Our Hearts…

Posted: August 9, 2009 in Ahh moments, Ramadan 2009


I was browsing the forums a bit ago, when I came upon this statement; “ If a person comes into Ramadan with a sick heart they cannot maximize the true benefit of Ramadan” And I thought, subhana’Allah look at this…already were being told its not enough to want to cleanse your heart during Ramadan, but to think of the state of the heart prior to entering into Ramadan. This statement actually reminds me of what one shaykh said about khushoo, as you can’t expect to gain khushoo all of sudden in your salaah, you have to prepare yourself mentally before hand..i.e sitting down, reciting quran, adhkhaar, and then eventually starting your salaah. What an awesome reminder in thinking things beforehand.

3 ways to gain a clean heart prior to Ramadan below:

i. Getting rid of any hatred and animosity – if anyone has wronged you, forgive them. Seek forgiveness and pardon from those whom you have wronged.

ii. Abstaining from sins in general – stay away from all sins. Seek forgiveness for all of those sins which you have not sought forgiveness for.

iii. Guarding our tongues – we need to watch would we allow our tongues to utter. We need to abstain from loose talk, cursing and backbiting, because it is these sins which accumulate without us even noticing.

That’s it for today on Ramadan and all things good. I ask Allah to make us of those who attain qalbun saleem-a pure heart, as the abode of the hereafter is for the taking of these people!

Awesome recitation by Uthman Khan-a hafiz, and a tajweed instructor that was at Ilmsummit.


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