Saturday halaqah

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Alhamdulilah, its sooo cool. I love teaching..its awesome blossom. A lot of times, we come into contact with various people from all walks of life, and its the beauty of Islam is that which bring us all together!

Recap of today’s halaqah:


All praise is due to Allah who has granted us only goodness. Alhamdulilah.

Jannah: Subhana’Allah, this topic as I mentioned today is a topic that is dear to my heart and it should be dear to all of our hearts. It is truly when we understand what it is that we are working for; i.e the ultimate goal and the greatest gift of all, then a lot of things in life are placed into prespective.

Some points we focused on today: Lecture “Have you ever tasted Jannah?” By Muhammed Alshareef

  • The event of the last person coming from the hell-fire and into Jannah. Though he is the least person in Jannah, Allah grants him more than he would account for. This person is least in Jannah, can you magine those above him in the different ranks in Jannah? We should aim for the highest in Jannah, i.e Al- Firdous Ala
  • Hadith Qudsi: paraphrased: Allah says, ” I have planned for my pious servants what no eye has seen before, what no ear has heard before, and what no one has imagined.
  • The books of hadeeth and the book of Allah speak of Jannah and hell-fire. We cannot imagine or begin to fathom that which Allah has prepared for those who dedicate their life to Him. The beauty of Jannah and all that is placed their is beyond our imagination.
  • No soul knows from what is hidden from them, meaning from the satisfacation of the rewards they use to do in this life. They have no idea what Allah has prepared for them.

3 Types of fun (or things that people occupy their time with) Point: True fun and happiness will only occur in the Jannah.

  • 1.) What people think is actually fun, a few moments of supposed fun lies in the anger of Ar-Rahman, lies regret in the hereafter. The ramifactions that come after in the obediance of Allah is not fun. Su (harm), this type of fun brings a person only harm.
  • 2.) Mubahat=the permissable things of the dunya. i.e happy with a commodity or something else. These things are made halal, but done excessively and it keeps you away from the rememberance of Allah-i.e salaah, or other things then must be avoided.
  • 3.) True fun: In da3atu Rahman (In the obediance of Allah) True satisfaction & happiness comes when a person memorizes or reads Quran, comes when someone is kind to their parents, and when someone brings their family memebers together. When a person obeys Allah, giving and all of it..the person can feel it inside, thats true happiness.

Characteristics of people of Jannah/their reward.

  • Allah makes their faces radiant/illimunated
  • They spread the salaams- no lagwa (bad talk or anything), only state ” Salaam”
  • Their scenery is only beautified -rivers of honey, milk, greanery all over. Their insides and physical appearance is also beautified.
  • Eternity=forever they will abide. Nor death, sickness, or old age will come to them.
  • All of this and when they enter they will say ” Alhamdulilah lathee Athab 3anal Hazm” “Praise be to Allah who has taken away the sadness, their fear & anxiety of not making it into Jannah is taken away. These people rejoice! They are happy at all the times the worshipped Allah, woke up for fajr, stayed away from the harm and forbid it.

Greatest Gift:

  • Allah says “Thalikal Fowzul 3atheem” This Jannah, is the “greatest achievement a person can get”
  • True relaxation comes only Jannah. Imam Ahmed rahmullilah, a great scholar of Islam was stricken with poverity so much so that they didn’t have money to change their sandals. His son Abdullah, who grew to be a righteous person, said to his father ” Ya Abi Matah Rahaa?” “Oh my father, when will relaxation come?” Imam Ahmed rahmullahi replied, “with the 1st step we take into Jannah, insha’Allah” Point: Even those who Allah has chosen to give knowledge, were tested, and so will you. Jannah is expensive.One must work for it, but ultimately you enter it with the mercy of Allah.
  • A poet once said: “There is no home or castle for a person in the hereafter except for that which he was building when he died. If he built it with khayr (goodness), then insha’Allah, the architecture will be beautiful, if he builds it with sins, then the architecture will not look well and the person who built it will be in trouble. Point: We will all be raised upon that which we were doing when we died..are we ready to meet our Lord in the state we are in right now? Have done enough? Are content with that which we have collected?

Above, are just some bit of points and not the whole lecture. We did a recap and review of tafseer of Surah Al-Baraqah, no new points but will continue onwards next week Insha’Allah. Just a reminder that we continue to seek knowledge, benefit from the books of hadeeth and the noble book of Allah that He, the most High, has brought down to us. The saturday halaqah sessions which is about 2 hours or less, is nothing compared to the vastness and the beauty of Allah’s deen, and I truly don’t do justices to it. I ask Allah to grant all of you the ability to seek and learn on your own. An hour, 30 minutes, however much time you can learning and seeking the rememberance of Allah is always of great enrichment to your lives.

For this week: some benefiicial lectures can be downloaded here free at

I hope to see all of you soon Insha’Allah.


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