Posted: October 11, 2008 in Ahh moments, The 4 Imams



While on my way to run errands I got the chance to listen to the lecture on Imam Shafee r.a. Two things stood out to me about the great scholar this man was.

1.) Imam Shafee r.a stated hadeeth “the life of this world is Paradise for a disbeliever and a prision for a believer” to a non-muslim, and the non-muslim replied how could this be so when he saw the muslims living in luxury more than that of non-muslims, and Imam stated that when the believer in this dunya sees the beauty and the greatness of the things found in Jannah then he would see that this dunya is a prison, but when the non-muslim is sent to the hell-fire he’ll remember and think that this dunya is paradise, and that the hell-fire well be but a prison. After this explanation the non-muslim entered into Islam. Subhana’Allah, sometimes we lose train of our understanding about what is that we are here for, but Allah’s will we see the beauty of such statements to remind us!

2.) Imam Shafee r.a was a student of Imam Malik and he memorized the muwataa of Imam Malik. Imam Shafee r.a had such a beautiful voice and he was knowledgeable in the arabic language so much so that Imam Malik would sit and love to hear the reading of his muwataa by his student.

Alhamdulilah, its 3rd week of school and lots of work to do! Whooopeee. I need to upload my material from last quarter on my edu site! Eeeeek


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