halaqah’s of the day and insha’Allah another one later in the day. Today’s talk will be on manners in Islam! How important this topic and so embedded with talks of Aqeedah and Iman that one cannot live without it!

In preparing and thinking about things for my halaqah I’m reminded of a post one sister made on her a blog last weekend…found here: http://jannah.org/blog/2011/10/15/why-do-muslims-flip-out/

In response to that I wrote:

Assalama ‘alaykum,

Awesome and much needed post. My friend and I were just having this same talk the other day. The Ummah is really in need of using hikmah and showing more mercy to its fellow muslims/non-muslims. People are so stuck with what they consider to be ‘right/wrong’ that they forget the bigger picture and overlook such things as mercy and kindness to their fellow human being. They are so stuck with ‘harm/halal’ ‘I think this, and you think that’ that the brother/sisterhood of Islam isn’t there. Subhana’Allah if people looked on the Prophet sal allahu sallam dealt with things they would understand that their thinking and ways of acting is what the prophet sal allahu sallam warned us against. I’m reminded of a saying…”Verily we are more in need of a little bit of good manners then we are a lot of knowledge” Knowledge is great, but I feel like people learn a few things in Islam or hold a certain view and they make go around passing judgement on people and making them all uncomfortable. Most people who do this feel like they have all the knowledge in the world and they are more knowledgeable then anyone and are free to pass judgement…when do we get to that level, the scholars of the past spent decades studying and they still considered themselves not fully learned, and look at us today, a person learns a ruling and they run with it without a backward thought of “could there be a difference of opinion on this” nope, its my way or the high for some. May Allah make us of those who ponder and think over our actions towards others, cause us to think, and use our hearts in dealing with people.

Till next time, may we meet in circle’s of remembrance!


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