Clothing of Piety

Posted: October 1, 2011 in Ahh moments, Quran, Taleem Al-Quran (Al-Huda)


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah subhana wa tala who provides for us in so many ways!

Today in my alhuda class we covered verses 1-5 of Surah Baqarah, and one of the parts that really hit home with me was the concept of Taqwa. Having Taqwa is a precursor to obtaining guidance. Allah says that this book is a guidance for the mutaqeen (those who are God conscious-Pious), meaning that these people approach the Quran with Allah in mind (following what He commands and distancing oneself from what displeases Him). My teacher recently covered gave the example of going to a party and coming dressed appropriately, and in the same way I thought of the Quran and anything to do with Allah, i.e that we must claock ourselves with clothing of Taqwa, we must adorn our lives with the remembrance of Allah so that we may continue to recieve and benefit from the guidance that Allah readily provides for us. In tafseer we also discussed how Allah says in surah Baqarah (that this book is for the mutaqeen- the God conscious, but at the same time somewhere else Allah says “this book is a guidance for mankind”) and to understand these verses is to say that the Quran is revealed for all-open to all, to read, reflect, recieve information, but the one who benefits the most from it and gains the utmost guidance is the one who comes to it with a heart that is God conscious. This point really hit home with me…it made me think about what I should think about every time I open Allah’s noble book, the kind of frame of mind I should be in.

Some gems/reminders from class:

* Allah subhana wa tala is Ar Rahman-Ar Rahmeem, and when we face difficulty in anything we should see whether the problem is happening as a result of something we are doing wrong. We should seek to gain Allah’s forgiveness, pray two rakats of nawafil and continue to seek Allah’s guidance in everything we do.

* Whenever we are doing anything, working towards something, we should ask ourselves whether its Akhirah oriented or not. We should strive and know that whatever we are doing if its for the sake of Allah, the efforts will not be forgotten by Allah and He will reward us.

* With every hardship comes ease, and sadly enough we forget the ease part. We have a lot of eases that Allah has blessed us with that we don’t take into account. Our sight, our hearing, everything that we have.

* There are so many things that we get from Allah that we didn’t even ask for. Allah has given to us anyway.

* Concerning huruful Muqadat- disjointed letters in beginning of Surah Baqarah. When Allah wants as to understand, open our heart to something, or to comprehend something it will happen…only when He wills it. This is so true in life! Whatever we can’t understand, we must accept it as Allah’s decree i.e Alif Laam Meem meaning.

* What is your meaning of success. Prophets s.a.w. defination. To be saved from the hell-fire, and entered into Paradise (hadeeth).

* The least punishment in the hell-fire is that given to Abu Lahab- shoes of fire that makes his brain boil; So when we take the idea of hell-fire lightly we don’t know the reality of it, and we have no comprehended the severity of the punishments.

* Anything associated with Allah has a high status. The Quran, the people associated with the sunnah, its time frame, all of it is important.

* Try to give up a lot of sleeping, less sleep, and more time to the way of Allah and you will see barakah in your life.

* Ulaika- “those” is showing high status, these people are being exalted..those who recieved guidance from Allah, who believe in the unseen, who establish salaah, who give zaakah. Allah also uses “Ulaika” to refer to the people of the book- ahlul kitaab, because indeed these people were given one of the books of Allah as well. We need to be open minded when giving them dawah.

* Verse 3 of Maida, Omar r.a had a jewish man tell him that had they been given that verse in their book, they would have been celebrating…who would have followed it if it was in their book.

* Referring to point up. In path of knowledge, prejudice takes the place of taking knowledge from a specific people. Open minded we should be!


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