Bayyinah Course (Day 2-d1)

Posted: December 21, 2008 in Ahh moments, Bayyinah (Tajweed course)


Subhana’Allah! There is just something about taking a course dealing with the noble book of Allah. Indeed, it makes one constantly reflect and ponder on their relationship with this specific topic. Any good institute or instructor teaches a course in a way that makes the students think beyond what is being taught in the class, but instead goes a step further and makes that student reflect on how or ways to implement all that was learned in their own lives. I absolutely loved the Beyyinah course! Ya Rubb, make these lessons, reflections, gems, easy for me to remember and act upon!

Alhamdulilah. H, F, H, J, ( little light), and I took the class as well as many other h’s. Subhana’Allah, indeed it was a blessing to have experienced such awesome sessions and to see all the h’s repin=h renioun. Indeed, in the words of the instructor that it is “when the Ummah read correctly-understood the true meaning of tartil and dug deeper that Allah raised them in status and true understanding of His noble deen” Subhana’Allah, that was the likeness of the companions. May Allah make us of the likes of them, to be raised in ranks, and be honored due to our understanding of this blessed book.

In the beginning, some of the things we spoke about were in accordance with as to why we should learn Tajweed. Subhana’Allah, one of the things we spoke about was of how the Quran has rights upon us. Meaning that it is of the right of the Quran to know proper Tajweed, i.e

  • 1st command of the Quran=Iqra
  • 2nd-waratallil-tartil-this part deals with a plethora of things such as pronunciation-etc.

We spoke about how the the act of Tajweed-or the word in itself came from Jawaad-to make better etc. This aspect of Jawaad deals with 4 concepts. i.e

  1. Phonetics (29 alphabet letters) heavy, light
  2. Accents (Aaa ee- oo) stretching etc.
  3. Rhythm-letters & sounds give you rhythm (The word “Ahd” -its bounce to it)
  4. Temperament (study of where you start, end,should stop)

Today, we primarily focused on Phonetics of the letters: Amazing stuff, I wish I had Arabic software so I could write this all out. Anyhow, one of the things that stood out to me and that should stand out to all of us is the letter Lam found in the word Allah. Lam is generally categorized as always light (meaning its pronounced with an open mouth), except with one exception-in the word Allah-then in the Quran the word Allah can take to forms-either Light or Heavy. Example, in the word “Alhamdulilah” or “Subhana’Allah” that its light, in sentence “Fazadahuma Allah” its heavy. Heavy-your mouth is round and almost full-while light its open. Furthermore, its this concept of Lam being light all the time, but in the word Allah, its different and takes either form..and in this manner we always have to stop in the quran and figure out whether its light or heavy-Allah subhana wa Tala already has us thinking and reflecting upon Him even in the way we pronounce His name, and it is in this pause or chance to reflect on this that we should look for more meaning and bithniAllah implementation to follow suite.

I ask Allah to increase me in understanding His blessed book-in Tafseer, Grammer, Translation, and Tajweed. Ya’Allah, how I look forward to Al-Huda institute course. May Allah grant me the ability to learn more about His noble book!

Till next time, may we be granted opportunities to learn of His noble book! Ameen Ya Rubb, Thumma Ameen!



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