He Who Has No One, Has Allah!

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Ahh moments


Some gems awesome reminders from this amazing lecture! Titled ” He who has no one, Has Allah”

1.) From the student of shaykh bin baz ; “its not about how you live in this world but how you will be raised in front of Allah azza wa jala. Whatever you die upon is what you’ll be raised us”

2.) The shaykh talked about how in medina they were learning about the muwataa of imam malik and on the halaqah he remembered one thing; a powerful reminder indeed. “omar r.a said when they were tried or put through difficulty they would thank Allah azza wa jala for three things; 1.) that this trial was not in our deen. 2.) That this trial was not as great as it could have been (you lost a parent, imagine a person who lost two) 3.) we were grateful that Allah allowed us to be patient in the trial.


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