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All praise is due to Allah, who has fashioned all things for His slaves. Al-Huda institute which I’ve talked about before really does a wonderful job in conveying the true meaning found in the book of Allah Azza Wa Jala. Each word, is dissected one by one, thoroughly evaluated and then presented for all of us to hear and seek guidance through it in our daily lives.

Three parts to this reminder. 1.) Baqarah v.155 (The many forms of test for the human being). Clearly and explicitly Allah states that we will surely test you all, and He explains how. When we understand how the human being is tested then we can truly be on guard and find ways to deal with, i.e maintaining sabr.

ayah v. 155
Walanabluwannakum : surely we will test you
Bishayin : with something : sheen yaa hamza
Mina : from
alkhawfi  :the fear (fear of the future)
waaljooAAi  :hunger : heen waaw 3ayn
Wanaqsin : loss/decrease
Mina :from
Alamwali : the wealth
waalanfusi  : and the souls/lives- plural of nafs noon faa seen
Waalththamarati :and the fruits
wabashshiri  : you give good news
alssabireena : those who do sabr.

2.) Baqarah v.156. In this ayah Allah speaks of how we should react when we are tested..i.e meaning that we should recall that Allah is the one who brought down the test for us, and so we should seek His aid only.

Allatheena : those who
itha  : when
asabathum  : it reached them : saad waaw baa
museebatun  : a misfortune
Qaloo : they say
inna lillahi wainna ilayhi rajiAAoona: These people, when calamity strikes them, they say indeed  raa jeem 3ayn: roo3: to return, to go back

3.) Baqarah v.157. Lastly, in this ayah Allah indicates what is the reward for being steadfast in the way of Allah and returning to Him, even though the individual is tested. And at that, Allah mentions that He would send His salawat (His blessings) upon these people..can you imagine anything better than having the blessings of Allah Azza Wa jala? Subhana’Allah, imagine that the Lord of the Worlds seeks only to strength the individual through trails and tribulations, and sends guidance and prescribes what the individual should do, and then He, the most High, rewards that individual for His steadfastness.

Olaika : these people.
Aaalayhim : upon them
Salawatun : blessings plurl of salaah, to pray, to praise someone, blessings as well. When someone does salaah-he is praying to Allah subhana’wa tala. When Allah sends salaah-means He is sending His blessings. Allah praises such people too.
Min: from
rabbihim : their Lord
Warahmatun : and a mercy
waolaika these people
humu they are
almuhtadoona : guided ones plural of muhtatdee: haa dhal yaa: the al-to accept and to internalize the guidance. They are the ones who internalized the guidance. When a calamity comes, they are steadfast.

The whole points of the post:

Maseeabul Qams (5 Test)

1.) fear :Qawf:
2.) through hunger ( no food) no money, the food-maybe they can’t eat due to certain illness.
3.) loss of wealth
4.) disease
5.) loss of fruit

Allah tests those who are beloved to Him. (His prophets)

4 levels of Sabr:

1.) No Sabr: person becomes angry-cursing-haraam
2.) Sabr-person controls His emotions, He controls His tongue. Example, of Prophet s.a.w. son passing away.
3.) Rida-this person is pleased with the decree of Allah. Understand there is hikamah (wisdom from Allah).
4.) Shukr: Highest level, a person is tested and he is grateful to Allah, He does shukr for the calamity that Allah has given Him. He says Alahmdulilah.

I ask Allah subhana Wa tala for all of us to be granted a share from His many blessings, and to be given the Highest of All gifts, Al-Firdous. Till next time, may we all be joined in the highest abode.


  1. Zulekha says:

    Jazakallah Khair for this remainder.
    This entire blog is amazing ukhti, I am taking my time throughout and I ask Allah SWT to make me like you – I have a long way to go. Fiamaanillah.

  2. qarisister says:

    Waiyaki. Subhana’Allah, Zulekha…may Allah make us better than we seem. I ask Allah for it to be a benefit for you…share it with who will pls, I am ajir hungry.


    Wa’alaykuma salam wa rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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