ATaqwa wa husnul Quluq II

Posted: September 3, 2009 in Manners


I finally got a chance to finish Kamel El makki’s lecture on manners, and subhana’Allah the more I think about this topic, the more I realize we are all in need of such insight and focus on this topic in our life. I just kept thinking of how when someone adorns themselves with good manners, you are automatically drawn towards them, i.e you benefit from them in so many ways, and there is just an overall good feeling in being with those who exhibit good manners. May we all work and tweak our manners this month, and make it last not only for the upcoming year but for a lifetime, bithiniAllah. May Allah make us of those whose meezan is weighed heavy with such goodness; manners!


When you are waking up for something, when you want to change, and you want to, and you’ll do it.

Man-Bedouin comes to the prophet sal allahu sallam “ do not curse anyone” and he didn’t after that, he changed whatever wrong he was doing before.

If you want to work on your aqhlaaq, you are going to work on yourself.

The prophet sal allahu alayhi wa sallam is a mirror for the other believer, because one may see something that one doesn’t see in themselves. The prophet sal allahu salam said like a mirror…why?

1.) you get dressed up and you look in the mirror, you see you have a feather or something else, you try to fix it…do you get mad at the mirror for pointing out that flaw? No. The same should be the believer who points things out to us.
2.) The mirror showed it to you immediately, and you appreciate it.
3.) The mirror shows it to you as it is.
4.) You believe the mirror
5.) Shows you the good and the bad, doesn’t exaggerate. (note, when you give advice you start with the good)

Fudyal ibn iyad use to say the believer is one who conceals and gives advice, while a hypocrite embarrasses people.

It is advice from Allah-to give advice- surah asr. It is your business.

Allahuma ma ahsin qulqi kama ahssanta qhalqi (Islam is worried about internal appearances as well)

Good alqaaqh will rub off of you, bad aqlaaqh will rub off of you as well, even a little.



  1. Allahu Akabr! this is exactly what we need. What is the title of this lecture sister?

  2. =P never mind…found it in one of your previous posts. Keep up the good blogging sista!

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