Posted: September 15, 2009 in Ahh moments, Ramadan 2009


This blessed Ramadan has just been truly amazing! I ask Allah azza wa jala for all of us to be granted more Ramadans to come. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to some awesome lectures, very cool stuff, and reflecting upon the greatness of our Lord. In addition, truly reflecting upon my duas from last Ramadan..subhana’Allah, how merciful is the Lord of the worlds to me and this Ummah. Alhamdulilah.

Everyday in Ramadan this year- my two top duas have been Al-Firdous, and after that is to be of those whose heart contains this blessed book (hafidh). My journey with this blessed book has been wonderful, but indeed with Taleemul Quran, Bayyinahs Divine Speech class, I am super eager and have this earnest desire to complete this blessed book. I ask Allah azza wa jala to make us of those who are companions (sahibs) of this book and not just hafidh.

On a different note, so many cool lectures and sites discovered this Ramadan. Of the sites is this online tv channels all dealing with Islam : http://www.muslimco.com/traweh.html. Of the awesome lectures is ‘Chain Reaction’. This lectures is really good, and it just goes to show the importance of mothers and the effects they have on their children in making them of the greatest Muslims ever! I listened to this lecture last week or a bit ago in Ramadan, but today it came to me when the the ayah in Surah Hadid of the ranks of people was mentioned in Alhuda Ramadan course. Tarajat- the ranking and the raising of people in status is brought about due to their understanding and implementation of the religion of Allah, and who is more higher in status then a righteous mother who raises her child in the way of Allah azza wa jala? subhana’Allah. Lastly, this ayah made me reflect on Abu Yusuf rahmimullah the student of Abu Hanifa rahimullah, an incident mentioned in the ‘Chain reaction’ lecture.

Abu Yusuf became a great scholar. There came a time when Haroon Arashid, the khalifa at the time, would feed him the ‘falujah’- a really sweet desert, would actually place it in his mouth. Abu Yusuf rahimullah remembers a time when as a young boy his mother would take him to the carpenter and tell him to learn from him so he could earn wealth one day. Abu Yusuf would then run to the halaqah of Abu Hanifa rahimullah, and his mother would come and find him there. She would try to chase Abu Yusuf, and would yell at him, and Abu Hanifa rahimullah would say “leave him for i will teach him the knowledge with which the kings will feed him the falujah in his mouth” and it happened so many years later. When he was offered the sweets, he remembered what the imam told him, and he would smile because of it.

The mother of Abu Yusuf rahmimullah had a different idea of what tarjaat or what success meant, but eventually her son saw there was a different path. If we reflect on the position and status mothers have been given and of the amazing mothers of our scholars i.e Imam Malik rahmiullah and many other scholars, then indeed it gives as a whole new perspective on this role, and may Allah azza wa jala make us of those who raise the best of children, Ameen Ya Rubb.

Till next time, may we be granted to join together in that blessed abode.


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