Surah Muminoon

Posted: March 18, 2009 in Uncategorized


Alhamdulilah, never did the beginning verses of Surah Muminoon have a complete meaning for me as they did last night..masha’Allah. See below..alhamdulilah. In a lot of ways many of us, or all of us have fallen prey to such ways in one time of our lives or another. Lagwah, and all that it encompasses is astounding. Its not about talk, but rather that of what we do with our time..etc. I loved his talk on ‘fulan fulan’ wants to be your friend’. Amazing, the kind of things we spend our time with, and I ask Allah to increase us in goodness and keep us only amidst His remembrance.


Waallatheena hum AAani allaghwi muAAridoona

23:3 Who avoid vain talk;


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