Gems, Reminders, Life of the heart!

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Ahh moments, Death, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Taleem Al-Quran


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah who has blessed us in so many ways! Oh Allah continue to bestow your favours on us.

Alhuda Gems for the week:

* Time passes, we will get busy, things will come up, but we have to ponder on how we spend our time.

* Whenever we hear verses about disbelievers (such as 6-7 of Baqarah) we might have a tendency to tune them out. 1/3rd of the Quran addresses them, we our selves should take a lesson. Subhana’Allah just now I’m thinking how that in itself (that Allah addresses the believers in 1/3rd Quran) as being a mercy for them and us. This is Allah’s mercy, He doesn’t give up on us, it is mostly us he renounce all hope and give up easily. The doors of Allah’s mercy, guidance, and love for us is open…we just have to try harder! For these verses, we need to reflect on them, really in take because nothing/is ever guaranteed for us. In the same way Allah talks about the disbelievers so much, because indeed we are not guaranteed to die as believers. Disbelief in Allah is the greatest removal of Allah’s mercy on us and it leads to our destruction, Allah is constantly reminding us “Oh my slave, don’t die in this state!”

* Goes with the upper points: A young devout man hastened to do the adaan everyday, he came early so he could get this reward. One day he sees a woman, its love at first sight for him. He goes to her house, asks for her hand, she turns him down because he is muslim and she is Christian. He becomes a Christian to marry her, and as soon as he gets married he falls off a roof and dies, he dies as a Christian. Here is a man believing in Allah, the one God, and he converts for someone and even at that what he sought didn’t happen for him. The reality is that this can be anyone practising, they can be easily taken away from the path…this is indeed a reminder for us!

* We need to keep up, guard our iman, protect our imaan, because this is the only thing that will avail us on the Day of Judgement! Not our children, nothing, nada, just our imaan! Our world life will keep us teacher mentioned how out of all that she owns, the most important thing is her faith. It is what would save her!

*The Quran is what keeps our faith alive. We need it, we need to get closer to the Quran. This is what the mutaqee does, the God conscious one seeks this books, uses this book!

* Quran! Read it, learn it, study it, keep up with it. This gives life to the heart!

* Death: people die every day. Some are famous and some not famous. My teacher pointed how regardless of what someone had or did in the dunya, i.e their status in the dunya, it doesn’t matter in terms of the hole they will be placed in. A hole is a hole, what matters is our faith and our closeness to Allah subhana wa tala. Speaking death, Imaam Siraj Wahhaj has this amazing lecture on preparing for death…its really moving, subhana’Allah.

Till next time, may Allah make us of the people of the Quran and those who take reminders to heart and implement in their lives!

  1. Cucumber says:

    You’re an Al Huda student?! MashaAllah 🙂 Me too!
    And I see you took the al Utrujjaat classes back in the day, as did I! SubhanAllah.

    Great gems you have here, InshaAllah I’ll be stopping by more often.

    • qarisister says:

      Yes, I am alhamdulilah! I think you are too! When I first came on your blog a long time ago, I think thats what I commented about…I was excited to see another alhuda student blogger!

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