::Path to Paradise::

Posted: July 14, 2009 in Ahh moments, Taleem Al-Quran (Al-Huda)


Subhana’Allah, the book of Allah Azza wa jala was sent down to be pondered over, reflected, and then utilized in ones life. Essentially, first and foremost its a book of guidance..where the verses reoccur over and over again, in different forms and ways. Why?! The human being tends to forget, and we need reminders over and over again, and if you didn’t get it one verse-the understanding, you’ll see it again in another form, another verse! As a friend of mine knows, the topic of Jannah is one that is really really super close to my heart! The kind that makes me super happy “HNH” as she would say. Everyone loves happy scenery and everlasting splendor. Imagine living forever, no toil or illness making ones heart and body unease?, and imagine being granted to see the lord of the worlds just imagine. There is a price…..

:::Its Expensive:::

Being granted such an abode of bliss is difficult…its a path in which one is tested, shaken to the core..subhana’Allah. A bit ago we covered verse 214 of Surah Baqarah in Al-Huda, when we first covered it, I skimmed it and didn’t really think about it! Again, I looked over it today and I thought…look at this verse. Allah explicitly says, you think its that easy!Examples of those who were before is given and of how they were tested. Its not enough to say I believe, there is more to it. subhana’Allah, towards the end of the ayah He states..these people were shaken to the core..tested with hardship Albasa, and Aduriry and suffering, and then what to the point they exclaimed “mata nasurallah” when is the help of Allah?! And in which Allah replies, “the help of Allah is near”

I reflected upon this and I thought Allah tests those whom He loves and surely their abode is Jannah (Paradise). But that abode and getting into is not easy, it comes with hard work, dedication, and much toil and testing! Remember that.

We’re tested in patience-when seeking the knowledge of Islam (indeed this requires a specific type of patience). And this we must do as learning about Allah, who is Allah-His attributes, ways of increasing in our Iman and really connecting with Him we must do. We must make the effort as we know whoever takes the path of knowledge (of islam) Allah will pave the one to Jannah for them (paraphrased: sahih hadeeth)

Baqarah ayah: 155
We’re tested with Fear
We’re tested with Hunger
We’re tested with loss of wealth
We’re tested with loss of health
We’re tested with loss of life/soul

So next when your tested, remember “ala inna nasra Allah Qareebun” The help of Allah is near.

So when you are shaken-and yes one time or another we all will be, remember to keep steadfast in the way of Allah (as that is the path to Jannah), and remembered that the path of paradise is paved with hard work and many trails.

Baqarah ayah 214:
Am or
hasibtum did you all think haa seen baa hasabah-to think , consider
an that
tadkhuloo you will enter, all enter
aljannata the jannah
walamma : while not as yet
Yatikum : it comes to you
mathalu : like of
allatheena of those who
khalaw : they passed away
min from
qablikum before you
massathumu it touched them
albasao the hardship
waalddarrao : and the suffering: adversity comprised of mental pain, physically as well as psychological traumas. Fatigue, hunger
wazulziloo : and they were shaken, zaay laam zaa laam -to shake to and fro-continuously -to frighten someone, to put them in a difficult position till they are shaken.
hatta Until
yaqoola he says
alrrasoolu the messenger said
waallatheena and those who
amanoo they believed
maAAahu : with him
mata when
nasru : help
llahi of Allah
ala : beware, for emphasis-this is true, its near.
inna : indeed
nasra : help
Allah : of Allah
qareebun : is one near


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