Friday Qhutbah

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Ahh moments, Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah who grants ease to who He wills!

I absolutely enjoyed Shaykh Waleed’s Friday Qhutbah, masha’Allah. Notes below (other lecture on hold, but will soon post Insha’Allah)


Anything that Allah Azza wa jala legislated-that there is a great reason and great wisdom: Allah’s wisdom is based is on knowledge. As much information-you can make a wise decision.

If your knowledge is limited you can’t really make a wise decision.

Allah’s knowledge is not limited by location and by time. It goes way before it happened, and will go on even long till you die.

Allah will order you to do things; the benefit of it you won’t see it, you won’t see it on the day of Judgment.

Prevent you of so many evil things-it all comes -faith iman-the trust you have of Allah Azza wa jala. Allah will choose for you the best. How? By knowing of Allah’s nature. The ones who knows of the nature of Allah is at ease.

Those who are grateful-really responsibility, the best of the best, and show commitment to to Allah are the successful ones.

Min nudfitaan -Allah decided in the womb-decided what trails you’ll go through. When Allah tried and tested Adam alayhi sallam- some of them, he failed in the test, some of them he passed. Knowledge of Adam alahy sallam-Allah taught him, and showed the knowledge to the angels. This is clear in the beginning-

When we created this earth, and whatever in the earth-for one main purpose, to put you in trail and tribulation-that’s the point of this life. Those who show gratitude to Allah Azza wa jala.

Those show gratitude to Allah Azza wa jala=reward, those who don’t-punishment of Allah

Allah tests the mumin and kaafir. That your iman will protect from such a thing. Allah test the disbeliever and the believers . The believer have their iman. The kufaar-they are left by themselves in facing these trails.

Only happens by the merciful and help of Allah-all the medicine and everything, if He wants it useful He can make it happen, if not He

The Mumin should understand that there is a wisdom

Allah tests us

“Walanabluwakum bi sharin wal khayr fitnatin“. Good and bad Two things that you are tested

Good (Type of good)

1.)whatever Allah has legislated-Quran, salaah, siyaam, servitude to Allah Azza wa Jala.
2.) Bounties-things that happen to you-your health, senses- these ni3ma, its priceless.

Great king of Egypt -with half of your own-just for a sip of water- then what if your urine got stuck-then would pay money for you to get it released-then he said yes-sometimes money can’t buy this-it’s a blessing from Allah -don’t get arrogant with it. The security and all of it that you have-He give you money, advantage over other things, etc. Sadaaqah, qiyaamul Layl, how do you react? If he give you the ability to learn, would you react differently? How do you solve it? See how many times you fail or pass.
Sins:  Allah has allowed so many sins to happen -to cheat, to do so many things. You have the ability to do it-you have the health-Allah sees just to see if you do it or not.

Hardship/Calamities : Allah tests His servants by having them lose people-children, spouses, in laws, etc.

Taste of fear, hunger, -taste of it. After Allah has given you so much, we won’t you be grateful.

At the end of the qhutbaah you should get out of it.

1.) Always remember that your always in a test-good or bad-pass test or not. Don’t think that Allah hates you or favored you . All the bounties and everything that you have, Allah wants to see how you react.

2.) Always a chance to take the test, to improve yourself. Don’t think its over for you.

3.) That I have to learn how to prepare myself for calamities that I always have that trust in Allah Azza Wa jala. No matter what happens in the end, there is always so much good in it, rather than bad.

A man came to the shaykh and asked, “shaykh what’s the purpose or good in having my five year old daughter pass away from cancer?” The benefit is that she is in Jannah. And Allah knows how she would be if she grew up . You think this is the end of it? The benefit is that if you are patient, calm, and say Alhamdulilah that could be in itself the reason you go to Jannah and even raise yourself in Jannah. You think this is the only life you have, the only thing you have? No, there is something else awaiting you. Its not.

When a calamity happens, sometimes Allah wants it so that we contemplate and reflect upon it and benefit from it, so that we improve on ourselves.

Always remember someone may have an advantage and should make use of it. As the Prophet sal allahu alayhi wa sallam said : Take advantage five before five.
*Your health before your sickness
* Spare time before you become busy
* The wealth you have before you become poor
* Your youth before you become too old to practice and do other things.
*And your life before your death

Humans shouldn’t go after other human beings and ask them for them pray to pray for them, unless to benefit them of your request -like good friend, with all of them, you ask.  Example. they are traveling etc. Anyone who is going through hardship-to make it easy for them.

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