Posted: February 12, 2009 in Ahh moments, Heavenly Hues, Quran


Alhamdulilah, All praise is due to Ar-Rahman who has fashioned the ways and paths for His slaves. Subhana’Allah, I am always mesmerized by the events that take place everyday. Mornings are interesting and I always attribute my success in the dawn hours (fajr) to what if any success that may come later on in the day. I always tell myself that, and know it in my heart that the days that I wake up on time with my salaah as well as reading my adkaar after salaah as well as upon leaving the home, all of this and more makes an awesome day. Especially after leaving the home I stress on specific duas-in English (Oh Allah, make this day a day of khayr, where no shar and situations come about due to my departure of my home). And in Arabic (recitation of the Muwaiyaadan-powerful surahs to be read for protection from the evil with in our souls, evil of the people, and evil of the shaiteen that rome- awesome tafseer that I won’t forget..basically, the three Quls, and ayat Kursi). Alhamdulilah all this leads to a day of happiness and content with all that Allah has bestowed upon me. I remember in Heavenly Hues of the discussion and reminder of how happiness and all great situations come from Ar-rahman, and if we know the source then all we have to do is ask Allah for it! Its as simple as asking..subhana’Allah. In addition, to this is my source or what I believe to be sources of crappy days (i.e waking a tad bit late for fajr…eeeks! A big no no), not remembering adkhaar before leaving the house. These days are days that I avoid like the plague and make dua to Allah to keep me away from as its crappy all over, unrest in the heart-scratching in the heart, irritation and lots and lots of whispers of shaytaan.

All in all, the blessings of the morning hour are amazing! The Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about it in various hadeeths.

1.) Blessings of working in the morning hours (story about a man who heard the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam state how blessed these times were, and thus woke up and started his business at that hour, and it by the will of Allah it flourished) { insert later}

2.) Blessings of recitation the Quran at the dawn hours {insert later}

3.) Blessing of salaah and adkhaar during fajr time, as something along the lines of having it witnessed by the angels (guardians) of the night and morning as they are making their transition. (insert later.)

Subhana’Allah, all in all I am forever grateful for the ni3ma that Allah has blessed us with in the night and the morning. Truly, the night and the day are both a reminder of Allah’s greatness in creating such a thing. I ask Allah to join all of us in Al-Firdous-Ala, wherein we may receive the joys of Jannah!

Progress: memorization awesome! Some lessons for me: Review is awesome-for other juzs, but not as refreshing or effective as memorizing and continuing on to newer surahs. I can feel it in the heart and the effects therein! Awesome blossom.



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