Blast from the past…

Posted: October 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Blast from the Past: Article written for Ittihaad’s Uloomal Quran class: summer 2006

The Link

In my quest to regain the hype for Qur’an memorization, I decided to take Uloom al-
Qur’an. It is in this class that I discovered what exactly is meant by having a personal
connection with the Qur’an. The companions I learned were those individuals who had
that relationship. Through initiation by the Prophet (saw) himself, many were able to
learn the Qur’an and so after the Prophet’s death all were saddened for many

One person who I will always keep in mind when it comes to Uloom al-Qur’an is Umm
Ayman, also known as Barakah. She was the prophet’s “other mother” as the Prophet
(saw) termed her. Umm Ayman cried when the he died because she felt they would
not have the connection they had with heaven because of the revelations. The
connection Umm Ayman mentions shows just how close and connected the
companions were to the Qur’an and to the Prophet (saw).

This connection I feel is one that still exists today and will never perish for those who
recite the Qur’an. Not only are we as individuals connected to the companions and
the Prophet (saw) but we know that we will always have a connection with Allah. We
know that the Qur’an is the speech of Allah and that once we open the pages of the
Qur’an we know that He is speaking directly to us. I know in my heart that it’s the
same words recited by our beloved Prophet (saw) as well recited by the companions.
The chain and the link between us and the Prophet, to the companions, and finally to
us will exist as long as we open the mus-hafs.


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