Allah will never forsake you…

Posted: November 3, 2009 in Ahh moments


Subhana’Allah, how great is my Lord…the greatest!

As I sat at the uni bus stop, on such a cold fall morning, I reflected upon the events that took place on such a blessed Tuesday morning. In many ways, through the hustle and bustle of daily life, we sometimes get distracted by our nafs, shaytaan, and even people around us. But throughout all, at a moments notice Allah azza wa jala causes events to help us remember His power, might, and ability to answer the dua of any of His servants. Subhan’Allah, a lot of times we make the most sincerest of duas when were in need and are tested. In this fall morning, amidst the tall buildings, flow of students, Allah subhana wa tala answered my dua, thus causing me to remember the greatness of my Lord, and knowing in my heart I became even more certain that He’ll answer my dua when I call upon Him. The emotions/relief that I felt and rushed out of me caused me to fall in sujood..gratitude engulfed..subhan’Allah. A profound lesson for me, and for all of never ever think our Lord will never answer our duas and we should never feel deprived of His mercy and barakah, ask and He shall answer. Be sincere and know that your dua may be answered, quickly, swiftly, or even delayed according to the will of Allah subhana wa tala. And know with certainty that the dua will be answered, in this life or in the hereafter, in the form your heart wants, or a form better than what you could have imagined, and at the least some harm will be removed from you. I ask Allah whose the controller of my affairs to cause me to be grateful for the big and small events in my life, and to always know with certainty in times of calamity and times of prosperity, that Allah will never forsake me or any of us, and that He knows and gives to all of us that which is the best of things!

Till next time, may we all be joined in that blessed abode of Alfirdious Ala.


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