Ilminar Notes

Posted: August 18, 2009 in Ahh moments, Ramadan 2009


Guidance points.

1) Allah made you to worship Him.

2) Allah gave you another chance to fast/ Ibnul Qayyim, buy now, when your market is open. If you don’t, you will die..take advantage of it now, get in the race now.

3) Thikr: remembrance of Allah. Everything that Allah azza wa jala put forth, its –we should remember Allah when you forget Him. Aisha r.a said, thamaa thikr-he was always remembering Allah Azza wa ajala

4) Quran: this month is the month of Quran : “afaalaa yathaabaroonal Quran” –you know how much someone has memorized- Quran has become inflated. Clean fresh/full-brown. His grandmothers mushaaf “ the mushaaf was puffed up”

5/ 2 /4 ratio : 5 lines in the masjid: 1st day-5 lines in the masjid. Lines go to 4 lines. What if you missed laylatul Qadr every night. Famanuhum min ….these slaves 3 paths. Famanhum thalimun linafsihi (does thul (injustice) to their self-they don’t recite quran/nor implement) 2.) waminhum maqtasid (economical-muqdasid—they just do what they have to do, and that’s it, they don’t do anything else—they read the quran, but don’t convey it. They don’t do the nawful-

3.) Waminhum min qarin sabiq min al qaraat-the read the Quran, they convey it, they do the fard-nawful and sunnah. They are always trying to figure out ways to do the khayr. (This lecture is nawful-) your listening to it, then insha’Allah it is hoped you’ll be

*“Mind the gap” on the tube analogy: Pay attention, a tip is coming…everything that we love to do its ok, if we do something…exciting, then there is a dip. Everything we love, after a while, there is a dip. This Ramadan situation is a human condition, and Ramadan is not an exception. If you can solve this dip in Ramadan-the Ramadan dip, you’ll have a template of how you did what you did, in everything in your life.

Sumoo tasihir: fast and you will become health- the prophet sal allahu sallam. All throughout the years, we ingest poison into our lives. When you get headache, pimple, etc. all this stuff, your body is trying to cleanse itself. The oils/and other stuff/ its all better.

Have suhoor because there is barakah: (person goes into 2) because they are eating too much. Last 10 nights, He intensified his ibadah.

Ab (cleanse)- hasten. “Wallilah mathalul a3la” Ramadan is a training ground: if you didn’t pray- someone will be there, “you can break your fast some time during fast, no one will know “Every action the son of Adam is for him, except for fasting”

The dip: 2 things (where dip is gonna happen)

Fasting is emphasis: it trains for taqwa : rayan: door of rayan: Ray: have your thirst quenched, a person who keeps from drinking… –Allah made a door for them. Everyone fasts in some many countries, even people who usually don’t pray. A sign the shaytaan is tied up.

Taraweeh/Quran is where the dips go wrong. Qiyam-tarawee and Quran- Taraweeh-trains someone to have khushoo. Many don’t understand what the imam reciting…they are training to learn khushoo and they don’t understand

Ibnul Qayyam says Slave is praying in the dunya,-1st time they are in front of Allah, 2nd time and stand in the hereafter. 1st standing-in dunya, the 2nd standing would be made much easier.

Hafsa r.a. –marriage issue. Gabrial alayhi sallam came, to forgive hafsa-. Hafsa r.a. that she frequently fasts- and frequently standing in –and was saved because of that.

Zaynab ibn jahash r.a. holding the rope and continuing to pray to Allah..

Contemplate the Quran/ Live by the Quran.

Wananuzul minal Quran, mawhuwa shifa.—mercy for the believers- guidance of the Quran. The stress in our minds- the issues in our lives-the Quran-internal dectosification.

**Imam Malik r.a. –he would close the hadeeth books when Ramadan came, and open the Quran-make it his focus,. Az-zuhur did the same.

Sadaq-Ramadan is month of charity: whoever feeds a fasting person- gets the reward of the fasting of person. You don’t have to have the feeding happen at your house. Feeding the people at the Masjid, have your iftaar party at the masjid.

Tip of Tarawheeh:

Read the translation of what the Imam reciters.

Even if your struggling of the recitation- so be it, then do it!

Rubkan bil layl, -monks in the night –warriors in the morning (cobbler-spy, talking about the muslims)..continued, if the son of the son of king –they will cut off his hand, if he commits zinna…etc. –if they have that type of ‘justice’, then they will conquer

Those who cut off that person..they didn’t –they haven’t been saying salaams for a long time, this is a major sin, Mondays and Thursdays- someone is forgiven during this days, except this person like this. 3 days, the effects of the poison goes into your heart.

Whats holding you from the Quran, from loving Allah? Is it a grudge…

Analogy: you go to plug your ipod—come out unplug—you want to be careful, and ask yourself if you are pretty plugged

How to charge yourself

Are you plugged into Ramadan, regards to time?

With regards to your health?

Plugged into Ramadan regards to your Iman?

Ramadan:- one successful way: Use your mom! Mom’s are super motivated all the time! Tell your mom, that you’ll become her Ramadan buddy!

Prepare your suhoor before Taraweeh. A bowl of fruit/ glass of water/ granola bar.

Plan your meal plans way before Ramadan. /do your shopping/ Eid stuff now!

Book time for ikhtaaf;

When people start out strong, they go into the dip, they think they can’t make it out. Divide Ramadan blocks in 5 things at once, tell urself ur gonna do something 4 days, celebrate something, then do something else. 4 days taraweeh, 5 th day go for iftaar. 6 parts of Ramadan. When the beginning of Ramadan you’ll be alright.

Healthy/ energy of this:

A retired person teach you about Ramadan? Etc. Circadian rhythm: in 24 cycle, body cycle becomes used to having energy.

One of munkir: wasting food, and stuffing yourself.

Regards to Iman:

Dua setting: a lot of times, our duas are the same, every year. Stand up, think about . Raabaana ataan fi dunya hasanat wa fil akirat hasnaa wa qinaa 3ahtaabun naar: dunya: husnul qulqu-whatever (you couple it with dua in the hereafter). Add these duas- every day at Ramadan, make your dua.

Woman : menstrual cycle:

1.) Dua; no one is stopping her, make your dua-stay up at night, and do this. Do thikr.

2.) Volunteer-take care of the kids at the Masjid

3.) Dawah: all the non-Muslim wants to see what the Ramadan people are doing.

4.) Make Ramadan baskets…

5.) Read Iman books, listen to lectures online—recite Quran? It is permissible.

6.) Regards to people..don’t want to go to dip, .

Marthon starts with huge crowd, big crowd at end, but the in the middle are the participants.

The middle yours, what will you do?

Al-Huda! Must recommended!



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