Posted: October 4, 2009 in Ahh moments


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah azza wa jala, who has bestowed His mercy upon us. I was doing a ameerah training training with HQ today, and subhana’Allah, one of the things that was said to me as a trainee was about the way in which we are volunteers in this deen. And subhana’Allah, just how this dawah is going to carry on, and that it doesn’t matter who does but it will get done, and that its really an honor to work for the deen of Allah…we are truly “Carriers of Musk”, as I learned today, and not just volunteers!

On another note, I’ve been doing some things with the halaqaat in that I’d do a session towards end of “what reminders can I pass on to you, if I never see you again” Fridays reminders were….

1.) Get your prioritize straight, fulfill the rights that Allah azza wa jala has upon you..i.e if anything you do in that day, get your salaah straight, i.e your fajr, start your day off right and you’ll see the difference in your day! You can’t be of help to your family, friends, yourself, or your dawah efforts.

2.) Dua, keep it consistent..doesn’t matter where you are and what you are doing, sometimes you’ll feel stressed, tired, whatever..have a moment with Allah azza wa jala and seek His consultation with everything.

3.) Best plan, remember the hadeeth of the Prophet sal allahu sallam of the advice He gave muad r.a.
A.) Ittiqallah haythu ma kunta= Fear Allah wherever you find yourself
B.) Replace your bad deed with one of goodness, we will all fall into mistakes, but continue and repent and do khayr.
C.) Have good manners/good character with the people.

Till next time, may we all meet in that blessed abode!


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