Gatherings of Rememberance

Posted: October 16, 2011 in AbdulNasir Jangda, Ahh moments, Dawah, Islamic Studies:My Kids


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah has blessed in so many ways!


I recently started two youth halaqahs. I love teaching about Allah, and anything that I hope is pleasing to Allah. I look at my young students and in my heart I want the best for them and pray that Allah showers His mercy upon them and keeps them on the straight path. In the life we live there are so many opportunities for children to get lost and to forget the remembrance of Allah, but its up to all of us to aid anyone we can, young or old into remembering Allah, into keeping steadfast in the straight path, into striving to do greater things for the sake of this deen. The Prophet sal allahu sallam said the ummah is like one body, when one part is ailing we should all feel responsible and help them. The youth of today are the future, the kids I teach today are going to be adults in a less than a decade, they are going to be the movers and shakers of their community, they are going to be the ones calling to goodness and forbidding the bad. We are all connected to one another and all of us have to ask ourselves how are we giving back to our community, what are we doing for our ummah, how are we contributing to the ummah of the Prophet sal allah sallam. As I told a mother of one of my students, that every time I do I talk I’m helping myself, this is good for me! I ask Allah to accept it of me and to grant me the blessings of being able to see His face in Paradise. I ask Allah to bless all of us in whatever capacity we are in helping our ummah…whether its raising righteous children at home, fulfilling the rights of our families, or taking a bit of our precious time in helping young ones in our communities.

A wonderful Quran khutbah given by the Prophet sal allahu sallam that recorded in the books of hadeeth.

Till next time, may we be joined together in gatherings of remembrance and be remembered in a better gathering in Alfirdous ala!


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