Strengthening Ones memory

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Progress, Quran, Ramadan 2009


The lecture below came at a really really crucial time!


Strengthening ones memory:

Be sincere-your doing it for the sake of Allah.

Make dua-your parents make dua for you as well. You make dua for quran memorization to be made easy for you or understanding of the religions.

The Prophet sal allahu sallam said drinking the water of zam zam, its for whatever you drink it for. The scholars in the past wanted/intended for something when they drink it. Imam Ibn Hajar drank it and he asked Allah for the power of memorization of imam ibn thahabi.

Very popular and effective technique is to stay away from sins. Lots of poetry was even made of this, and scholars use to warn their students to stay away from sins. It was mentioned that Imam Shafi3 complained to waki3 ibn jaraah, another scholar, and he complained to him about his poor memory. (of course this is to his standards-shafi3i r.a.) Waki3 r.a. told him to stay away from sins because this knowledge of the deen is a light, and Allah doesn’t give the light of Islam to a sinner.

Putting in some kind of effort. In this time in age we expect things to come to us easily and have no patience etc.

* The ten who were given the glad tidings
The Messenger, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam, clearly stated that ten of his Companions would be in Paradise. Ahmad reports from Sa`id ibn Zayd, and Tirmidhi reports from `Abdul-Rahman ibn `Awf, that the Prophet, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam, said:

“Abu Bakr will be in Paradise, `Umar will be in Paradise, `Uthman will be in Paradise, `Ali will be in Paradise, Talhah will be in Paradise, Al-Zubayr will be in Paradise, `Abdul-Rahman ibn `Awf will be in Paradise, Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas will be in Paradise, Sa`id ibn Zayd will be in Paradise and Abu `Ubaydah ibn al-Jarrah will be in Paradise.” Its isnad is sahih. [Sahih al-Jami` as-Saghir, 1/70, no. 50]

Abu bakr r.a.
Omar r.a
Uthman r.a.
Ali r.a.
Al Zubayr r.a.
Talha r.a.
Abdurahman ibn Awuf
Said ibn zayd
Sad ibn abi waqqas
Abu ubaydah ibn jarah

Don’t stop-meaning when you start memorizing, don’t stop because you’ll lose momentum. The prophet sal allahu sallam described a person who would forget or loose the quran-like a camel and not a horse, why? A camel by nature is a unruly animal- he doesn’t mind leaving his master etc.

When you memorize you repeat or review it. Imam Az-zuhri would review his hadeeth once he learned, he would actually come home and repeat it to the little servant girl at home. She would want to play or do some work, and he would tell her this, and she would say, “whats the point of telling me this?” and he would reply “I needed someone to hear me out while I review”

Very important- you also act upon it. I.e you memorize dua, you don’t want to lose, so must make use of it and say it.

Some more things that help with strengthening memory.

* Quran- you memorize it but also strengthens your memory.
*Teach knowledge to others and it will stay in your mind. It also increases your knowledge, if your teaching the material it makes you think and contemplate on what is being said.
*Ali r.a use to compare money and knowledge. He use to say knowledge is better than money because knowledge guards you and you have to guard money instead.
*The Prophet sal allahu sallam said hijamah-cupping improves ones memory.
*Honey also improves ones memory.

  1. Nahyan says:

    Nice tips, jazakallahukhair

    I especially liked the points about patience of the sahaba and the emphasis on revision by Imam Zuhri.

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