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Subhana’Allah. Some words in the Quran become so meaningful and personal to me when I experience it myself. I’ve had the ayah in surah Ash-Sharh in my head for the past couple days, and to my surprise out loud in funny overtones that “I want my Yusra”. Yusra, is the daughter of one who is beloved to me, and though I kept thinking about this ayah, it brought a smile to my face when I said her name. Indeed, its beautiful how Allah repeats the word Yusra and the concept of ease in the Quran, back to back, so as to remind the believer again and again that ease will surely come after whatever hardship one is facing. Alhamdulilah, its that blessed time again. The completion of a quarter i.e finals, last minute papers, and basically the hustle and bustle of the college life….for now. After all the events this quarter and the plans ahead for halaqah, classes, quran classes, I took a deep breath and thought….now on to some mad ashir memorization! A whole month is a lot of time to reflect in seculsion with the book of Allah, rather than memorization break-chunks here and there throughout the quarter.

Fainna maAAa alAAusri yusran

94:5 So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief:

Inna maAAa alAAusri yusran

94:6 Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.

As for today, I was reminded again of the beauty and joys of teaching. Not just the teaching of secular education, but that of the noble book of Allah and the sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w. Every week at halaqah I am mesmerized at gems, thoughts, fun-filled times that I come across. Subhana’Allah, was all I could think of, when I exited the building with N. There were so many times during the halaqah, in my hearts of hearts, that I felt…subhana’Allah, this feeling…completely indescribable is truly a blessing from Ar-Rahman. All in all, the teaching and being in a gathering where one speaks about Allah is the best company and place to be at. I ask Allah to bless me always in being in gatherings like this, and to be always an open door to good, and a closed door to evil.

Some wonderful moments and topics that were completely awesome today:

Some other special angles:

  • Angel of inspiration: This angle inspires the believer for what is good. Thats there sole job.
  • Guardian Angel: If a believer makes wudu, recites ayatul kursi and goes to sleep, an angel will protect him during his sleep.
  • Four sides’ guardian angels: There are angels that protect us from all four sides from the harm of as-Shayteen.

(these notes courtesy of brother AH, may Allah reward him)

The bold words, made me think while presenting of how many times are iman withers and were pretty low in our ibadah bank, but how of how Allah subhana wa tala builds us by granting as a heavenly agent to push. And the thought of realizing and really thinking about how there were four guardian angels aside from the regular two who record, subhana’Allah, just sitting there I thought of how there were so many heavenly agents-surrounding and encompassing-and outloud i told the sisters of how we should be self-conscous of our acts, because I know the idea or thought of having something from the unseen present would make me self-conscious.

The effects of Belief in the Angels on the Life of the Muslim:

  • Demonstrates the Greatness of our Lord: When we learn about the might and power of some of the angels we appreciate the greatness of our Creator.

Subhana’allah, this concept is a frame work for all the things that I have been speaking about in our lecture and during the original class. It is when we study these different parts of the world of the unseen that we truly see the beauty and vastness of Allah’s creators, and more importantly trying to come close in comprehending the greatness of the creator who has created all of it. I thought about of Gabrial a.s, and his strength and ability to live in so many time frames and through the lives of many Prophets..i.e Maryam a.s time, and of how he came with the glad tidings that she a.s would come baring a child, and of how he was present during firouns years of destruction, and more so  how came to the Prophet s.a.w to bring the blessed book-his guidance to the Prophet s.a.w every step of the way-coming during every ramadan to review the quran, and of how he came during the last ramadan of the Prophet s.a.w time to review the quran twice. Subhana’Allah.

Lastly, one important aspect and one of the funniest times occurred while quiz time-after I got done explaining the verse speaking about the angels who came during the Prophet Sulaimaan’s time to teach people magic. [2:102] The question in hand was “how could angles teach disbelief to people?” The scholars had difference of opinions on the meaning of this ayah and the answer to this. In short, some believed malakain mentioned in the text were actually malakainee-kings who taught magic, some stated the angels were actually negating the magic; inserting “ma” in “wa ma”. But all in all the strongest of opinions and the one most of scholars agreed upon was that they came  in reality to test people and they were sent from Allah. Alhamdulilah, during quiz time, while going through the answers of the difference of opinions, one sister (may Allah bless her) said, “were just testing” in reference to what the angels came to do. Subhana’Allah, it was said in such a robotic tone that it seemed we no longer were speaking of the world of the unseen, but in some other place referring to some other acts. Amazing, could not possibly forget about this.

One more last thing, Heavenly Hues, alhamdulilah, all sisters registered on the spot. I am forever reminded about my reason for starting this blessed halaqah, not just for a specific group or institute, but rather to spread the knowledge of what I know (however small it is), and to know that I did all I could in this dunya with what Allah has given me, so that in Yawmul Qiyamah Allah doesn’t hold me for harboring what I had and not sharing what I know. May Allah increase us all in goodness, and join us in Al-Firdous where we may earn the love of Ar-Rahman.



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