Posted: March 1, 2009 in Ahh moments, Taleem Al-Quran


In Taleemul Quran class we learned that Rizq is of two kinds.

1.) Tangible: That which you can see and feel-food, family, physical things.

2.) Intangible: Eman/time- that which you cannot see.

Subhana’Allah, in today’s session I was reflecting upon rizq and I thought subhana’Allah. I remember the analogy that was given of the wealthy-well off people we see who are non-muslims. Their stories are out there-the rich to do person who you think has everything-wealth, family, wealth upon wealth and the bam one day they are found dead by their own hands. How? I remember it was said that these are living unnaturally, they are living for the dunya and constantly immersed in it and that Subhanaallah—is not how Allah has created us. He has created us for something better something more full-filling-His religion and for the hereafter.

On to today’s phone call from a dear friend. She exclaimed, “R, you must see the practimate website for a lecture” I being the oblivious person about this say…”what, matchmaking woman move aside” After persisting that it was not remotely all related to this specific topic and went on there. And tada I discovered the lecture on Rizq! Subhana’Allah, sometimes in the most unlikely places and in the most unlikely times we receive wisdom and understanding.This lecture is by far for all people-young/old/married/single/moneyless/rich/iman-low/iman-high. All aboard I tell ya.

Some of the ahhha moments and awesome stuff below: Means of securing your Rizq-means of income.

1.)Halal-making sure income is halal

2.) Taqwa/Righteousness: Anyone who fears Allah truly, shall be provided for a means they never imagined. A righteous person who works in the way of Allah, shall never be betrayed when it comes to provisions.

3.) Istigfaar: Seeking forgiveness from Allah. Nuh a.s invited his people to make istigfaar. He proclaimed is forgiving and He will send abundance/provision from the sky-rain and He will aid/grant you children and more. Allah has promised them all these things if they are constantly making Istigfaar. Through-verbally and action. Action-by making wudu & praying two rakahs and asking for forgiveness from a sin and repenting to Allah–a source of income

4.) As-Shukr–being grateful to Allah and being thankful. Are you grateful to Allah? Even if you are going through a difficult time, are you grateful? You were in a better place before, now Allah is trying/testing you. It is not going to last. Allah says “Lain shakartum Lain Azzedanakum” Be thankful and Allah will increase you only in goodness. Be thankful and Allah will provide for you. As well as through your actions-by your actions-your grateful so you’ll obey Allah.

5.) Charity–your giving away and its a source of income–this is a means of securing your rizq. Whatever you give in charity Allah will give and return it to you. Don’t expect it immediately-Allah make provide for you in a different way. Allah will increase and return you in your charity in the dunya and the akhirah.

6.) Al-Qana’ah-to be completely content. You have faith and Tawakul filling your heart & you are happy with whatever Allah subhana wa tala has given you. Being rich is not about owning so much but true richness is in your heart. If your happy with what you have–you are content with what you have. There is nothing wrong with trying and seeking to be financially rich though.

7.) Dua-Supplication-invoking Allah-asking for the things, when you raise your hands-you fold it up and you are expecting for goodness to fall to you. You are showing Allah your in poverty–material poverty, spiritual poverty, and are in need of Him.

Remember to learn and seek out etiquettes of making dua. Remember that your family, spouse, are part of your rizq. Raise your hand and ask away.

Till next time, may He the most High, grant us Al-Firdous where everlasting Rizq is found.



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