The Best of times…continued

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Ahh moments, Progress, Ramadan 2008


Alhamdulilah, so Ramadan is over. Not much of a whoppeee, but I think for many like me we’ve gone through the motions, meaning we’re back to our old/mundane routine of school, work, etc. and guess what?! Its just not the same without that old friend; i.e Ramadan. However, for all of you out there, know that you are not alone in feeling such withdrawals. Its ok really! How to have an awesome day, week, or year as though it was Ramadan? Fret no more my dear friend!

a.) keep up with your ibadah, i.e your salah, increase in your nawaful Prayers.

b.) Get really connected with the book of Allah. Sign up for a ta3limul Quran class i.e (Al-Huda institue has one coming up in Oct. (Tue/Thurs) , find someone at masjid to aid you in memorization-make it a habit to really sit down and memorize the book of Allah, and listen to it daily.

c.) Throw in a lecture, get in at least one lecture. These daily reminders and Eman boosters help. Pick something you like and stick with. Get creative and take notes..and follow the sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w. as he said to the companions “Trap knowledge, write it down”

d.) Sadaqah-in time/and money. In the lecture about the tongue this act act shields you from the anger of Ar-Rahman. A protection really!

e.) Connect with family. Make the ties of kinship stronger, i.e parents- this act is one of the most difficult things as with anything that Allah ties himself to in terms ibadah it will be hard. Reconcile with any member of family and make sure that they know you love them, and more importantly be with them and call each other to acts of khayr.

f.) Friends. Make sure you are in the company of those who remind you of Allah. Let not a gathering or a meeting pass without either of you benefiting of from one another i.e by way of a shared ayah or a hadeeth. Avoid idle talk. And more importantly make sure that the company you keep fear Allah and race with you in increasing in knowledge of the deen.

g.) Be steadfast in worldly things. Whether it be school/work, etc. Straighten your prioritize out. Set time blocks, study, work, etc.

f.) Give back to community: Start a halaqah, doesn’t have to be elaborative, it could be teaching at sunday school, if married it could be just you and your husband, or if single it could be you and your sisters & those of Islam. Its could be as simple as listening to a lecture and discussing it. Simply put, impart knowledge if its that of one ayah (paraphrased hadeeth of the Prophet s.a.w).

The list above are random things that I felt aided me personally throughout the years and more importantly this Ramadan. The first three points, a-c are a reflection of the self and building it in gaining the love of Allah. Maintaining the first three points are a great importance in being successful in the points that follow. Lastly, all these points are a blue-print for me, and I ask Allah to bless me in my efforts, and lastly I pray that they are a benefit for all of you!


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