Getting closer to Allah

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Ahh moments, Ramadan 2010


The month of Ramadan serves as a training ground in getting closer to Allah subhana wa tala, and subhana’Allah one of the best ways in getting closer to Allah is knowing about His oneness, i.e of His names and His attributes, and how to properly worship Him alone i.e tawheed. Alhamdulilah, this Ramadan Allah azza wa jala granted me the ability to pick up my kitabu tawheed lecture! I’ve already benefitted greatly from it…a bit of those notes below. I ask Allah Ar-Rafiq, Ar Rahman, Al Wadood, to bestow His compassion, Mercy, and Love upon us in this blessed month of Ramadan. I ask Allah jala jallaho to answer to my duas and make of those He loves and enter me into paradise.

~Saeed ibn Jubayr was one of the main students of ibn abbas, was one of the most knowledgeable of the tabeen.
70 thousand people entering paradise. Bukhari and muslim
No ruqyah
No belief in Oman
No branding
Only trust except with Allah. 3ukasha said make me of one of them ya Rasoloolah
Chapter 2: Believing in taweed-removing of sins.
Chapters: 3 perfecting tawheed: If you perfect your tawheed, you will enter paradise without any accountability. so much so that they wouldn’t ask anyone for anything.

Chapter 4: fear of shirk
You understand light when you understand darkness. Apposite of tahweed=shirk.

When you understand the dangers of shirk, you’ll also understand the importance of tawheed.

Verse: Allah will never forgive any sin of shirk, but can forgive anything less than that.
Prophet ibrahim said/prayed to Allah : “and save me and my progeny from shirk..” He himself was scared and asking Allah to save him from this. Ibrahim ataymeeh said “ if ibrahim was fear ful of shirk, how could we not”

Shirk : major/ minor shirk
Major shirk : type that Allah will not forgive, and Allah will not forgive, all his good deeds will be in vain. Will go into the hell fire.
Minor shirk: Allah can forgive it, not all of his good deeds will be in vain, and he can enter jannah.
The prophet sal allahu sallam: “what I fear most for you is minor shirk” is trail, no disease, then this concept..its serious! Minor shirk: riya- when a person does something in order to show off to people.

1.)Sin of shirk is unforgivable.
2.) Whoever commits shirk, all of his other deeds will be in vain. It doesn’t matter what he did, his good deeds, it will be in waste. (walaqaood oheeya ilayka min rasoolika lain ashrakata la yahbatano 3amalk wala takonan min al qhasireen) (doesn’t mean in this life, out of His mercy (Allah) will reward them, but in the hereafter they will be in vain.
3.) Whoever commits shirk, Allah has made haram for him jannah. (anaho ushrik billah faqad haramallah jannah)
4.) He will be eternally in the hell-fire.



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