Surah Yusuf I

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Ahh moments


Masha’Allah, I just got done listening to Shaykh Reda’s lecture on Surah Yusuf and its amazing, masha’Allah.

My favorite Gems:

” The slippers of Bilal r.a. are in Jannah and firioun is in the hell-fire” Never look at color, but if piety.

Another lesson in that: Abu Thar r.a. once made fun of Bilal r.a. because of his color, and Bilal r.a. went to the Prophet sal allahu sallam, and told him what him “ya Rasullah, Abu Thar has blamed me because my mother is black” The Prophet sal allahu sallam called Abu Thar r.a. and asked him if he said and did what was said. Abu thar r.a. said yes. The prophet sal allahu sallam said ” you still have one of the characteristics of jahiliyah” and Abu Thar r.a. said even if I am head of tribe..(he was older and was put in great position), and the prophet sal allahu sallam said even if you are that. Abu Thar r.a. called Bilal and he layed down on the ground and he told Bilal r.a. to take his foot and set on top of Abu Thar’s face. Bilal r.a. raised him up and hugged him instead and they cried together. And Bilal r.a. “i just wanted you to know to not blame because my mother was black and I am this color” Subhana’Allah.

Ibnul Qayyim r.a. said abandoning the Quran is of not doing utilizing in these 5 ways.

1.) Its recitation
2.) Its understanding
3.) Its reflection
4.) Its application
5.) Making dawah by it.

Subhana’Allah, may Allah make us of those who take heed and are of those who Allah is pleased with. Till next time, may we meet in that blessed abode, alhamdulilah.


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