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Posted: January 12, 2009 in Ahh moments, Al-Utrujjaat


Alhamdulilah, after a session of Al-Utrujjaat, I told one dear sister of how when we learn about the book of Allah, He makes it easy for us, but it is retaining it that is hard. The best way I found to retain material concerning both the deen and other studies is it teach it to others. Subhana’Allah, for me its a chance to look over material, re-visit forgotten verses, and then to convey it to others. Not only are the rewards that come from this great, but indeed it is the best way for one to be always immersed in that which they love and learned long ago. I ask Allah to bless us in our time and join all of us in gatherings where upon we remember His name.

Another awesome session…masha’Allah. Yesterday, at the saturday halaqah I was speaking about the hospitality of Ibrahim alayhi salam, and of today, the dear sister covering first juz of Baqarah went over some amazing topics dealing with this specific Prophet.

Some key points she mentioned, which were truly amazing:

Ibrahim alayhi salaam

1.) deen over dunya (Ibrahim: give them all these things, so they could establish salaah)

2.) True Tawakkul: He did  not forget the dunya- did everything-hajar-when he left he left them with things.

3.) He wanted a secure environment for his children.

4.) Ibrahim alayhi salaam would practice and then preach v.131′ aslaam’ to submit- (He said I submit, to all that which Allah has said) (first ayah, he submitted, then he advised his children to submit)

5.) He did Ihsan

6.) He wanted the next generation to be muslim

7.) He included his family in the works of the deen (his son, helped him built the kaba)

8.) He wanted his progeny to be leaders

9.) His concern for teaching the next generation (teach the ayah, teach the book, teach the hikmah, and purification) 2500 years.. (Ibrahim a.s. made dua for his progeny to be successful in the deen-dua answered 2500 years later. Our duas-we want it quickly , we want it as soon as we put our hands down, we are hasty, but forget that patience is rewarding and we have to wait for it.

10.) Dua =to accept and be pleased with.

Teach others about Allah’s deen
Shukr-thank Allah
Mention those blessings-Shukr

Sharah: The surah speaking of ease coming after hardship: -for the heart to comprehend what Allah has decreed and to be inclined towards it/accept-make heart to be content with it. Subhana’Allah, this defination of ease really made me stop and ponder. A lot of times, when we have situations that arise we tend to go a little hay-wire, but subhana’Allah true ease comes when Allah makes one understand in their heart that nothing gone be done about a situation or for Allah to give someone something in return-inclined towards it. And at that ease is also that which Allah gives someone in the form of being content…meaning happiness is placed in ones heart, and Allah put it there, no one can take it away but Allah, and in the same if the apposite is placed there then only Allah can remove it as well. All of it, anything and everything in between is from Allah. Imagine the mercy of Ar-Rahman….cannot even come close to comprehending the vastness and extent to which Allah fashions postions and situations for His slaves.

I ask Allah to join all of us, in that abode where neither sickness nor pain ever inflict the soul and body, i.e In Jannah may we meet again people! BithiniAllah.



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