Virtues of Uthman bin Affan r.a

Posted: November 28, 2009 in Ahh moments


Alhamdulilah, I got the chance to take History of the Khulafaa way back in 06, and subhana’Allah listen to the following lecture below really made thing about the great companions of the prophet sal allahu sallam, and just how they competed with one another in servitude to Allah subhana wa tala. These people are truly amazing, and it boggles my mind that we are competing with the likes of them in a room in illah illah! Especifically, I am in awe of the uthman r.a. generosity and his keen desire to give in the way and cause of Allah, also I was reflecting on the age (see below) that he came into Islam and others like him, and how much they did for the deen of Allah in the time frame that they lived..indeed it just goes to show because of their sincerity in their deeds, that Allah magnified their deeds and rewarded them with Jannah! I ask Allah to make us of those who strive in His way, who give and work on such a righteous and noble path. Ameen Ya Rubb.



The virtues of Uthman Ibn Affan r.a:

Before Islam, he was called Abu Amr , abu Abdullah after Islam- had a son named Abdullah from Ruqiyah.

His wife and him migrated to absyniah and medina.
Around the time of badr, Ruqiyah fell ill, the prophet sal allahu sallam told him to stay and take care of her as he would get the reward of the one who went out to battle and the reward of the war supplies, and the prophet sal allahu sallam came back and gave that to him.

Hafsa r.a. husband (qonays) died also at badr , and so omar r.a. her brother went to Uthaman r.a. to get him to marry her, and Uthman r.a. said he wasn’t ready, so then Omar r.a. went to Abu Bakr r.a. and Abu Bakr r.a. didn‘t say anything, Omar got upset and went to the prophet sal allahu sallam, and he sal allahu alayhi wa sallam said that Hafsa will marry someone better than Uthaman r.a. and Uthman r.a. will marry someone better than hafsa r.a.

Hafsa r.a. married the Prophet sal allahu sallam, and Uthamn r.a. married the other daughter of the prophet sal allahu sallam, He received the nickname Dhul Nurayan-barrier of the two lights-I.e marrying the two daughters of the Prophet sal allahu sallam one after the other. Scholars say no one was given such a status or ever had the status of marrying two daughters of a Prophet.

Umm Kalthum- she died during hijrah. The Prophet sal allahu sallam said “if he had another 3rd or 40 of them, I would wed you one after the other”


Uthaman r.a. was near tall or short, he was handsome, had wheat-ish skin tone, and thick hair , big boned and had wide shoulders, and had signs of small pox that made him look even more handsom, long arms etc. and he would color his beard yellow in old age

Musa ibn Talha : said Uthman r.a. was the most handsome of people

Usamah ibn Zaid: He said the messenger of the prophet sal allahu sallam sent me to the home of Uthaman r.a. with a plate of meet, and when I entered I would look at Ruqiyah and I would look at Uthman r.a. when I returned the prophet sal allahu sallam would say “have you seen any two people more beautiful then them two?”, as a little boy Usamah ibn Zaid would say

And so when The Prophet sal allahu sallam went to Umm kalthum also he said, your husband resembles your ancestor-Ibrahim more than anyone else , and your father Muhammed sall allahu sallam more than anyone else.

He was also one of the early muslims -faced the two qibalahs, never drank alcohol, a friend of Abu Bakr r.a. and the Prophet sal allahu way before Islam , and so Islam appealed to him when the Abu Bakr r.a. told him about it.

He was 34 at the time he accepted Islam, and the 4th of the men to accept Islam.

He equips the muslim army with 950 camels, and 50 horses, and he brings 1000 dinars in his garment and puts it the lap of the Prophet sal allahu sallam, and the prophet sal allahu sallam says “nothing uthman r.a. does after today will harm him” Tirmidi

The incident-the well of ruma, the muhajireen didn’t have water, the man-bani of qisaar- he had a well and use to sell 50 thousand, uthman says sell it to me for half, meaning uthamn will use it one day, and the other the man will use to sell, so the man agrees and sells uthman the well for 12 thousand . The man goes out of the business the day its his turn, because ppl used it on the day that uthman had the well-for free, so the man doesn’t make business and realizes, uthman tells him to sell it to him for 8thousand, and he agrees, out of uthman’s intelligence he gets the well for 20 thousand rather 50 thousand as it was originally.

Abu Bakr r.a. said Uthman r.a. bought pardise twice, on the day of ruma when he bought the well, and the day of distress (mentioned above) When uthman r.a. bought the well, the prophet sal allahu sallam said, “you will have a spring in paradise” , so in essence he had to be in paradise to get the spring, and the prophet sal allahu sallam was telling him glad tidings of his entrance.

Up to 4 occasions the Prophet sal allahu sallam told uthman r.a. he will be of the people of paradise.


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