Beauty of this book…

Posted: May 27, 2009 in Ahh moments, Taleem Al-Quran (Al-Huda)


Subhana’Allah, I love Al-Huda and how it livens our days…while talking to a very dear mine today, we searched for our group session online and couldn’t find it. From there we thought there was no session…we realized we were both so bumbed out about, extremely saddened by it.  But alhamdulilah, after a while the session was back online.

Alhamdulilah! Some powerful reminders today.

Ayah 158 Baqarah: shaAAairi :symbols. Plural of word sha3eer sheen 3ayn raa: shoqoor: a place, or an action that informs of something else. Refers to places, times, actions, that informs of the deen of Allah. When you see them, you are reminded of the deen of Allah. 1.) Places I.e masjid=worship, Kabah-Hajj, worship. Safa and Marwa=worship, umrah, etc. 2.) Time: Ramadah, Friday=Jum3a place. 3.) Certain actions=adaan-Isaiah=all remind you of salaah.

Ayah 153 Baqarah:
Ya ayyuha : harf nida Oh you, ayyahu, to make the nida more strong. 1.) Nida, to alert the listener. 2.) needed to make the pronunciation easier. Ism Mansoo: alayki, allatheen, to join alatheen-to join the ones before or after them

allatheena: those who

amanoo: believe

IstaAAeenoo : you all seek help root: 3ayn waaw noon: 3awn, help, any kind of help. With regards to any problems, hereafter and right now. Seek help from help, He is able to alleviate it.

Bialssabri :  With the sabr. Have sabr, saad baa raaa, control, self-control, to control ones self. To hold oneself on the obedience of Allah. To control oneself from falling. Making a mistake, sinning, falling, giving up.

Waalssalati : and the salaah. Pray to Allah saad laam waaw.

**Shakirun: who is appreciated sheen raa khaaf: gratitude. When it is referring to Allah it means He is appreciative of the actions. Allah is grateful of these actions. Allah appreciates that His servants do it, the extra good that you do. He appreciates it by rewarding that person with blessings, rewarding more too.



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