We can’t do ibadah without help

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Ahh moments, Taleem Al-Quran


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah who gives support to whom He wills!

I couldn’t post last week due to finals. But alhamdulilah, I had the chance to back to my review, and just now posting two verses that touched my heart from Surah fatiha! Subhana’Allah, these verses really go hand in hand with what was recently covered in Surah Ar-Rahman, bayyinah’s new class in columbus this past weekend.

Ayah 1: (Alhamdulilah) Lilllahi : the lam in lillahi- iqtisaas: specifification. Only He deserves it. Istixqaaq- worthiness.

Rubb: Lord, My rub! Meaning of Rubb: to nurture something. To look after something. To make something grow until it reaches its stage of perfection and completion. With A lot of love, with a lot of concern, with a lot of care.
Creator, owner, and planner!


5.)Iyyaka: only you
naAAbudu we worship; from 3ibaada. 3aa baa daa: 3ibadaa- salaah comes to mind when you think of this, someone who is a servant of Allah, dua, thikr, fasting. What is exactly worship: to show humility and love. It’s the apposite of arrogance. To show weakness, insignifance. Out of intense love. 3abd- a slave. A slave does everything that the master commands, and sometimes what the master wants the slave to do he may not understand. If you don’t love someone you may not obey them. Express obedience, humility, love. 3ibada- every action that Allah loves and He is pleased with. The rituals- salaah, zakah, statements that Allah loves- thikr, speaking the truth. Includes statements and actions. Could be hidden and apparent. When you give zakah, salaah, apparent. Hidden: good thoughts of Allah, happiness because of His mercy. When we worship Allah does it become difficult? Yes, it is. Giving your zakah-your jewelery, is sometimes difficult. And that’s why we ask Allah for Help! We can’t do ibadah without the help of Allah, thus why we ask for Allah
Waiyyaka: and only you
nastaAAeenu : we seek help, 3aan waaw noon: 3awn- help! 3awn is general help.

These are just my quick notes from reviewing, but overall the message and the reminder is that ibadaah-worshiping Allah subhana’Allah is not always easy, doing the rituals, the salaah, the fasting, and everything that Allah loves is not easy, and thus we need to seek the help from Allah. This is especially truly in our busy schedules, of school, work etc. Even at that when we have so much free time (break from school), getting ourselves in the motions of doing khayr- more salaah, more quran, etc doesn’t come easy, due to laziness sometimes (yes, i speak for me), and due to other things! Overall, a reminder that no one has it easy, but we must must know that Allah’s mercy descends upon all of us, and the rewards are there for the taking, we just need to make lots of dua for Allah’s help and start racking up on good deeds, acts!

Till next time, may Allah make us the people of Jannah!


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