Posted: December 27, 2008 in Bayyinah (Tajweed course), Imam Siraj Wahhaj


Alhamdulilah, Bayyinah’s Tajweed class was very nice. I learned a lot in the last 6 days, and bithniAllah I’ll continue to learn more in the next 6 days as I’ll be taking the class again via online. Alhamdulilah, not only did I learn a lot about Tajweed these days, but of my love for Tafseer. I knew I’ve always loved this aspect of the quran as once memorized the coolest and next best thing is understanding. Tajweed for me is a completion or the beginning of the beautifying my package in becoming a companion of the Quran.

Ibn Katheers set: 169 Alhamdulilah, priceless.

A week till school starts….alhamdulilah. Soon the beginning of a whirl wind of activities. Halaqahs, teaching my munckins, work, school, heavenly Hues, Al-Huda part-time Ta3leemal class. Alhamdulilah, what more can I ask for…may Allah make me of those slaves who state “Radeeto Rabbi” in Jannah, who after being given all that they could possibly imagine and their Lord continues to give more and more.

A beautiful lecture in understanding the concept of when one part of the Ummah hurts-then all of it hurts.  May Allah bless Imam Siraj Wahhaj.

Till next time, may Allah bestow His blessings upon all of us and join us in Al-Firdous.



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