Allah’s higher ground: Ilminar

Posted: July 16, 2009 in Muhammed Alshareef, Progress


Alhamdulilah, recently listened to the ilminar below, and it was truly awesome! It just goes to show how to find our way when one loses their way. Imam Ahmed rahmullahi stated “Allahuma ma sallim sallim”, Oh Allah keep us safe. May Allah keep our hearts firm on His deen and make us strong in the journey of life.


Muhammed Alshareef 2.0

We tested them with the good things –were they thankful?

Difficult times-who will understand-the comfortable times-those, are test from Allah.

The terminal illness- he understands he is being tested.

Tawbah-is not one who makes Tawbah until one of them reaches death, now I have repented. No Tawbah for this! Signs of day of judgement-huge signs.

What the day of the signs of nafsa-their eman won’t benefit them at that time. It’s essentially all these things are count down to bigger calamity, minor judgment-death, and the day of Judgment.

Your whole life is about this!

How to get to a higher ground. A calamity is coming; you go to Allah to higher ground! Seeking protection with Allah.

Naseeha: how to get to Allah’s higher ground:

You have to care about this opportunity now, and not later. You are going to remember what I had told you..thats what the Prophets would say to their people.

Why care about the topic of Juz Amma:

Even if you’re in the company of Muslims, doesn’t you have to work on yourself.

Wadurhi lahu babhu bab fi hee rahma: The walls will go up..mercy /on the other side.  Abu Bakr r.a use to cry when he heard this verse –when that wall goes up I don’t know what side I’ll be up.

Distraction: person procrastinating-that’s why important to care about how to get to higher ground to Allah.

Hal yantharuhum anta tayat-Are they waiting for the day of Judgement? If someone has ..why wait for that moment. Faqad asharatuhu..the signs of the day of Judgment have already come to you! How many times do you hear the signs of the day of judgment are apparent. Why don’t we work for them, why we are alive or wait for a sudden calamity? Work!

Deer-gets confused staring at the lights till the death comes to it. They need to activate their intelligence. They need to activiate their intelligence. They have hearts, they don’t understand, they have eyes they don’t see=description ppl in the Quran.

Worldwide Tawbah- solution to global warming.

Depression and Sadness from Allah Azza Wa jala, you can have wealth, but the person can be tested from the inside! 15% of the population-effected their family or themselves- a tested, it paralyzes the people.

Distractions-the deception- ma gara briabu karim-what has deceived from the remembrance of Allah!

Darwins/ parents etc-every child is on the fitr- Darwinism/parents sometimes distractions and deception.

Media- also distracts away from Allah.

People giving speechs- there are some types of speech that is like magic.

Friends-bad-deceiving us from Allah.

Survival kit:

1.) Truthful people-you tell the truth and be with (Yahuallah alltheen amanu ataqaullah wa quno ma3a sabireen) Have the consciousness of Allah –and you be with the truthful people.  “Only save the day-love” wrong “ Iqlaas =truth saves the day-fear!

2.) Activate the love of the Prophet sal allahu sallam and his companions. If someone loses a love one, they should remember the death of the Prophet sal allahu sallam-they loved him. Do the salaah/salaam of the Prophet sal allahu sallam- pray for them-when your said or anything make dua for him sal allahu sallam. “ Al maro man ahab” you will be with whom you love!

3.) When the calamity whatever happens or you do now, when the time comes and your told to say laillahu illah-that is what matters. Whoevers last words are lailah illah taqallah jannah. Your last words is what matters! We all desire it! Day and night-

4.) Story of Nuha alayhi sallam. His son wanted to go higher ground- You want to come to Allah’s higher ground. Allahum ma sallim sallim –Imam Ahmed use to always say “ Oh Allah give us safety”. It is by the mercy of Allah that we are safe. Allahuma ma sallim sallim-keep it in your tongue

5.) Tara3afa illah faraqah ya3arifa fi. Shida! Get to know Allah, and protect Allah..during the comfortable times, start reading quran, start doing good deeds, when that Calamity Allah remember you in the time!

Question? How do you know if your on Allah’s higher ground.

Answer: Only Allah knows if you’re on the higher ground, and that lies in certainty.

There are signs: if you look at Allah’s pillars-if you’re on it. Keep working it because it’s only a sign.

Worship Allah until certainty comes to you-that certainty is death.

Ibrahim, and the rest they were tested with more calamities/trails and they are better than us.

Depression-a chemical imbalance-it’s a test.

With every hardship there is ease –the ease comes with it, not after it. They walk together. Two ease with one hardship.

Finale action it: in order to get to Allah’s higher ground what should I do? –Follow in the book of Allah azza wa jala and the sunnah of the Prophet sal allahu sallam. Knowledge of the quran/Sunnah is the path to Allah’s higher ground.

This Ramadan: Let’s go back to the Quran and lets see how to go to higher ground before that calamity hits.

How do you get to higher ground again, or of get yourself to want it again. People aren’t listening is because they don’t care-be with people who care.

How do differentiate a calamity-mercy of Allah or actual punishment- typical question-answer: calamity happens-does it mean they are being tested? Allah knows best, there is no way of knowing. It depends how you react to the calamity. A boy passes away, the family becomes better afterwards. It’s a mercy from Allah. What happened afterwards is what you focus on. Did you become stronger for it, or did you become worse?

Sometimes we don’t see ease suffering-sadness/calamities: how can someone see the ease: as easy as comparing yourself to someone else. No more how difficult your calamity is, there is someone else worse than of you –During time of ease be thankful –thankfulness is a muscle or little people > write out 10 things your thankful for Allah for.

The Prophet sal allahu sallam, if you know at the end of the day and you know the judgment is coming –and you have the opportunity to plant a tree, then do it.  –Its about optimism.



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