Stuff & Story of the Ifk III

Posted: June 13, 2009 in Ahh moments, The Story of the Ifk


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah subhana wa tala, who has made paths and ways for His servants. This blog has certainly come a long way, from the turning of the quarters, seasons, and  in between the Iman highs and the not so good days. Alhamdulilah. At 140 posts today, I’ve come a long way in lectures, Quran, and subhana’Allah in racking up may life long lessons! I ask Allah for this blog to be a means of good and be a source of khayr in the hereafter for me. This summer is going to have amazing activities for me, in teaching Islamic studies full-time, truly my dream job. Alhamdulilah, in the same manner I too will also take a journey of sorts in revamping some of my most priced lectures (apple of my hearts), and continue forth that which I’ve started way back and slowed down a bit due to major school work. As always, Al-Huda will certainly be present in my posts, and the usual crazy-reflections will follow. For a start, Story of the Ifk III posted below, and insha’Allah part four will come about insha’Allah. Just as the first 2 parts, the story of the ifk is truly a beautiful one, and one that shows the ways in which the most noble of man acted in the face of a crisis, and of the most righteous of women dealt with her dilemma with things that were completely out of her control, and at that it shows the way in which the most righteous of companions fell into error. Its about a story of strength and beauty that is found in the reliance of Allah Azza Wa jala, and shows the ability for all of us to make mistakes and also to walk away with repentance as a token. Till next time, may we meet in the place where only happiness encompasses the minds, and in which our hearts crave and long for, i.e Jannah.


The Story of the Ifk : part III

  • Aisha r.a is at her parents home, confused, bewildered etc.
  • Aisha r.a, she cried so much, so much so that she thought her livers would split open. While she was crying one of the Ansar woman came and started to cry with her.
  • The Prophet sal allahu sallam gets on the minbar and addresses the crowd by saying “who will excuse me in dealing with this man” An outbreak occurs in men taking sides; I.e tribalism-jahilyah.
  • Lesson: The Ansar show of affection- of the brotherhood and sisterhood that occurred during the time of the Prophet sal allahu sallam.
  • The Prophet sal allahu sallam came, he hadn’t sit with her for a whole month when the issue was happening. He gave her salaam “ Assalamu qablal kalaam“: salaam before speech.
  • Lesson: the Prophet sal allahu sallam said if a person starts talking without saying salaam, we not should reply to them.
  • Lesson: Also the wisdom behind Allah Azza Wa jalla delaying the wahy. The Prophet sal allahu sallam is just a man, and for a whole month, he is confused about the ilm Ghaib and confused about all issues dealing with Aisha r.a.
  • He told her if your innocent then Allah will cleanse you from this issue, but if you have slipped into a sin then repent to Allah. He began with salaam/praising Allah Azza wa Jala.
  • Lesson: praised Allah, he is gentle throughout. Shows the importance of repentance,
  • Lesson: We are not angels, we will sin again and again.
  • When the Prophet sal allahu sallam started talking, she stopped crying and was in shock. She realizes the Prophet sal allahu sallam is confused about what happened.
  • She turns to her father, and says to respond on the behalf of me, as I can’t talk. She also turns to her mother, and says the same thing. They are all scared as what to say and shocked.
  • Next, she says she was very young and had not memorized much of the quran and could not remember the name of the father of Yusuf. -Yaqoob- She says “ I know you have heard these rumors, they have settled in your hearts, and if I said no you would not believe me, If I said yes you would believe me, but I would be lying. She continued and says “you would remember the father of “Yusuf” said “fasabarun Jamil..wallahu musta3ano 3ala maa tasifoon” -she made a mistake in saying Yusuf. “Patience is beautiful..and I only turn to Allah and I seek His help in what you have said” Meaning of Yaqoob-he knew when the brothers of Yusuf brought his clothing and said a wolf ate him, he knew they were lying and didn’t believe them.
  • Aisha r.a realizes the diff. btw the Prophet and Allah-she turns to Allah. He doesn’t know the Ilm Ghaib. The story would effect us greatly-everyone is torn-mother of Aisha r.a., father, the Prophet sal allahu sallam, etc.
  • She said that she knew Allah would come to her aid, but never did she think a verse would be revealed concerning her, she thought herself to lowly. She thought Allah would send a dream to the Prophet sal allahu alayhi wa sallam.
  • Lesson: Her humility, but her tawakul in Allah. She is not nothing, but the most beloved to the Prophet sal allahu sallam. Verses that (20 verses of Surah Noor) are recited in salaah & every Taraweeh.
  • Lesson: The more Iman you have, the less Iman you think you have, the less Iman you have, the more Iman you think you have. She thought she was nothing in the sight of Allah.
  • Ibrahim alayhi sallam had a dream that he would be slaughtering Ismael-dreams a form of wahy.
  • Before anyone left the house, the wahy came down. They knew the signs of the wahy-the signs were that the Prophet sal allahu would lower down his head, begin to sweat, and one could see the tranquility and calmness of him.
  • Aisha r.a. narrated he sal allahu alayhi wa sallam began to perspire heavily from the brow even though it was a cold winters night. The revelation was difficult and the pressure a lot. At times when he sal allahu sallam was on a camel and the wahy came to him, the animal couldn’t take it, and would go down. Also, when he was in Aisha ra.-or someone else, the could feel the pressure all the way to the bone to the point they thought their bone would collapse.
  • When the revelation finished the Prophet sal allahu sallam was seen laughing out of happiness.
  • 1st words he sal allahu sallam said was “ Ya Aisha, verily Allah has declared your innocence “Aisha’s mother said to her daughter “ Ya Aisha stand and thank the Prophet sal allahu alayhi wa sallam” She replied , by Allah I will not stand up to him, yet I was thank Allah” Her iman: she knows that it was Allah who had freed her from this, even though she respected the Prophet sal allahu sallam and loved him.
  • The Prophet sal allahu sallam laughed with full joy and happiness-it is said when the Prophet sal allahu sallam smiled, it was like looking at the full moon.
  • Lesson: proves that he sal allahu sallam was a Prophet of Allah. Why wait for a whole month, and go through the whole torcher?” The fact that he is Prophet sal allahu sallam shows Allah sends down his revelation whenever He Azza Wa jala wants and not when the Prophet sal allahu sallam wants. Ex. The Prophet sal allahu sallam death of the Prophet sal allahu sallam’s son (ibrahim) and the eclipse-he stands up and disclaims-not the birth or death of son, but the miracles of Allah.
  • Noor verse 11 -word ifk-is mentioned here.
  • Don’t think this was bad for you-its good for you.
  • Abdullah ibn sulool-Allah says we know what the munifqoon did, we know and the they will be punished.
  • The good outweighs the bad in everything that happens, even if there is bad in it.
  • In this incident also the munifqoon became well known, their place in the hell-fire was sealed-planned for them.
  • Allah says why didn’t you say “ subhanaka hathaa ifkun 3atheem” ..that this is truly a big lie..”ya3adukumAllah”…
  • **Allah says “Lawlaa” why not the mumin and munaat think the best/good of each other when the incident happened? Why didn’t you bring four witnesses? Husn Than-thinking the best of them. 3 sees the crime of zina, they can’t spread it, and are not allowed. Unless you have 4 witnesses, the 3 can’t say it, have to have 4 witnesses. Look at the honor Islam has given woman- 4 whole witnesses. The only crime ever-that you need 4, to honor the Muslim woman. You kill-need 2 witnesses-that person will be killed.
  • People were talking and no knowledge have come to you-in the sight of Allah, it was such a huge crime. If you want to spread these slanders-this means you don’t have Iman, if you do it you don’t have Iman. People should be wiped 80times-those who spread Hasan ibn thabit, Musbah, and Hamalah bint Jahsh (sister of zaynab-wife of the Prophet sal allahu sallam) were punished for it. 3 of the companions-they were. -the angels gabrail is giving strength when he said his poetry to defend the Prophet sal allahu sallam. These were great  companions, but fell into error. Abdullah Ibn Sulool was left alone, as Allah says as for him, he will be punished in the hell-fire.
  • Lesson: you can make mistake-sahabah were humans, and they made mistakes as well.



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