Ibrahim alayhi sallam’s test

Posted: May 10, 2009 in Ahh moments, Taleem Al-Quran (Al-Huda)


Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah, who has blessed us in all our affairs. Subhana’Allah, some days I wonder and think about the beauty of this life. The joys and wonders found in signs which Allah has brought down for us in His noble book, in His creation-all around us, as well as within our own lives. Everyday we are faced with tests, trails, and tribulations-and all in the form of happiness, joy, and even stress. Yes, one who is happy and Allah has blessed with such a feeling is tested, yes, indeed this in itself is a test! How, you say…? One who Allah has given them goodness upon goodness, blessing upon blessing…all of it, Allah will ask them on the Day of Judgment what they did with such wonders, gifts, and joys. Were they thankful? Had they ask Allah for more bounties and were grateful for that He bestowed upon them? Did they use their time, wealth, and the goods they were given for a good cause? In the same manner, someone who is tried will be held accountable for their actions. In Al-Huda in the past week, we spoke about ‘Ibtala’-test and of how Allah tested Ibrahim alayhi sallam. Ibrahim alayhi sallam was tested through and through, and indeed Allah tested him with kalamti Shar3i-specfic commands given to Him by His lord to be carried out-i.e the slaughtering of his son..and all sort of things. Ibrahim alayhi sallam, the friend of Allah (Qaliullah), subhana’Allah Allah is great. In His noble book, Allah explains of the tests He bestowed upon Ibrahim- The scholars explain-what His test was, and why He was tested-(see below) . One reason someone is tested  is to show their true identity, their true worth-it is to shape and nourish them. To have them grow as an individual…for them to be uplifted from their state to a status of greatness in the sight of Allah. Allah shaped and tested Ibrahim and molded him to be an Immah ( a leader) for his Ummah, a true leaders. Allah prepared him for that which would come…of goodness and of strength for himself and for his people.  Not only was he strengthened by his test, but he made dua and become closer to Allah Azza wa Jallah. Indeed, I am reminded of the ayah in the Quran where Allah speaks of being bestowed with something and it may be good for you, yet you may not see the good of it, and Indeed Allah is all wise and all knowing.


Baqarah124: Waith : and when (ith-you all remember) it a command to the Prophet sal allahu sallam-mention to the people.

ibtala : He tested :baa laam yaa: or baa laam waaw-bala yablu: to put someone in hardship, to test someone-trail, that is not easy at all. In the test someone is exposed to difficulties, hardships, etc. Why test-a test is suppose to be hard not easy. Why test-1.) Purpose to know the true worth of what is being tested. 2.) To reveal the true worth of something to others. Allah knows the true worth of everyone-why test them-so that other people know what their true reality is of that person.

Ibraheema :  Also written as Ibrahaan:

Rabbuhu : His lord, Rabb is used here not Allah-He nourishes specific people in a differentway. Ibrahim was nourished-by Allah to be tested. Nourishing him, he was being nourished, being grown.

Bikalimatin : with some words plural of kalimah kaa laam meem,  statement ,The kalimat of Allah-are of two types 1.) kalimat Koniyah-what Allah has decided for the creation. 2.) kalimat shir3i-include commands that Allah gives-do and refrain from. Quran-kalimat of shari3ee. Ibrahim was tested with the kalimat shari3iyah-certain commands and certain things to not do.

Faatammahunna : then he fulfilled them faa-so atamuhu-fulfilled hun-them, taa meem meem: tamam: to be complete. To complete something in a way that there is no flaw-perfection.

qala innee : He said indeed I (Allah)

jaAAiluka:  one who makes you jaa laam 3ayn:

lilnnasi: for the people

imaman: a leader hamza meem meem-umm , a leader of good or bad. Ana: To intend or to aim for something, UMM-for mother. A child is always aiming towards the mother-anything big or small happens, they run toward mother. They follow and consult with the Imam. In salaah you follow the will of the Iman, you do as he does-you can’t just say, I’ll do whatever I want..you have to bend do wat h

qala wamin : he (ibrahim)said and from

thurriyyatee : my offspring, root: thaal raa hamza: tharah: to create or give birth to, or scatter something. Thuriyah: applies to offspring, generation-children spread, and their children further spread.


Till next time, I ask Allah to make us of the likes of Ibrahim alayhi sallam, and may we be joined in Al-Firdous Ala.

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