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Posted: October 14, 2009 in Ahh moments, Quran


I once attended this graduation ceremony for Alhuda’s taleemul Quran, and subhana’Allah it was one of the most memorable events of my life. And till this day what comes to mind is that though frame or statement that “The people of Allah are the people of the Quran” , and for sure Allah Azza wa jala raises people in honor and status by this book. A profound book, and the one who comes to the Quran, their soul will be fed, it will cater to their heart, and they’ll never leave empty in this life and in the hereafter. And truly we see that, the true believers are those who when the name of Allah is mentioned their hearts awaken and when they hear the verses it increases them in faith.

Graduation notes below..from this summer, just started reading them today, and how wonderful of a reminder they were!

(On the day it would be, your good deeds are -in gardens…great entertainment. The disbelievers will ask to acquire some of your light.
Has it not come for the time who there hearts -remember etc.
Loaned Allah a goodly loan. ) (Long ayah in the beginning. Got bits and pieces)

The true believers are those who when the name of Allah is mentioned their hearts awaken and when they hear the verses it increases them in faith.

The one who comes to the Quran-it feeds its souls, never leaves empty. Quran caters to your heart.

The man was stealing during the time that ayah came down to him; when Allah said “Has it not the time come for your to remember Allah“ … and his life changed

The graduation ceremony, is for the remembrance of Allah. High ranks-for those who come together and remember Allah together.

The angels sit with them- In Rawho Muslim-of the gathering those who come in the remembrance of Allah.

Seek forgiveness from Allah! A believer time is important in every spare moment and every moment is precious to them!. More than 70 times a day!

Everyone you meet, there is something that’s making their heart unrest-that force is -that rest is something that comes with the remembrance of Allah.

Point of education broaden of the mind, strengthening of the heart. Our education is incomplete, without applying the kalaam of Allah.

The course is suppose to strengthen your character, your personality. Your everything-this Quran should change that. When Aisha r.a was asked about the character of the Prophet sal allahu sallam she said his character was the Quran.

Keep remembering Allah “Subhana’Allahil Atheem” “Subhana’Allah Ala”

Objectives of Taleem Quran course:

*When you stand behind the imam in salaah that you understand what he is saying, that you cry not because he cries but because you understand the words.
*Gain correct understanding of the book of Allah (most sound understanding)
*Recite the Quran the way its suppose to be recited.
*Inculcate the love of the Prophet sal allahu sallam in our hearts-to understand his Sunnah and implement.
*To worship: Greatest right of Allah upon us-to you fast consciously, pray-you taste the sweetness of salaah.
*Ability to manage your anger, your stress, and your time management.
*To gain a balanced personality.

**The recitation of the Quran: tajweed & recitation
**Education of the book: word to word translation (word analysis)
Explanation of the Quran : exegesis of the Quran; Arabic of the Quran & Writing,
**Hikmah: WalHikamah: the sunnah of the Prophet sal allahu sallam : seerah a nabawi
**Purification: Wa Yazeekaumah : Adab and Aqlaaq- purification : Life management, anger, dua-tazkiyah-our connection with Allah Azza Wa jala.

(18month) program: latest technology-videos/new media

Test/take home-their own benefit

Caters to all those that want to learn.

The best among you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches you.

Graduation gift: a book- company of the righteous

Muad Ibn Jabal r.a -was mounted, and the Prophet sal allahu sallam spoke to him and said “close to me are the Allah conscious“.

Hadeeth Bukhari course graduates there too.

Reminder: The Quran is the best companion there is. Quran stimulates your mind and your heart.

Light on the tongue heavy on the scale : use them
Where your upset! Read your Tasbeeh!


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