Posted: March 2, 2009 in Heavenly Hues, Shaykh Salaah Bukhatir


Alhamdulilah, in yesterdays review session for Heavenly Hues, we spoke in depth concerning the guided as well as the misguided ones. We spoke about their characteristics and of their ending point. For both these groups of people, Allah speaks of how whatever ending they have it is a result of what their own hands of brought forth. Whatever good they did, they were doing it themselves and doing it for themselves and in the same for those who did bad.

Alhamdulilah, I came upon Salaah Bukhatir’s recitation of Surah Isra, and in it there is a verse that describes such a scenario as described above. ” In Ahsantum Wa In ahsantum…” Another point that is closely related that was mentioned in Al-huda, was the idea that the most successful of people think and have the end goal in mind. That is when they start out they percieve and think about how they would like to end up. Masha’Allah, truly something to reflect upon.


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